Tuesday, March 3, 2009

reflections and great workout

the 'magic' makes me nervous, but honestly last year I got some compliments on it, when I didn't abuse it... now this Saturday will be excessive, but I will just 0 carb it on Sunday and Monday

so I just got back from the gym, I took 2 scoops of Jacked


damn, I forgot how well that stuff works!

I did t-bar (healing shoulder yeah!) with 90 lbs and most reps with 100 lbs

a whole mess of dips

biceps - even 1 rep with a 70 lb barbell (ok, so that's good 4 me all right)

a little reverse forearm barbell raise with 40 lb barbell

very intense workout, best part was ending it with 10 dips!!!

now I feel Jacked!!!

did I mention I got into not one, but two size 34 pair pants over the last 48 hours?!?

not the best fit, but it sure beats not being able to even pull them up *lol*

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