Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 14 of 27

woke up early, threw down 1/4 tsp of VAT
the con-cret and 3 PowerFull and hit the gym

worked on legs today

Dumbell Squats
30 lbs x 8 - 3 sets

Hoist Leg Press
Stack x 4...

Hoist Leg Extension
110 lbs x 7...
110 lbs x 4...
110 lbs x 4...

Upstairs Calf Machine

200 lbs x 8
240 lbs x 8
280 lbs x 8
280 lbs x 8
300 lbs x 8

finished the workout with bodyweight calf raises

I stopped by the Pleasanton Farmer's Market on my home, picked up 5 lbs of ground beef and some sausage

around noon had a big lunch

2 tsp organic ghee
1 raw organic egg yolk
3 organic eggs, sunny side up in organic ghee and lard
1/2 lb breakfast sausage (shrank down a lot)
1 tbs super plasma + organic cinnamon
1 tsp efas

3 Prime
4 Vitamin D
2 Longevinex Advantage

in the afternoon had another 1/4 tsp VAT

I got hungry later in the day, so I had two meals, one at 430 and then at 730

2 scoops Naked Whey mixed with organic coconut milk

3 Prime


3 spoons of homemade mayo
3 organic sunny side up eggs, fried in lard and organic ghee
6 curry shrimp
2 scoops Naked whey mixed with organic coconut milk
remainder can of organic coconut milk as dinner beverage

3 Prime (9 total day because of higher calories)
400 mg Magnesium
4 Vitamin D

1/2 tsp VAT before bed

obviously had a lot of food today, workout plus a touch of boredom, will ratchet back down tomorrow


193.0 lbs
27.7% BF
10 Visceral Fat
132.4 LBM

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