Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 9 of 27

got up, threw down a 1/4 tsp of VAT, then a NC Brocollive

threw down some con-cret and 3 PowerFull and hit the gym

hit back, traps, and a little biceps

Hoist Mid Row
120 lbs x 8, 5, 5, 5, 5 to failure

Dumbell Shrug
65 lbs x 6 to failure
65 lbs x 6 to failure

Hoist Lat Pull Down
90 lbs x 5
100 lbs x 5
90 lbs x 5
100 lbs x 1, plus an additional slow rep

Hoist Biceps Curl
90 lbs x 4 to failure

Reverse Barbell Curl
40 lbs x 7...

later at home, knocked out 1 chinup and then went back to the gym with my dad to sign him up

knocked out 5 dips

my brother and Partha wanted to grab dinner, so I broke my diet, but will just fast tomorrow to even it out, no point to weigh myself and feel bad... just Wednesday morning

popped a 'magic'

then 1 banana, 2 scoops Naked Whey, and some organic heavy whipping cream
very delicious

Dinner at Taxi's Burgers

double avocado jack burger with bacon
onion rings
diet coke

back at home

2 tbs super plasma with organic cinnamon
1 tsp efas


6 Prime
2 Longevinex Advantage
4 Vitamin D
2 scoops Leucine

before bed

same Naked Whey conconction except with only a 1/2 banana and 3 strawberries

one more 1/4 tsp VAT before bed


194.8 lbs
27.3 %BF
10 Visceral Fat
134.6 LBM

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