Monday, February 8, 2010

good but tiring weekend

well, I drove back late Friday night and woke up early Saturday to workout...

the progenex is working well so far

I had a serving after my workout

circuit of perfect pushups, kettlebell, 1 neutral chinup, and cellercising...

total of 125 Perfect Pushups

30 kettlebell raises

total workout time was 48 minutes

heavy egg breakfast

dinner at Pizza Antica/Straits Cafe

my bro and sisnlaw met Jen for the first time, went wondefully

Sunday, Superbowl Sunday to be exact

Saints pulled it out against the Colts, 31 to 17

ate a steak in the morning with egg yolks
during the day 1 patron shot and one hangar one shot

night a pudding of Grow!, peanut butter, and a touch of organic soy milk

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