Sunday, April 11, 2010

Minnesota Trip 4: Day 4


6 organic egg yolks
3 scoops Warrior Milk

went to work for a few hours

had a great workout, back and biceps

key metric: dumbell rows 50 lbs x 5, 8 sets

threw down a progenex shake + 6 srg + 1 scoop Jay Robb

had a rich dinner, gonna be a leaner meal tomorrow, and then the plan is to fast on Tuesday

2 raw organic egg yolks
6 oz thousand hills summer sausage
lots of cheese, around 6 oz
1 scoop Jay Robb
2 scoops Warrior Milk
1 tbs purity farms ghee

Total Protein: approximately 230 grams
Calories: approximately 2400

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