Friday, April 16, 2010

Minnesota Trip 4: Day 9

woke up super early today

had a wonderful conversation with Jen last night, she is the best you know

well - I dropped 2 more lbs

181.4 lbs @ 26.8% BF

had a nice workout today after my nap

main bulk: 101 Perfect Pushups raised with feet on a small table to hit the shoulders and back

then did seated arnold presses with 35 lb dumbells

finished up with dumbell bicep curls, 35 lbs followed by 30 lbs

dinner was simple, trying to remember to keep the calories low to burn fat and lifting to shape my physique, no need to stuff myself full of calories (unless I go to Vegas on Sunday)

raw dinner

1 tbs organic purity farms ghee
0.91 ny strip steak with real salt

approximately 1050 calories with around 80 grams of protein

also threw down 5 quarts of water

who knows, maybe I can hit the 170s by Sunday?

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