Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Minnesota: Feeling a touch better and Go Celtics

I know the Celtics will have a hard time, and that the Lakers will win game 6 and 7, but maybe, just maybe I get to see Kobe pissed off one more time, please please please

so I woke up, another 0.6 lbs lighter

had a decent back workout, threw in some bent over lateral raises to work the anterior delts

threw down a Progenex MM + Recovery

pretty challenging day at work

disastrous finish to my day

had a scoop of ON whey and fish oil

then had 2 glass of cabernet and a vodka gibson at the bar, along with fried walleye fingers and pretzels

then a Chipotle chicken burrito, chocolate, organic strawberries, and two yogurts

... and one more glass of wine!

just going to fast today

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