Monday, May 7, 2012

37th fast day of 2012

autophagy day just bulletproof coffee 0 calories maybe an ice bath later


Dave said...

Hey Buddy, First of all Congrats on getting married. I found out today one of my ZC brothers is just starting the Bulletproof Rapid Fat Loss Fast. I referred him to your blog. His name is "Dave O". I told him to ask any questions and you would be glad to answer them.

So I am interested in the Bulletproof Coffee. The few folks I know that drink it, Love it. Keep Rocking my Friend.



golooraam said...

bp coffee rocks
but i like to spend $$$ on great stuff

Im not a car guy or anything
so my luxuries are high quality foods supps and exercise stuff

plus my bachelor party is over labor day and I need to shed 20 more!!!