Friday, December 30, 2011

finally finally...

I got through my fast

wasn't that bad, wasn't that great

but I feel really good about myself

in the past I would eat crap the next day

but today I'm going to pretty much fast until I workout and have a clean refeed per Carb Back Loading

Thursday, December 29, 2011

I know I've been MIA, but like to post fasting

so I'm listening to this Adonis Index podcast

and it's helping me keep up with the Chained Out and Humapro Fast I am doing today and tomorrow.

I am definitely more buffed these days, but I am so so so so so so so sick of this fat - perhaps I can use my new discipline for exercise for fasting

Monday, November 7, 2011

a little up but back on track

at home sick today

13 oz Marin Sun Farms raw ground chuck today - dinner portion with siracha and fish sauce
3 gelatins

got a nice rich gelatin rich bone filled crockpot going - gonna have for breakfast

Sunday, November 6, 2011

down 6.8 lbs - hey not eating junk works!

so that was nice to shed another 2.8 pounds overnight... damn sniffles though

I just through down my breakfast: 5 oz of raw beef with organic turmeric, a raw pastured egg yolk and 2 gelatin packets

I am thinking I'm a little short on cholesterol and fat, and thought a little extra gelatin would help mellow me out and help my healing process

looking forward to the Niners game today

had a nice workout

did back and biceps today at the Berkeley 24 Hour Fitness

pre workout I had 2 scoops of Anaconda and 10 Humapro

5 minute rest between sets

Dinner was going to be simple but I was so sick I just couldn't do any cold food

so I made sure I had 12 Indigo 3 before a dinner that had about 140 grams of carbs

shortrib soup - most veggies and stock, not much meat
Trader Joes organic rice pack
2 pastured egg yolks
6 oz Marin Sun Farms beef - a little raw
siracha and fish sauce
4 tbs dextrose mixed into water
1 tbs organic brown rice syrup

Saturday, November 5, 2011

4 lbs gone - so far so good (blandness rules!!!)

so that was nice to shed 4 pounds overnight... the magic of low food reward, zero carb, and raw, and leptin reset magic all combined into one cool system

I just through down my breakfast: 5 oz of raw beef and a gelatin

I am actually a touch hungry writing this about 40 minutes later, so perhaps I'll have a bigger dinner

later in the day, I'm watching the LSU vs Alabama game - Game of the Century

had a nice workout

did chest today at the Berkeley 24 Hour Fitness

pre workout I had a scoop of Anaconda and 10 Humapro

5 minute rest between sets

Dumbell Press

60 lbs x 7
55 lbs x 8, 5

Dips - 8, 8, 8

Dinner was simple as I planned

7 oz Marin Sun Farms raw ground chuck

about 1000 calories today

Friday, November 4, 2011

11 lbs in 7 days - 193.4 lbs


I had this pledge with my bro to lose 11 pounds by this Friday, I started this pledge on October 16th and have had some success but last night had a bunch of carbs and some beer and am up to my exact same starting weight (but my rings are loose - weird)

so it's gonna be just plain unsalted fatty ground chuck for next seven days

I will post each day, trying to get to 182.4 lbs by next Friday

with no carbs, and considering about 5 lbs of the above is just bloat - should work

so I threw down yesterday a total of:

8 oz raw Marin Sun Farms ground chuck
2 gelatin packets
20 Humapro

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

back from Icleand, update on Indigo 3

so I'm back from Iceland, was really disappointed how whalish I looked...

I've also given Indigo 3 a good run and am putting it to rest, stockpiling it for days i eat carbs

Thursday, August 18, 2011

single morning meal today

just a big breaky today

all raw

lamb steak
dozen pastured egg yolks
spoon of organic coconut oil

threw this down with 10 Humapro

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

when I'm not proud I'm not blogging...

isn't it interesting, my diet hasn't been that great and I drank a bunch over the weekend (although it was tons and tons of fun) up in Tahoe

despite using the Indigo 3, I have decided to go zero carb for most of the time, and take in carbs on the weekends and/or on days I know I will be having 'funny foods'

for example, this Friday is my mum's bday and Saturday is a birthday party for a friend, so I'll take in peri workout or post workout carbs on those days, but that's about it...

I have started this thing where I am eating 30 minutes within getting up, so it will be interesting to see how this pans out

Monday, August 1, 2011

first week fasting assessment

so I got down 3 days last week

It was pretty hard - hardest was actually day 1 of the first fast

I will do a four day one this week, just Chained Out and Humapro

I just want to really shut off the valve calorically speaking

I did one weigh in, from Friday to Wedneday morning I dropped 6.6 lbs

then on Friday I gained 2.7 lbs back...

so we'll see this Friday where I stand

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

oh yeah I did it!

2 day Chained Out and Humapro fast

went pretty well

lot of good food today - fasting again tomorrow

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

dreams of steak and pizza and quesadillas

so I actually got day one under my belt
I feel pretty good about myself, albiet I am hungry...

looking at the positive will help me

Monday, July 25, 2011

two day chained out and humapro fast

yup, going back to the usual stuff

2 scoops of Chained Out and around 50 Humapro for the next two days

going to do a weigh in on Wednesday morning

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Indigo 3

so I started this from Biotest a few days ago
I am doing a 45 day run.
My starting stats were 185.2 lbs @ 26.2% BF - 129.2 lbs LBM

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

my bloggin kinda sux lately


still working out, trying to get to 170lbs before I leave for Iceland

lately I bumped up to 45 Humpapro a day, trying this for a month to see how it goes

Thursday, June 9, 2011

more chins

light eating day cus I pigged yesterday evening

55 chins in 30 minutes

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

chins chins and more chins

each of the last 3 days have done 55 chins and pulls

gonna blog more

vacation was great

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

later, off to Kauai!

going for a little vacacion...

Monday, May 16, 2011


it's been a while but in my defense this blogger program gave me some problems
really low calorie today

about 400

30 Humapro
2 scoops Chain'd Reaction
2 scoops Chained Out

successfully fighting off a cold

Thursday, May 5, 2011

183.0 lbs @ 25.4% BF

Chained Out + 5 Humapro
2 Status
2 concret

Neutral Grip Pullups
4 x 8 = 32

Close Grip Chinups
4, 4, 4, 3, 3 = 18

50 total movements in 39 minutes

2 scoops Chain'd Reaction + 10 Humapro
3 Super Cissus Rx

midday lunch as I was starving

pastured egg yolk
organic hot dog
scramble - 2 pastured eggs + 1 egg white with chives in lard and butter
3 slice bacon
5 Humapro

5 Humapro in the evening and 5 more before bed

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

back to working out

did 30 chins on Monday, 30 yesterday, and a mix of neutral grip pullups and close grip chinups this morning for a total of 50

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

sorry to be MIA

been a little busy and been doing posting on another log for this supplement

off to Vegas tomorrow! will resume eating clean after I get back

guns looking good!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

back to normal (sorta)

2 Recreate
2 Status

Chained Out + 10 Humapro

2 Recreate

Chained Out + 10 Humapro

2 need2slin

raw pastured egg yolk
2 duck eggs - sunny side up
8 oz TJs pot roast fried in bacon fat, topped with organic chives and thyme
3 slices bacon
2 organic hot dogs
1 tbs super plasma with organic cinnamon
5 Humapro

5 Humapro + 2 Status before bed

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

new chin record and food poisoning...

woke up with a huge stomach ache!

3 Yok3D

Chained Out + 10 Humapro + creatine
2 Recreate/2 Statu

+60 lbs: 1 (new max!)
+35 lbs: 1
5 sets of 3 at BW

was just way too sick

Chained Out + 10 Humapro (midday and late)

2 Status

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

new chins record (for now) 50 in 25 minutes

3 Yok3D @ 3 in the morning!


Chained Out + 10 Humapro
3 scoops Jack3D
2 Status / 2 Oxyelite pro

50 in 25 minutes
10 sets of 5

Hammer Curl with Fat Gripz
25 lbs x 8, 8, 7, 7 = 30 reps

without FGripz
30 lbs x 5 each hand

post workout: Chained Out + 5 Humapro + creatine

2 Recreate

Chained Out + 10 Humapro

2 Humapro (shhh, with a big secret)

4 need2slin

2 pastured egg yolk
1/3 lb organic beef - raw
1 tbs super plasma with organic cinnamon
trader joe's organic thai jasmine rice - 2 bricks
roasted seaweed
2 tbs siracha hot sauce

5 Humapro
2 Status before bed

Monday, April 18, 2011

New Chin on Monday

that came out wrong, well, maybe not, didn't eat the best on Friday and Saturday

3 Yok3D

chained out, 2 status, 2 oxyelite pro pre workout

26 Neutral Grip Pullups

Chained Out + 10 Humapro post workout


24 chinups during lunch

Chained Out + 10 Humapro post workout

5 Humapro before dinner

3 raw egg yolks
half pound ground beef with a slice of bacon
super plasma with organic cinnamon

5 Humapro and 2 Status before bed

sunday meaty sunday

2 Status
5 Humapro
3 Yok3D

late morning
Chained Out + 10 Humapro
2 Recreate
2 Status


Chins: 45
Pulls: 5

28 minutes

Chained Out + 5 Humapro + creatine

pastured raw egg yolk
2 duck eggs scrambled
4 slices pepper bacon
5 Humapro

5 Humapro

2 need2slin before dinner

2/3 lb ground beef
4 slices bacon
1 tbs super plasma with organic cinnamon

5 Humapro before bed

Humapro = 35

Sunday, April 17, 2011

wine tasting

4 Yok3D

2 Status/2 oxyelite pro
2 Chained Out + 10 Humapro

almost got up 60 lbs, but didn't count
+ 35 lbs: 2, 2, 1, 1
BW: 44

Chained Out + 5 Humapro

pastured egg yolk

2 Recreate

organic egg yolk
3 pastured egg omelette
5 Humapro

wine tasting in Livermore

First Street Alehouse

2 light beers
cheeseburger and onion rings

5 Humapro
2 Status

Friday, April 15, 2011

nice workout - gun show

super early: 3 Yok3D

2 Status
2 Oxyelite pro
3 scoops Jack3D
3 scoops Modern BCAAs + 10 Humapro


Chins: 32 total
+ 45 lbs: 5 singles
remainder were bodyweight

BW pullups: 18

Hammer Curls w FAt Gripz: 30 reps each hand ( 4 sets )

Chained Out + 5 Humapro + creatine

2 Recreate

2 Chained Out + 10 Humapro

change of plan - date night

so I went 3 need2slin before lunch

large pastrami sandwich and Baked Lays
latte and dark chocolate
5 Humarp

Chained Out + 5 Humapro

5 Humapro

Rivoli with my fiance
portabello fritters
lobster scallop mousse
shrimp and oyster chowder
hot fudge sundae

Britt marie's wine bar
wine and goat cheese tart

5 Humapro and 2 Status before bed

Thursday, April 14, 2011

rest day

2 Recreate
2 Status

10 Humapro
raw pastured egg yolk

1 Recreate

10 Humapro


5 Humapro

3 pastured raw egg yolks
ny strip
1 tbs super plasma w organic cinnamon and creatine

2 Status


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

oh yeah - more chins and steak again!

2 oxyelite pro
2 Status
2 scoops Jack3d
2 scoops Chained Out + 10 Humapro


50 movements in 42 minutes

Chins: 20 total
+ 45 lbs: 1, 1, 1 (not a fluke little bro!)
BW: remainder
Pullups: 15
Close Grip Neutral Chins: 15
after this I grabbed the 55 lb barbell and did 18 strict reps (beat my previous high by like 10 reps! this again is after all those pulls)

5 Humapro after workout

2 Recreate

2 scoops Chained Out and 5 Humapro

5 Humapro before dinner

3 raw pastured egg yolk
2 raw organic egg yolks
ny strip steak
1 tbs super plasma with organic cinnamon

2 Status before bed

practically no carbs = now let's get ripped!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I did it! + 45 lbs on my chinup!!!

180.0 lbs

4 Yok3D
2 oxyelite pro/2 Status
Chained Out + 10 Humapro


Chinups: 50
+45 lbs: 1 (yes, all time record)
+ 35 lbs: 2
+25 lbs: 3
BW: remainder

44 minutes

2 scoops Chained Out + 5 Humapro

3 need2slin

spring rolls (steamed)
10 Humapro

at night

5 Humapro
64 oz raw colostrum
2 organic duck eggs - sunny side up in lard
pastured egg yolk
roasted seaweed

Monday, April 11, 2011

179.4 (sore)

jeez, woke up sore!

2 oxyelite pro
2 Status
Chained Out and 10 Humapro


25 Pullups
25 Chinups
50 total movements = 37 minutes

Chained Out and 5 Humapro

2 Recreate

Chained Out and 10 Humapro

secret supplement

4 N2S

1 organic egg yolks
1 pastured egg yolk
organic rice (80 g carbs) with tallow
ny strip steak
seaweed, siracha, fish sauce

was so delicious!

5 Humapro

30 Humapro total

2 Status

Sunday, April 10, 2011

178.8 lbs - chinups galore!

woke up a little later and had 3 Yok3D


2 Status 2 Oxyelite Pro
2 Chained Out + 10 Humapro
3 scoop Jack3D

Pullups = 25 (all with +10 lb dumbell)

Chins = 25 (6 with +20 lb dumbell, remainder with + 25 lb dumbell)

45 minutes

Dips: 25

Hammer Curl with Fat Gripz: 25 lbs

Total Workout Time: 1 hr 7 min

Post workout

3 scoops Chain'd Reaction
5 Humapro


2 Recreate

organic pastured raw egg yolk + 10 Humapro

Half Moon Bay

crab meat with drawn butter

2 scoops secret

2 need2slin

3 raw pastured egg yolks
4 slices bacon
5 Humapro

30 Humapro total for the day

Saturday, April 9, 2011

182. 0 - chinup magic

woke up with a touch of a cold, but no exuses, I'm all good!

4 Yok3D

2 Status/2 Oxyelite Pro
2 scoops Jack3D
3 scoops Modern BCAAs + 10 Humapro


Pullups = 25
Chinups = 25 (all with 15 lb dumbell)

50 total movements = 44 minutes

Hammer Curl with Fatgripz

25 lbs x 10, 10 , 8

Post workout: 2 Mag 10 + 2 Anaconda

midday: 2 Recreate

Chained Out + 10 Humapro

before dinner: 2x secret stuff

2 Need2slin

3 raw egg yolks - 2 pastured, 1 organic
1 lb ny steak

before bed

2 Status

Friday, April 8, 2011

187.2 - secret supplement

those noodles at lunch didn't help with the water weight

3 Yok3D

2 Status/2 Oxyelite Pro
Chained Out + 10 Humapro


27 pullups
23 chins

50 movements - 44 min

2 Mag 10
2 Anaconda


Chained Out + 10 Humapro + 2 Recreate

First day of new supplement
I'm keeping it a secret for now - it was a double serving

2 Need2slin

3 raw egg yolks - pastured
1 lb ny steak

2 Status before bed

Thursday, April 7, 2011

fatty @ 188.4

oh my!!!

30 Humapro today

midday bowl of pho, just ate light today

a single pastured egg yolk at night

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

181.6 lbs @ 26.1 % BF

so I woke up a little lighter after all that rice, that's a good thing I guess

super early: 4 Yok3D

pre workout: 2 Status / 2 scoop Jack3D /Chained Out + 10 Humapro


Pullups: 25
Chinups: 25

50 movements - 29 minutes!


5 x 5

Hammer Curl with Fatgripz

all with 20 lbs: 12, 9, 9, 8

Post workout
2 scoop Mag 10
2 scoop Anaconda (Day 1)

so rest of day was super high in calories

3 need2slin
2 togo's sandwiches, pastrami and turkey ham cheese
bag baked chips

chicken pho


ice cream/cookies

Dinner at Su Hong
tons of chinese food

more ice cream

2 Status before bed

Humapro = 25 total
Super Cissus Rx: 9

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

different workout, but same

so I still did the 50 thing
I didn't use the same scale, so what's the point of posting the weight, right?

2 oxyelite pro
2 Status
2 scoops Chained Out + 10 Humapro


Close Grip Chins: 25
Pullups: 9
Chinups: 16

50 movements in 35 minutes

Chained Out + 10 Humapro
2 Recreate

3 N2S

2 raw pastured egg yolks
1/3 lb raw organic grassfed beef
10 oz organic jasmine rice
2 tbs siracha
5 Humapro - 30 total for the day

I'm trying this Colpo thing with carbs - let's see what happens

Calories for the day: 872 calories

before bed

2 Status
Biotest Minerals

Monday, April 4, 2011

183.4 lbs @ 25.7% BF

super early in the morning: 3 Yok3D

pre workout: 2 Status, 2 Oxyelite Pro, 10 Humapro


Pullups = 25
Chinups = 25

total 50 in 35 minutes!

post workout: 3 Mag 10 with creatine

Chained Out + 2 scoops Humapro

5 Humapro

2 need2slin

3 raw egg yolks, 2 organic 1 pastured
0.92 lb rack of lamb
organic coconut butter
3 shrimp

simple dinner

187.0 @ 26.6% BF

yup all the food yesterday plumped me up a bit but - I got stronger! 4 Yok3D 2 Status 3 scoop Modern BCAAs 3 scoop Jack3D 2 oxyelite pro


Pullups = 22

Chins = 28

Total 50 in 45 minutes

Dips: 50

total workout time: 1 hr 14 min

3 Mag-10 post workout

Chained Out and 10 Humapro later in the day

5 Humapro before dinner

2 need2slin

1 organic pastured egg yolk

2 organic egg yolks


1 tsp organic coconut butter

1/2 lb Prather skirt steak - cooked rare

2 Status before bed

Sunday, April 3, 2011

183.2 lbs @ 25.8% BF

ok, so today is the second day of the ol' 50 pulls plan super early: 2 Status and 4 Yok3D 3 scoops of Jack3D 3 scoop Modern BCAAs 10 Humapro Workout Pullups = 21 Chinups = 29 50 movements total in 50 minutes Dips 50 total Total Workout Time: 1 hr 17 min Post Workout 10 Humapro with 2 scoops Chain'd Reaction midday: need2slin 2 glasses raw colostrum organic banana peanut butter, dark chocolate blend organic pastured egg yolk buddy's birthday party lots of vietnamese food, shortribs 2 glasses red wine 3 need2slin before dinner 2 organic pastured eggs - sunny side up smoked pork loin remainder of raw colostrum (64 oz total for the day) organic banana with peanut butter/dark chocolate blend 2 Status before bed Super Cissus: 9 total

Friday, April 1, 2011

back to blogging: 184.0 lbs @ 25.8% BF

ok, so I am doing this Chad Waterbury program where I am doing a lot of pullups I am upping my intensity starting today, so I will be doing 50 pullups a day - combination of pullups, chins, and neutral grip and 100 Perfect Pushups - or 50 dips, 6 days a week AM Workout Pre workout: 2 Status, Poison, 10 Humapro Post Workout: 3 Mag 10 with creatine I did 20 Pullups this morning: 4, 3, 3, 3, 3, 2, 2 Middle of day during work I decided to do the '50' thing so I did 30 Chinups: 4, 4, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 2 2 Chained Out + 10 Humapro afterwards at work got coaxed into having a single crepe belini with salmon caviar, it was delicious, but I have no reason to say all hell with my diet, just have steak tonight I did have a need2slin with the blini though 5 Humapro leaving work 2 Need2Slin simple dinner 1 lb+ ribeye steak gelatin 2 Status Biotest Minerals before bed

a little disgusted with myself

I haven't been blogging, and this week I had high days of too much food, it was planned for Saturday, a sorta plan for Monday that went haywire, then on Wednesday... but I still have kept up with my workouts will start blogging again today

Thursday, March 24, 2011

said NO to carbs

2 Status

10 Humapro with my morning Poison

5 Humapro before midday workout

5 Humapro after midday workout

Chad Waterbury Pullups - 12
4, 2, 3, 3

2 need2slin

1 organic raw egg yolk
< 1lb ribeye
5 Humapro

2 Status

need taters

2 Status

Chained Out and 10 Humapro and creatine - preworkout

Chained Out + 10 Humapro - post workout


Chad Waterbury Pullups - 11

3, 3, 3, 2

Barbell Curl with Fatgripz

55 lbs x 11 with x rep
55 lbs x 8 with x rep

in the morning before work
1 organic egg yolk with Poison

pack of gelatin midday

3 need2slin before dinner

1 lb t-bone steak
1 lb potatoes in tallow
mushrooms and bacon
fage yogurt
2 gelatin
5 Humapro

2 Status before bed

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

need rice

2 Status

Chained Out + 10 Humapro + Creatine

2 egg yolks and 1 tbs of organic macadamia nut oil

3 Yok3D

5 Humapro

Workout: 10 Pullups - Waterbury PLP program

5 Humapro + Chained Out

3 need2slin

organic coconut butter with raw cacao
2 duck eggs, 1 pastured egg sunny side up in lard
6 slices bacon
1 organic potato
1 organic yellow onion - caramelized
white rice

nice clean Monday

after a groggy weekend, I hit the gym early in the morning

had 2 Status early early, and 3 Yok3D a little later

pre workout: creatine + 10 Humapro + Chained Out

post workout: 10 Humapro + 2 organic egg yolks + tablespoon of organic macadamia nut oil


Vertical Chest
140 lbs x 3, 6 sets of 5: 38 reps total

Barbell Curl w/ Fatgripz

60 lbs x 7
60 lbs x 8, with 8 count X rep

before dinner I had 3 need2slin

1 organic egg yolk
2/3 lb organic ground beef
1 italian sausage
1 organic yellow onion

2 Status before bed

Saturday - yum, Sunday not so much

so woke up with a terrible hangover on Saturday morning

I think I had Humapro on this day, I always do

late late lunch at Sea Salt in Berkeley

then went to Hopyard Alehouse in Pleasanton, burger and beer nonsense, it was tasty but greasy

watch Jon Jones beat Shogun for the title - pretty amazing match

next morning woke up and had my 2 Status

went back to bed and woke up around 130pm, yes! that's right!

215 pm: 10 Humapro

515 pm: 10 Humapro

3 need2slin

2 organic egg yolks
2 organic duck eggs scrambled with half caramelized onion
baby brocolli
5 slices of bacon
4 oz of cold cuts

this past Friday

yup, gonna try and catch up with my blogging here

Friday was the day of our big engagement Happy Hour at Butterfly restaurant in San Francisco

it was really fun-but I drank waaaay too much

started off the day lifting though

2 StatusChain'd Reaction + 10 Humapro + creatine

post workout

Chain'd Reaction + 10 Humapro


Chinups: 6 sets of 5

Barbell Curl with Fatgripz
50 lbs x 10
50 lbs x 8 + 8 count x rep

had 3 need2slin before a big lunch

large pepper pastrami sandwich from Togo's
baked chips

salted caramel
dark chocolate bar


Happy Hour at Butterfly
spring rolls, dumplings, sliders, and LOTS of alcohol

later at night we hit Delarosa for wine and pizza and some spicy conversation

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

first day of poison

so next two days gonna rip up by slashing calories

2 Status


1 organic egg yolk
10 Humapro
Poison (new fat burner from ALRI)

10 Humapro during the day

3 need2slin

1 organic raw egg yolk
baby brocolli
1 lb ribeye
pork rinds

2 Status before bed

5 Humapro at night

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

not so lean Tuesday

woke up super early and downed 3 Yok3d and 2 Status

before my workout I took:
2 oxyelite pro
2 Status
Chained Out + 10 Humapro + creatine

Incline Hammer Machine Press
90 lbs a side: 30 reps in multiple sets

3 close grip neutral chinups

Barbell Curl with Fatgripz
50 lbs x 12
50 lbs x 12

Post workout:

Chained Out + 10 Humapro
2 organic raw egg yolks
4 Prime


10 Humapro

before lunch I had 3 need2slin

pho at Red Chili
10 Humapro
5 Prime

big dinner

2 N2S

Chinese food at Cafe Yulong
dark chocolate bar

9 Super Cissus rx

truly a manic monday

tough day at work, at least I was strict with my diet

2 oxyelite pro

10 Humapro

mid morning: 3 Yok3D

before my workout: 2 Recreate, scoop of Modern BCAAs, 5 Humapro and creatine

Pullups at my jungle gym (I love working out outdoors)

With Fatgripz: 2, 2, 2, 2, 2

Regular: 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

31 total

5 Humapro post workout

at home, my shipment of Status came in from Blue Star Neutraceuticals

took 2 before dinner and 2 before bed

2 need2slin and 5 Humapro before dinner

2 organic raw egg yolks
0.21 lb grassfed goat chop - pan fried rare in leaf lard
couple big spoons of coconut butter
3 pastured eggs - sunny side up in lard
3 slices of Irish Bacon
6 slices of regular bacon

this Friday is our engagement party - looking to be at my leanest yet

Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend in Sacramento - 1 clean, 1 not

so I knew today wasn't going to be 'clean'

at 7am I had 4 Yok3D

before working out: Chain'd Reaction + 10 Humapro

2 scoops of Chained Out mid workout

Chain'd Reaction + 10 Humapro afterwards

Workout at the Marina 24 Hour Fitness

Neutral Grip Pullups
5, 5
7 sets of 3: 31 total

Close Grip Neutral Chinups
3, 3,

1 close grip neutral chinup

then a big breakfast at Bechel's - eggs florentine and bacon
afterwards a nice cup of coffee and cookie and coffee cake from Chestnut Bakery

big day for Prime and Super Cissus Rx: 12 each

in the afternoon I had a bunch of wine, chocolate, tangerines, pastries, etc...

at night went to Fat's in Roseville

booze and Chinese food
it was great

next day I started clean with 2 oxyelite pro

in the afternoon after I got back I had Chained Out and 10 Humapro with 3 Prime and creatine

before dinner I had 2 need2slin and 5 Humapro

4 organic egg yolks
1.35 lb kobe beef burgers - cooked rare
1 medium onion caramelized in tallow
5 Humapro

177.4 lbs @ 22.3% BF

wohoo! my lowest weight in a while and my lowest bodyfat in a long time

maybe the vodka does something magical to bodyfat, who knows?

2 oxeyelite pro

8 organic raw egg yolks
1 tbs organic macadamia nut oil
10 Humapro

4 Yok3D
2 Recreate
5 Humapro pre and post workout

Pullups with Fatgripz

3, 3, 3, 3


3, 3, 3, 3, 3

30 total

3 need2slin and 10 Humapro before dinner

Delarosa - glass of wine

R Ristorante

big meal
pizza, salumi, cheese, dessert, wine...

at night 9 super cissus rx with 5 Humapro

181.0 @ 24.0% BF

well today was an odd day

I met up with my ex - that was not a fun conversation. It was emotionally draining. But at least I got some closure and wish her well. Sad though

2 oxeylite pro

7 organic raw egg yolks
1 tbs organic macadamia nut oil
10 Humapro

2 Recreate
10 Humapro

in the evening I had 3 vodkas while I talked this stuff through - jeez, again it was rough, thank God I had my diet at least as a plus

5 Humapro before bed

Low calories = around 500

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

179.4 lbs @ 25.1 %BF

good - my curry and rice, being that's all I ate didn't stop my weight loss - lost another pound in fact

2 oxyelite pro


4 organic egg yolks
1 tbs organic macadamia nut oil
10 Humapro

2 Recreate

Chained Out + 10 Humapro

couple big spoons of organic coconut butter, 2 N2S, and 5 Humapro before a vodka at Kingfish and a big sushi dinner replete with sake at Horatu in San Mateo

at home had 5 Humapro and 9 Super Cissus Rx

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

180.4 lbs @ 25.1 % BF

woke up this morning and kinda randomly hit the gym, I did oxyelite pro, chained out and 10 Humapro beforehand

I wanted to use my new fatgripz

squeezed out a single chinup and then another one

it was so hard it was embarassing

then I did my usual goal of 30: 5, 5, 5, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

after workout I did 5 Humapro

impromptu lunch with my colleagues

3 Need2slin and 5 Humapro before I went to Red Chili and had panang curry with pork over steamed rice

2 Recreate

Chained Out and 5 Humapro

I drove to Toyota of Walnut Creek to get my car serviced, I thought, hey why not? I'll work out again, so I popped 4 Yok3D and 3 Prime before I hit the gym, sipping on 2 scoops of Chained Out while I did pullups

10 sets of 3: 30 (my volume is waaay up last few days)

5 Humapro afterwards

Monday, March 7, 2011

181.0 @ 24.6 %BF

woke after a hard day of work (and a tough workout)

2 oxyelite in the am

10 Humapro
smidge organic macadamia nut oil

preworkout: 4 Yok3D / 10 Humapro / 2 Recreate

post workout: 5 Humapro

Workout, outside in the middle of the day

5, 6 sets of 3

5, 3

31 pulls total

3 N2S before dinner

1 organic raw egg yolks
3 organic potatoes baked with bacon fat and tallow
2 duck eggs scrambled with 1/2 organic caramelized onione
4 slices bacon

before bed minerals and 5 Humapro

30 Humapro total

182.0 lbs @ 24.0% BF

back to zero carbs

wasn't feeling too hot, clearing out my house

2 Recreate midday

pre workout did 4 Yok3D, Chained out, creatine, 3 Prime, and 10 Humapro

10 Humapro post workout

Dips: 56 in 55 minutes

3 need2slin before dinner

2 organic raw egg yolks
8 oz organic baby brocolli with organic garlic, beef fat and bacon fat
1 lb ribeye

CKD in da' house (178.8 lbs @ 25.1 % BF)

woke up super early, ate a banana and 4 Yok3D

pre workout

2 scoops Chained Reaction + 10 Humapro
mid workout: 2 scoops chained out
post workout : 10 Humapro


32 Pullups (5, 9 sets of 3) followed by 30 chinups (5, 4, sets of 3)

need2slin before meals

late breakfast

organic yam baked, topped with organic macadamia nut oil
2 slices of bacon
crackers with duck rilettes

Chipotle carnitas burrito
organic coconut butter

Dinner at Esin with the folks

oysters, roast chicken, banana tart, good meal

Humapro total for the day: 29

Friday, March 4, 2011

on a roll

am: 2 oxyelite pro

10 Humapro + N2S

pre workout 3 Yok3D / 5 Humapro / 2 Recreate

Pullups on the jungle gym

10 sets of 3: felt fantastic!

post workout: 5 Humapro

pre dinner: 2 N2S / 5 Humapro

3 organic egg yolks
1 lb ribeye steak
organic baby brocolli

Thursday, March 3, 2011

179.6 lbs and zero carbs

dropping weight, not very motivated to workout, lot of stuff on my mind
did drop 1.2 lbs from the day before

found out I am eating out on Saturday with the folks so I am gonna 'carb up' on this day with Chain'd Reaction and workout, perhaps twice on this day

my plan for the day is simple

2 oxyelite pro upon waking

10 Humapro + need2slin

2 Recreate/5 Humapro/need2slin - preworkout

impromptu midday outside in the sun (yeah!)


5, 5, 5
3, 3, 3, 3, 5 + Static Hold

5 Humapro post workout

5 Humapro + need2slin before dinner

4 organic raw egg yolks
1 lb ribeye in tallow

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

yes, I'm micromanaging my weight

so I'm 180.4 lbs before dinner

during the day I had 2x of Chained Out and 10 Humapro and 2 Prime

am: 2 oxyelite pro

pm: 2 Recreate

2 need2slin and 5 Humapro before dinner

spoonful organic coconut butter
2 organic raw egg yolks
1 lb ribeye in Marin Sun Farms tallow


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

zero carb

nice day

2 oxyelite pro

10 Humapro
2 Prime

CO and 10 Humapro
2 Prime

2 Recreate

2 N2S/5 Humapro

3 organic raw egg yolks
1 lb ribeye steak
organic ghee

Monday, February 28, 2011

zero carb day

wow - so now I reaaally have to burn all this flubasaurous rex off

simple dinner
2 need2slin and 10 Humapro before dinner

2 big spoons cultured raw butter
4 marin sun farms eggs
4 slices of thick cut bacon
10 Humapro (20 total for the day)

oh by the way... engaged!

wow - last few days I got engaged in Mendocino! wohoo!

Friday and Saturday were off diet days obviously, but Sunday I was ok, a little high calorie but overall not bad

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Workout Wednesday

got up all jazzed for my chest workout

Pre workout: 1.5 scoops CR+10 Humapro+ 3 Prime

Mid workout: 2 scoops CO

Post workout: 10 Humapro


Hammer Incline Press

90 lbs a side: 10 sets of 3 (30 reps)

Barbell Curl
55 lbs x 13 + 8 count x rep

Hammer Curl

32.5 x 7 each hand

30 to failure


Whole Foods breakfast burrito with Cholula hot sauce (awesome)
3 Prime

before lunch I had 2 need2slin and 2 Recreate

lunch at Red Chili in Hayward

thai fried rice
spring rolls
thai iced tea with tapioca pearls

skinny caramel macchiato
chocolate croissant
dark chocolate bar

medium king arthur's supreme pizza

30 Humapro total

22 carat Tuesday


did a little pickup on this day - should be a wonderful weekend

stacked 10 Humapro twice during the day, the second time with 3 Prime

Dinner was simple, 2 need2slin before dinner

1 tbs cultured raw butter
3 tbs organic coconut butter
3 Marin Sun Farms - sunny side up in butter
4 slices thick cut bacon
0.42 lb pork chop

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No sharks this time

so we ended up going to Point Reyes station today, by way of Stinson Beach, it was a nice cold day

after we left Stinson Beach park, we stopped at local market and I scarfed down some prosciutto and 4 oz of wild smoked sockeye salmon. Then we stopped at the Marin Sun Farms Butcher shop in Point Reyes Station, had some great blue bottle coffee and some beerf jerky.

later at home I had 3 need2slin, then 0.86 lb porterhouse steak, organic coconut butter, about 4 to 5 tablespoons, and some peanut butter

Sunday Rainy Sunday

what the hell! hit the gym again today to work on the gunshow

took 3 Yok3D, Humapro, Chained Out, creatine... you know the drill

Close Grip Neutral Grip Chinups
+15: 3
+10: 3
+5: 3
BW: 7 sets of 3 plus a static hold

before I head into the city I had an organic raw egg yolk with supplements

nice simple dinner, with 3 N2S beforehand

2 tbs organic coconut butter
1 lb bone in ribeye steak
4 slices of salami

5 Humapro before bed (30 total)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

saturday morning, work, and chinups

got up before 5am on Saturday morning and popped 3 Yok3D

an hour later, I took 2 oxeylite pro, 1 scoop Jack3D, and a scoop of Biotest creatine

before my workout I popped CO + 10 Humapro, took 1.5 CO during my workout, and 5 Humapro afterwards with a smidge of organic coconut oil

always, intense workout


+15: 4
+10: 5, 5, 3
+7.5: 4, 3, 3
BW: 5, 4 + 8 count x rep

36 chins total

I had 2 Recreate later in the day at my folk's place

my Mom wanted to go to Angeline's for dinner, so I just decided to have some solid calories, albeit with no sugar

I had a need2slin and had some raw milk

later in the day, I had 3 N2S and had a cup of coffee, a glass of pinot noir, hush puppies, red beans and rice, shrimp po'boy, potato salad, just delicious, had a wonderful time with my parents

came home and finished off the rest of the raw colostrum - half gallon for the day

Humapro: 30 total

179.4 lbs @ 23.9% BF

good deal, another 1.4lbs gone this week with a nice change in BF percentage

next week, Wednesday will not be great diet wise, nor will Friday through Sunday, but I am going to fast Thursday and the following Monday on just Humapro to combat the calories

vodka and beef

did my oxyelite and recreate during the day

at night, had 3 vodkas at Sukoon and Xanh in Mountain View

late night dinner of a ribeye with season salt, pan fried in organic ghee

20 Humapro total

proud of myself that I didn't go off my diet

Thursday, February 17, 2011

zero carb and simple

not too much sleep

I had 2 each oxyelite pro and recreate during the day

simple zero carb dinner

3 raw organic egg yolks
0.75 lb ribeye steak

stacked with 20 Humapro

I'm gonna get into the 170s, I am strong and I will do it!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

good workout - 180.8 lbs @ 26.2 %BF

zero carb always jacks up my BF percentage on my scale...

don't care, I'll be fine

going to restart with fat burners tomorrow, see if I can get back this 180 sticking point, zero carb plan for tomorrow and Friday

started off my morning with Yok3D, Jack3D, CR + 10 Humapro pre and post, 2 scoops of Chained Out during my workout

Dips - 5 minutes between sets

6, 7, 5, 6, 6: 30 reps

Gironda Barbell Curl

8, 8, 6 + 8 count x rep (ouch!)

Hammer Curl
35 lbs - 1 rep each hand
30 lbs - to faiure each hand, plus 8 count x rep

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

simple high fat zero carb dinner

did two 10 Humapro shots during the day

30 Humapro total for the day

dinner was nice and zero carb

1 organic raw egg yolk
1 tbs raw butter
0.78 lb ribeye steak with melted butter and tallow

tomorrow will be a business lunch, who knows where, so back to zero carb on Thursday and Friday

simple high fat dinner

during the day did 2 shots of Humapro - 10 each

for dinner, my Sweets was sick so I ate the 1.2 lb sweetheart ribeye all by my lonesome

had it with half an organic onion, sauteed in organic ghee and tallow, an organic egg yolk, and a stick of organic butter

10 Humapro at night

Monday, February 14, 2011

the weekend, including stop in Bakersfield

so I went to Bakersfield on Saturday for my brother's birthday
ending up watching a terrible fight, probably Fedor's last fight, just terrible

had a great time though
drank too much Laphroig whiskey (probably mispelled it)

had a great meal at Moo Creamery in Bakersfield

24 hour burger
onions rings and french fries
tortilla soup
Elvis Shake (complete with peanut butter, banana, marshmallow, and candied bacon)

in the morning, had a great workout though

took 3 Yok3D, then 3 scoops of Jack3D, Chain'd Reaction and Humapro pre and post, 2 scoops of Chained Out during my workout

+10: 5, 5
BW: 5, 3, 3, 3, 4, 3, 3
+10: 3 finished with 8 count static hold

Leg Press
100 x 10

Gironda Barbell Curl
60 x 14 partial reps

Hammer Curl
30 to failure with 8 count x rep

Close Grip Neutral Grip Chinup
3 + 8 count x rep

had a few egg yolks before I started driving for Bakersfield

yesterday, even though I was hung over, I tried to workout in Bakersfield

took Yok3D, and con-cret

Neutral Grip Pullups: 5 sets of 3 (way too sore)

sipped on Chained Out during my drive home, 2 scoops to be exact

nice big dinner
2 organic egg yolks - raw
1.06 lb ny strip steak
1/2 organic onion, caramelized
organic coconut butter
strip and a half of bacon

30 Humapro total for the day

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weight Update - 180.8 lbs @ 25.1% BF

so last week I was a few pounds more, these past 5 days, I ate clean, albeit Thursday was waaay too high in calories

gonna really try to bust through this plateau over the next week and a half

simple dinner today

after doing 2 chained out and 10 Humapro during the day

before dinner I popped a need2slin

1 organic raw egg yolk
1 lb porterhouse - cooked in butter, tallow, garlic, with a touch of thai paste
1/2 avocado

tomorrow won't be a great eating day cus of my brother's birthday party but back clean on Monday - may even try a Humapro fast for a day or two

Thursday, February 10, 2011

big meal

I didn't have any fructose or bad fats or gluten - but I still had a huge meal
reading that got me thinking about cream too much

so I overhungered (is that even a word?)

my usual 30 Humapro and Chained Out

4 need2slin before dinner

1 organic raw egg yolk
2 organic sweet potatoes
1 lb trader joe's pot roast
1/2 onion and organic garlic
1 pint organic heavy whip cream

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

nice zero carb meal

1 tbs raw butter
1 lb porterhouse - cooked rare, slathered with kerrygold and a touch of Siracha

last two workouts

so I failed to post my Superbowl Sunday workout

my biceps were still really sore, so I did 38 chinups

5, then 11 sets of 3 - standard 3 min between sets

Across body Hammer Curls and Hammer Curls with 30 lbs

was a little disappointed, but with how much I have been eating, I was probably close to 187 lbs that morning - each pound does make a diference. I had horrible eating days on the previous Thursday and Saturday, and weekend before that Friday through Sunday was horrible

this morning, did my usual Jack3D - 2 scops, CR + 10 Humapro pre and post, but drank 3 scoops of Chained Out during my workout - woke up at 180 lbs

I however had one twist, got my Yok3d from USP, threw three down the hatch at 430 am, 100 minutes before the start of my workout (90 to 120 minutes is the recommendation)

Hammer Incline Press - each set finished with 8 count X rep
90 lbs x 7, 4
85 lbs x 4
80 lbs x 4, 4, 3

Wow - super intense, hopefully my rep count for 90lbs will go up next week. Noticed my overall peak strength didn't go up, but my endurance was waaay more than normal. Each set was spent pushing absolutely as hard as I could.

in fact, was so intense I couldn't do any dips, whereas the previous week I could knock out 27 dips over six sets

Gironda Barbell Curls - got stronger
55 lbs x 10
55 lbs x 6 + x rep
55 lbs x 4 + x rep

this was extremely painful, but in a good way

Hammer Curls - got up one rep each hand with 32.5 lbs, but did a lot of reps with 30 lbs - to emphasize the brachialis and brachioradialius

on my way home, biceps were so swollen, it was strange, overall this strategy seems to be working, I need to make sure I don't use Chain'd Reaction as an exuse to bing on junk carbs for unneeded cheat days - today dinner will be low calorie, just some raw butter and lamb chop

Monday, February 7, 2011

zero carb day

single meal

30 Humapro - 10 with dinner

1 tbs raw butter
1 marin sun farms lamb chop
1 lb porterhouse

Superbowl Weekend

well, I went to Carmel, Packers won the Superbowl!!!

and Anderson Silva kept his title against Belfort!

diet wasn't great, but I did a lot of supercissus rx

Thursday, February 3, 2011

great workout - chest and biceps

well, started my morning off right - it's gonna be a high cal day, due to dim sum and whatever else I eat...

started off with 3 scoops of Jack3D
CR + CO + 10 Humapro pre and post workout

Hammer Incline Press - lbs per side
90 x 7
85 x 7
80 x 6

3, 5, 5, 5, 4, 5 = 27 total

Gironda Barbell Curl
55 x 6
50 x 7
50 x 7 + X rep (damn this is hard)

Hammer Curl
30 to failure each hand (not many)

going to be taking 9 super cissus rx for the next few weeks, for joints, minimize fat gain, and for anabolic purposes

lot of food

dim sum lunch @ Mayflower in Union City
hot chocolate
dark chocolate bar
piece of cake
1/2 gallon raw milk
Trader Joe's Pizza

just meat and veggies next 2 days

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

low calorie day, all raw, fat fast

single meal today, breakfast actually

3 tbs raw butter
1 tbs organic macadamia nut oil
10 Humapro

430 calories

rest of my 'meals' will be Chained Out and 10 Humapro (2x)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

who would have thunk it! low calories are good

so I am hoping one more day of this low calorie stuff will pull me back into the low 180s

really curious to see how 6 days of low calories or zero carb will work in terms of weight loss

my meal plan for today was going to be the same - but hunger grabbed me to no end

I still kept it to zero carb though

1 tbs raw butter
0.35 lb marin sun farms ground chuck - raw
0.28 lb pancetta
0.22 lb marin sun farms lamb chop

around 1000 calories

Monday, January 31, 2011

low calorie day

so to burn off the excess flab flub from my weekend, after my two chained out and humapro cocktails during the day - I had a low calorie day that is relatively high healthy fats and all raw

1 tbs raw butter
1 tbs organic macadamia nut oil
1/4 lb Holding Ranch beef with organic turmeric

400 calories

great workouts but toooooooooo many calories

last three days were bad, really bad
I knew they would be - but I have this week to pull em' back out

over the weekend had dim sum twice and ate at Elite Cafe in the city (meh) - as well as a little pizza and ice cream on Sunday night

had a little too much booze and went to a placed called California Cafe at the Stanford Barn on Saturday night - quite good

let's get to the workouts, you know the pre and post drills by now

Saturday - Chest (and Shoulders)

5, 5

Hammer Strength Machine (lbs per side)
70 lbs x 8, 7
75 lbs x 5
80 lbs x 5
85 lbs x 5 + Static Hold

2 Dips

Middle Chest Press: 40 lbs x 3

Sunday - fun workout with my little brother

Chins alternated with Close Grip Neutral Grip Chins

3, 3
3, 3
5, 3
3, 3
3, 3


70 lbs x 8, 6, 8

lots of biceps and hammer curls

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday weigh in: 179.4 lbs @ 24.9 % BF

so my next weigh in is next Friday

today, Saturday and Sunday will be high calorie days

Mon - Thursday will be low calorie days, we are talking 250 to 300, except for Wednesday which will be higher because of Chain'd Reaction: 600 calories

low calorie

very simple day

2 scoops of Chained Out and 30 Humapro total for the day


1 organic egg yolk
1/4 Holding Ranch beef with organic turmeric and real salt

low calorie: about 250 calories

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

best workout!


I am still buzzing!

woke up early - after a crappy night of sleep

took 2 scoops of Jack3D
Chained Reaction + CO + 10 Humapro (pre and post)

Supersetted chinups and dips

Chins: 8, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5
Dips: 5, 5, 5, 5, 4

8 chins in a row is my best ever!

then did 2 static holds with Neutral Grip Chinups - Close Grip - arms were fried

Shrugs: 65 lbs x 8: 3 sets

Across the body hammer curls: 35 lbs and 30 lbs

Hammer Curls: 30 lbs and 25 lbs - x rep on the last dumbell set

overfeed day - back to low cal manana
I ate biiig today

before lunch I had 2 need2slin

bowl of pho at Red Chili
Grande Steamed Milk
dark chocolate and caffeine bar
4 super cissus rx

big dinner
2 need2slin and 3 super cissus rx

2 tall glasses of raw milk
organic ginger - to aid digestion
1 Amy's gluten free pizza
3 TJs italian sausages
half bag organic brocolli and mushrooms
1 organic egg
organic cinammon
3 tbs chia seeds
5 super cissus rx (12 total for the day)

5 Humapro before bed (30 total for the day)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

low calorie day

so by now you are getting my routine of Chained Out and 10 Humapro 2x a day

5 Humapro before dinner, and 5 before bed

so I'm eating low calorie today - hitting the gym tomorrow

my comida (dinner) - all raw

1/4 lb Holding Ranch beef with real salt and organic turmeric

Calories: 200

I didn't end up eating the egg in the photo

gonna repeat this on Thursday as well, Friday to Sunday will be high calorie days

181.4 lbs @ 24.5 % BF

so doing my thing with the Chained Out and 10 Humapro 2x a day

then need2slin and 5 Humapro pre dinner and 5 Humapro before bed

had a huge dinner today so I stacked 9 Super Cissus rx

also you can tell I am taking more days off from the gym - I want to grow, so I'm putting in more rest days

2-3 days between workouts, going to make my workouts tough - but only 2x a week, stacked with running 1x a week for now (with sprints)

big dinner

1 organic egg yolk - raw
1/4 lb Holding Ranch beef - raw
3 organic egg omelette with 2 italian sausages, mushrooms, half a small onion, half a bag of TJs spinach
3 slices bacon
2 slices beef bacon
2 tbs chia seeds

restful Sunday and football!!!

woke up feeling a touch run down

need2slin before my CO + 10 Humapro

same thing midday

watched my boy Aaron Rogers whoop the Bears

Go Cal! Go Bears (not Chicago)!

nice protein rich dinner

need2slin and 5 Humapro pre dinner

1 organic egg yolk - raw
1/4 lb Holding Ranch beef - raw
1 lb organic chicken hearts cooked with onions, garlic, ginger, thyme
2 tbs chia seeds

5 Humapro before bed (30 total for the day)

let's go lift!

woke up feeling great Saturday morning

didn't drink that much, plus I had a lot of saturated fat to protect my liver (cheese)

took 2 con-cret, then a scoop of CR, CO and 10 Humapro

post workout the same - minus the CR (had plenty of carbs yesterday)

hit the gym at the Marina

Neutral Grip Pullups

10 sets of 3: 30 total


5 sets of 5: 25 total

3 need2slin with 5 Humapro before dinner

I was soooooooooooooooooooooo hungry! bought a ton of meat at Marin Sun Farms in Oakland

1 organic egg yolk - raw
1/2 lb Holding Ranch beef - raw
1 small goat chop - cooked rare
2 lamb crepinettes
1/2 bag organic spinach cooked with 1/4 lb pancetta

9 super cissus rx

Humapro = 30 total

What the Duck?

so my weight went up a pound from yesterday, but it's too close to call

today was an eat day so I stacked everything with 9 Super Cissus rx and 3 need2slin

started off my day witha scoop of Chain'd Reaction (CR) and 10 Humapro

before lunch I had 5 Humapro

pho at Red Chili with fresh shrimp spring rolls

then some steamed milk and dark chocolate

before dinner I finished up my raw colostrum with some Warrior Milk

went to this amazing duck party with great food (see photos)

ended the day with 5 Humapro before bed (30 total for the day)

a little backlogged

I'm a few days behind (suprise surprise), so I'll do a summary where I see fit

last Thursday - 1/22/11

woke up and was dying to use my Chain'd Reaction again

so I did that and Chained Out and 10 Humapro pre and post workout (30 total for the day)

Did 101 Perfect Pushups - 30 minutes exactly

had need2slin during the day and 2 before dinner

1 organic egg yolk
3 slices bacon
14 lb raw Holding Ranch beef
1/2 bag organic spinach - sauteed
shitake mushrooms

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

nice workouts and back to low calorie

woke up unexpectedly and decided to work out

1 scoop Jack3D
Chained Out + 10 Humapro

Neutral Grip Pullups

5, 5, 7 sets of 3 plus static hold

31 total in 28 minutes

gonna try and do more frequent bodyweight workouts of 30 minutes or less

alternating between chinups, dips, and perfect pushups - gonna try and remember to do jump rope on Sunday

post workout

Chained Out + 5 Humapro

breakfast: 1 organic egg yolk + supplements


Modern BCAAs


2 organic egg yolks

My Chain'd Reaction came in - so I did a second workout

1 scoop Chain'd Reaction Chained Out and 10 Humapro with 1 con-cret - pre

1 scoop Chain'd Reaction Chained Out and 5 Humapro - post
Close Grip Chinups

5, 3, 4, sets of 3: 30 total in 27 minutes
then some brachialis stuff

Calories = 500

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

just pho...

easing back into diet slowly

didn't fast, but I ate a low calorie meal of pho at Red Chili

rest of my intake was Chained Out and Humapro (25 total)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Sade

so I turned 37 over the weekend

it was great fun, lots of food over a few days

came in under 180lbs - which is fantastic
first time ever in years

got so many compliments (especially on the guns *lol*) - it felt great to be at my birthday party...

gonna get back on my diet tomorrow - tomorrow I have a lunch out with colleagues and I'm too tired to do anything really hardcore

well, this year I plan on keep losing - ultimate goal to have visible abs, my guess is another 30 lbs or so of fat loss

Friday, January 14, 2011

right before birthday weekend

woke up at 178.2 lbs @ 24.7% BF
Visceral Fat of 8 127.6 lbs LBM

that is my lowest weigh in going into the birthday weekend

so my meal yesterday dropped me 0.2 lbs and 0.3% BF, weird

so I am trying this Pulse Feast thing - let's see

had scoop of Chained Out and 10 Humapro prior to my workout

Chinups and Neutral Grip Pullps at home

25 of each - 50 total

3 scoops of Mag 10 post workout

3 scoops of Mag 10 about 5 hours later

nice dinner

2 organic raw egg yolks
sauteed greens with bacon
potato in tallow
veal rib chop with garlic, anchovy paste, and horseradish
5 Humapro

5 Humapro before bed

Thursday, January 13, 2011

on day 2 of fast (yikes screwed up again)

and not going to screw it up this time

upped it to 30 Humapro, 10 at first meal

also did 3 scoops of Chained Out today - just for flavor

dropped 2 lbs from yesterday - maybe I'll drop 2 more, let's see


had dinner

4 organic egg yolks - raw
1 lb veal rib chop
tons of sauteed garlic
horseradish and anchovies

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

really gonna do the 2 day fast this time

just a Humapro fast today

25 - split up into 5 intervals

really hoping to peel 5 lbs over the next two days to get to my all time lowest weight by Friday morning

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

little bummed and droppin da' dairy (not quite)

so I woke up and my weight didn't drop

no panic

next step is to drop dairy for the next two days

before my breakfast had n2S

Chained Out and a scoop of Humapro
2 con-cret

5 Humapro - 2x during the day

10 Humapro before my evening workout

Chinups and Neutral Grip Pullups
each exercise
5, 5, 3, 3, 3

38 total

huge dinner afterwards - refeed style
2 n2s

a lot of raw foods with my dinner

tall glass raw colostrum
2 baked organic sweet potatoes with raw organic cultured butter and organic cinnamon
1 lb raw organic ground lamb with organic thyme
3 organic russet potatoes - baked in tallow

My estimate: about 3500 calories
plan is to just fat tomorrow and the next day - was looking for that leptin surge

Monday, January 10, 2011

all raw again... while watching BCS Championship game

woke up in the morning

started with n2s, 5 Humapro, and green tea extract

1 tbs raw organic cultured butter
tall glass raw organic colostrum
4 super cissus rx

midday - n2s and green tea extract

15 Humapro throughout the day: 20 Humapro total

n2s and green tea extract before dinner

1 tbs raw organic cultured butter
0.99 lb Holding Ranch beef
4 tbs raw seasoning
1 tbs Sriracha sauce

BCS Championship Game today
Auburn vs Oregon

Sunday, January 9, 2011

all raw again... (cus I woke up 2.6 lbs lighter)

woke up feeling a little better

Chained Out + 5 Humapro

took an n2s before breakfast

1 tbs raw cultured butter
1 tall glass colostrum
4 super cissus rx

CO + 5 Humapro

CO + 10 Humapro

2n2s before dinner

1 organic egg yolks
1.01 lb Holding Ranch beef
2 tbs Lydia's Raw Seasoning
1 tbs siracha sauce
organic chives
5 super cissus rx

this was really delicious

Saturday, January 8, 2011

sick, yet all raw

gosh I hate getting sick

went home early yesterday, came home feeling a little sucky

woke up super sucky... took a bunch of vitamins, including con-cret

went for a haircut

Chained Out and 10 Humapro (pre and post)

Close Grip Chinups - Neutral V Grip - Pleasanton 24 hour fitness

5, 9 sets of 3: 32 total

came home and took n2s

had a tbs of raw cultured butter, tall glass of raw colostrum, raw organic egg yolk

had 2 n2s before my evening meal

0.99 lb Holding Ranch beef with real salt
1 organic egg yolk

Friday, January 7, 2011

dips galore

woke up this morning

took Chained Out and 10 Humapro, the same + 5 Humapro post


Upped my dip total by 10%

11 sets of 5: 55 total

today is an EAT day

gonna stay away from sweets and crap though, tomorrow is an EAT day, Sunday is a no carb day, Monday is and EAT day, and Tuesday through Thursday are fast days

slight change of plan

had a nice thai lunch at Red Chili
pumpkin curry with chicken and shrimp

later had a protein bar, dark chocolate bar, peanut butter, and nuts

later dinner with my friends - chinese food at Cafe Yulong

30 Humapro total

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Humapro fast

humapro fast today

that's it

25 total

big eat day

so I am going to fast the next two days

n2s+4 super cissus rx

1 organic egg yolk
1 scoop super plasma w organic cinnamon
Progenex More Muscle

5 Humapro

2n2s+5 super cissus rx
prosciutto mozarella roll with tons of raw organic almonds and mayo
half pack lentils cooked with walnuts and spices
1 lb veal chop
3 organic russet potatoes, baked with tallow

15 Humapro

plan is to fast with Humapro for the next two days

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

great workout: 185.4 lbs @ 24.9% BF

did chins this morning

5, 3, 4, 10 sets of 3 = 42 total

phytoserm-347, 2 concret, Chained Out and 10 Humapro - pre workout

Progenex MM+Recovery+org raw egg yolk - post

middle of the day had n2s and 4 super cissus rx

3 scoops Warrior Milk
1 scoop super plasma with organic cinnamon
capful of macadamia nut oil

n2s and 5 super cissus rx

organic egg yolk
0.88 lb bone in veal chop with organic garlic
10 Humapro

Monday, January 3, 2011

getting off to a good start: 184.4 lbs @ 25.0% BF

woke up after a lot of sleep

9 Morph
Chained Out
10 Humapro

10 sets of 5: 50 total

Close Grip Chinups - you know, the gun show :)

5 sets of 3: 15

1 set of Neutral Close Grip Chinup: 3

Progenex MM+Recovery+organic raw egg yolk

before we went to Santana Row I popped 5 Humapro

new supplement came in
Phytoserm-347 by Ruthless supplements
popped 1 in the afternoon

came home and had another serving of Progenex More Muscle

3N2S before dinner

2 organic raw egg yolks
4 organic russet potatoes in tallow
8 oz uncured Trader Joes Pastrami
organic brocolli with tons of organic garlic
1 scoop super plasma protein with organic cinnamon
5 Humapro
1 Phytoserm-347

First Workout of 2011

man I was really sick during the night but popped a lot of vitamins and my girl took care of me really well

hit the gym when I woke up and felt decent

Modern BCAAs
1 Jack3D
10 Humapro

hit the gym at the Marina

despite being sick, did 30 Neutral Grip Pullups - 10 sets of 3

Progenex MM+Recovery+organic egg yolk

later in the day thew down

Progenex MM+Super Plasma+2 organic raw egg yolks

before dinner, 3N2S

Chow with my girl, bro, sisnlaw

tortilla soup
devilled egg/toast
thai chicken salad
fish and chips
spiced chai tea

(proud of myself - no dessert)

First Day of 2011

so NYE was really fun, spent it at my brother's in-laws house in the city

actually ate clean on New year's Day -despite being kinda sick

had an N2S before having Progenex More Muscle and a raw egg yolk

before dinner - 2N2S

2 organic raw egg yolks
2/3 lb ny strip steak
side dish made of bacon tips, walnuts, and pecans
20 Humapro