Wednesday, June 30, 2010

good eating day and good working out

so my girl left for home today

miss her already

I had a great back workout

had 2 raw organic egg yolks and 0.37 prather beef, raw
had a scoop of super plasma

later in the day I polished off a pound of trader joe's ground beef and 4 slices of bacon and a spoon of wilderness family mayo

30 Humapro

Effective Protein: 308 grams

Monday, June 28, 2010

quick summary of last few days

I flew back into town

didn't eat great before I left Minnesota

but I did eat simpley, meat and potatoes Friday and Saturday

had my first workout on Saturday and again yesterday

ate and drank yesterday at Scott's

so today is going to be low carb/primal for next 5 days

Saturday will be booze and food

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

small dinner day

was able to fight off cravings today

single meal of 2/3 lb thousand hills beef - raw along with a spoon of organic ghee

Humapro: 20

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Got my Humapro!

so yesterday was bad, let's not even talk about it bad

as in Smashburger, chocolate and vodka bad

but I got my Humapro by ALRI

so I threw down 5 immediately

plan is to do 20 per day

no need for protein shakes for now

will just eat meat to burn off the chub

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Minnesota: finally!

yeah, clean day

just 2/3 lb grassfed beef

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Minnesota: oh my, awful

last couple of days have been full of bad food and a lot of booze tonight, but I had fun

clean tomorrow

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Minnesota: At least one right foot

so I woke up early, and despite where food may be for me actually

took a scoop of Jack3D and did raised Perfect Pushups

145 total, wow - over 1 hr 29 minutes with a break during the Argentina vs South Korea World Cup game

Progenex MMuscle/ON whey + Recovery

Minnesota: Not again!


I meant to fast, but we had a visitor from our client site and diet disaster again

to mitigate it, I am fasting tomorrow for my Grandmother's Puja

also, I'm going to workout and throw down a Progenex

had a Progenex MM + ON Whey

then 2 ketel one gibsons

soup and bread
walleye sandwich and fries

2 scoops of ON whey
scoop of Biotest Superfood
2 yogurts
dark chocolate

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Minnesota: Feeling a touch better and Go Celtics

I know the Celtics will have a hard time, and that the Lakers will win game 6 and 7, but maybe, just maybe I get to see Kobe pissed off one more time, please please please

so I woke up, another 0.6 lbs lighter

had a decent back workout, threw in some bent over lateral raises to work the anterior delts

threw down a Progenex MM + Recovery

pretty challenging day at work

disastrous finish to my day

had a scoop of ON whey and fish oil

then had 2 glass of cabernet and a vodka gibson at the bar, along with fried walleye fingers and pretzels

then a Chipotle chicken burrito, chocolate, organic strawberries, and two yogurts

... and one more glass of wine!

just going to fast today

Monday, June 14, 2010

Minnesota: Damn this rain

this weather totally sux

well, I did some reading on Vitamin D today a la Dr. Eades

so I had about a tablespoon of purity farms organic pastured ghee with a bunch of Vitamin D

before dinner had a scoop of Progenex Growth + 4 srg + a scoop of ON whey

hour and half later:

6 raw egg yolks
4 oz wild smoked salmon
spoon of ghee

so a low calorie day of about 1000 calories

despite throwing down about 3100 calories yesterday, over half of that being a pint of organic pastured cream, my weight went down 0.6 lbs

would like to go to bed early today, then wake up early to workout and throw down a progenex

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Minnesota: Ironman 2 and NBA Finals and Trueblood

so today, woke up still feeling the cold

still worked out though, no Jack3D though as I need to sleep maybe week after next when I get the beef thing back

Perfect Pushup

Did 130 in 1 hour 3 minutes

downed a Progenex MM + Recovery

then went to the Mall of America to watch Ironman 2, didn't like it that much

came home and felt really sore, so I popped another More Muscle mixed with a half a scoop of ON Whey

dinner was 5 organic raw egg yolks, 2 scoops of ON whey mixed with Biotest superfood, 4 oz of smoked wild salmon, finished off with a pint of organic cream mixed with 1.5 scoop Jay Robb protein

Calories: 3100
Protein: 230 grams

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Minnesota: World Cup USA vs England

Yup that's the big story for the day

It ended up being a tie: 1 to 1

lucky shot by Dempsey, screw up by Green from England

recovering from my cold, woke up at 187.8 lbs at 28.5% BF

simple workout, just Perfect Pushup

125 Total, in set of 5

1 hr 16 min

threw down a Progenex MM + Recovery

going to do dumbell rows tomorrow along with more than 125 Perfect Pushups

dinner was simple, trying to keep my calories around 1K

6 organic raw egg yolks
4 oz wild salmon
2 scoops ON Whey

146 grams protein
1100 calories

goal is to build up chest and burn fat fast

first few days in Minnesota

so my first day here I boozed up and ate out, went to Lucky 13s with Cheryl

last two days have been clean, had one low calorie day and one high calorie day

first day

single meal of 8 organic egg yolks: 520 calories

second day, was starving,

4 organic egg yolks, 0.37 Humboldt Fog chevre, 4 oz wild salmon, pint of pastured cream with 1.5 scoops of Jay Robb protein: about 2800 calories

weight has gone from 194.4 to 187.8 lbs over the last two days

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

yes, I know... not too updatey

I missed the week before I went to Maui

basically, I was pretty good before my trip

coming in at 181.6 lbs

went to Maui, had a great time, but came back 10.4 lbs heavier

after my meal with my colleague, going to cut calories down to around 500 per day for about 2 weeks