Monday, January 31, 2011

low calorie day

so to burn off the excess flab flub from my weekend, after my two chained out and humapro cocktails during the day - I had a low calorie day that is relatively high healthy fats and all raw

1 tbs raw butter
1 tbs organic macadamia nut oil
1/4 lb Holding Ranch beef with organic turmeric

400 calories

great workouts but toooooooooo many calories

last three days were bad, really bad
I knew they would be - but I have this week to pull em' back out

over the weekend had dim sum twice and ate at Elite Cafe in the city (meh) - as well as a little pizza and ice cream on Sunday night

had a little too much booze and went to a placed called California Cafe at the Stanford Barn on Saturday night - quite good

let's get to the workouts, you know the pre and post drills by now

Saturday - Chest (and Shoulders)

5, 5

Hammer Strength Machine (lbs per side)
70 lbs x 8, 7
75 lbs x 5
80 lbs x 5
85 lbs x 5 + Static Hold

2 Dips

Middle Chest Press: 40 lbs x 3

Sunday - fun workout with my little brother

Chins alternated with Close Grip Neutral Grip Chins

3, 3
3, 3
5, 3
3, 3
3, 3


70 lbs x 8, 6, 8

lots of biceps and hammer curls

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday weigh in: 179.4 lbs @ 24.9 % BF

so my next weigh in is next Friday

today, Saturday and Sunday will be high calorie days

Mon - Thursday will be low calorie days, we are talking 250 to 300, except for Wednesday which will be higher because of Chain'd Reaction: 600 calories

low calorie

very simple day

2 scoops of Chained Out and 30 Humapro total for the day


1 organic egg yolk
1/4 Holding Ranch beef with organic turmeric and real salt

low calorie: about 250 calories

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

best workout!


I am still buzzing!

woke up early - after a crappy night of sleep

took 2 scoops of Jack3D
Chained Reaction + CO + 10 Humapro (pre and post)

Supersetted chinups and dips

Chins: 8, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5
Dips: 5, 5, 5, 5, 4

8 chins in a row is my best ever!

then did 2 static holds with Neutral Grip Chinups - Close Grip - arms were fried

Shrugs: 65 lbs x 8: 3 sets

Across the body hammer curls: 35 lbs and 30 lbs

Hammer Curls: 30 lbs and 25 lbs - x rep on the last dumbell set

overfeed day - back to low cal manana
I ate biiig today

before lunch I had 2 need2slin

bowl of pho at Red Chili
Grande Steamed Milk
dark chocolate and caffeine bar
4 super cissus rx

big dinner
2 need2slin and 3 super cissus rx

2 tall glasses of raw milk
organic ginger - to aid digestion
1 Amy's gluten free pizza
3 TJs italian sausages
half bag organic brocolli and mushrooms
1 organic egg
organic cinammon
3 tbs chia seeds
5 super cissus rx (12 total for the day)

5 Humapro before bed (30 total for the day)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

low calorie day

so by now you are getting my routine of Chained Out and 10 Humapro 2x a day

5 Humapro before dinner, and 5 before bed

so I'm eating low calorie today - hitting the gym tomorrow

my comida (dinner) - all raw

1/4 lb Holding Ranch beef with real salt and organic turmeric

Calories: 200

I didn't end up eating the egg in the photo

gonna repeat this on Thursday as well, Friday to Sunday will be high calorie days

181.4 lbs @ 24.5 % BF

so doing my thing with the Chained Out and 10 Humapro 2x a day

then need2slin and 5 Humapro pre dinner and 5 Humapro before bed

had a huge dinner today so I stacked 9 Super Cissus rx

also you can tell I am taking more days off from the gym - I want to grow, so I'm putting in more rest days

2-3 days between workouts, going to make my workouts tough - but only 2x a week, stacked with running 1x a week for now (with sprints)

big dinner

1 organic egg yolk - raw
1/4 lb Holding Ranch beef - raw
3 organic egg omelette with 2 italian sausages, mushrooms, half a small onion, half a bag of TJs spinach
3 slices bacon
2 slices beef bacon
2 tbs chia seeds

restful Sunday and football!!!

woke up feeling a touch run down

need2slin before my CO + 10 Humapro

same thing midday

watched my boy Aaron Rogers whoop the Bears

Go Cal! Go Bears (not Chicago)!

nice protein rich dinner

need2slin and 5 Humapro pre dinner

1 organic egg yolk - raw
1/4 lb Holding Ranch beef - raw
1 lb organic chicken hearts cooked with onions, garlic, ginger, thyme
2 tbs chia seeds

5 Humapro before bed (30 total for the day)

let's go lift!

woke up feeling great Saturday morning

didn't drink that much, plus I had a lot of saturated fat to protect my liver (cheese)

took 2 con-cret, then a scoop of CR, CO and 10 Humapro

post workout the same - minus the CR (had plenty of carbs yesterday)

hit the gym at the Marina

Neutral Grip Pullups

10 sets of 3: 30 total


5 sets of 5: 25 total

3 need2slin with 5 Humapro before dinner

I was soooooooooooooooooooooo hungry! bought a ton of meat at Marin Sun Farms in Oakland

1 organic egg yolk - raw
1/2 lb Holding Ranch beef - raw
1 small goat chop - cooked rare
2 lamb crepinettes
1/2 bag organic spinach cooked with 1/4 lb pancetta

9 super cissus rx

Humapro = 30 total

What the Duck?

so my weight went up a pound from yesterday, but it's too close to call

today was an eat day so I stacked everything with 9 Super Cissus rx and 3 need2slin

started off my day witha scoop of Chain'd Reaction (CR) and 10 Humapro

before lunch I had 5 Humapro

pho at Red Chili with fresh shrimp spring rolls

then some steamed milk and dark chocolate

before dinner I finished up my raw colostrum with some Warrior Milk

went to this amazing duck party with great food (see photos)

ended the day with 5 Humapro before bed (30 total for the day)

a little backlogged

I'm a few days behind (suprise surprise), so I'll do a summary where I see fit

last Thursday - 1/22/11

woke up and was dying to use my Chain'd Reaction again

so I did that and Chained Out and 10 Humapro pre and post workout (30 total for the day)

Did 101 Perfect Pushups - 30 minutes exactly

had need2slin during the day and 2 before dinner

1 organic egg yolk
3 slices bacon
14 lb raw Holding Ranch beef
1/2 bag organic spinach - sauteed
shitake mushrooms

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

nice workouts and back to low calorie

woke up unexpectedly and decided to work out

1 scoop Jack3D
Chained Out + 10 Humapro

Neutral Grip Pullups

5, 5, 7 sets of 3 plus static hold

31 total in 28 minutes

gonna try and do more frequent bodyweight workouts of 30 minutes or less

alternating between chinups, dips, and perfect pushups - gonna try and remember to do jump rope on Sunday

post workout

Chained Out + 5 Humapro

breakfast: 1 organic egg yolk + supplements


Modern BCAAs


2 organic egg yolks

My Chain'd Reaction came in - so I did a second workout

1 scoop Chain'd Reaction Chained Out and 10 Humapro with 1 con-cret - pre

1 scoop Chain'd Reaction Chained Out and 5 Humapro - post
Close Grip Chinups

5, 3, 4, sets of 3: 30 total in 27 minutes
then some brachialis stuff

Calories = 500

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

just pho...

easing back into diet slowly

didn't fast, but I ate a low calorie meal of pho at Red Chili

rest of my intake was Chained Out and Humapro (25 total)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Sade

so I turned 37 over the weekend

it was great fun, lots of food over a few days

came in under 180lbs - which is fantastic
first time ever in years

got so many compliments (especially on the guns *lol*) - it felt great to be at my birthday party...

gonna get back on my diet tomorrow - tomorrow I have a lunch out with colleagues and I'm too tired to do anything really hardcore

well, this year I plan on keep losing - ultimate goal to have visible abs, my guess is another 30 lbs or so of fat loss

Friday, January 14, 2011

right before birthday weekend

woke up at 178.2 lbs @ 24.7% BF
Visceral Fat of 8 127.6 lbs LBM

that is my lowest weigh in going into the birthday weekend

so my meal yesterday dropped me 0.2 lbs and 0.3% BF, weird

so I am trying this Pulse Feast thing - let's see

had scoop of Chained Out and 10 Humapro prior to my workout

Chinups and Neutral Grip Pullps at home

25 of each - 50 total

3 scoops of Mag 10 post workout

3 scoops of Mag 10 about 5 hours later

nice dinner

2 organic raw egg yolks
sauteed greens with bacon
potato in tallow
veal rib chop with garlic, anchovy paste, and horseradish
5 Humapro

5 Humapro before bed

Thursday, January 13, 2011

on day 2 of fast (yikes screwed up again)

and not going to screw it up this time

upped it to 30 Humapro, 10 at first meal

also did 3 scoops of Chained Out today - just for flavor

dropped 2 lbs from yesterday - maybe I'll drop 2 more, let's see


had dinner

4 organic egg yolks - raw
1 lb veal rib chop
tons of sauteed garlic
horseradish and anchovies

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

really gonna do the 2 day fast this time

just a Humapro fast today

25 - split up into 5 intervals

really hoping to peel 5 lbs over the next two days to get to my all time lowest weight by Friday morning

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

little bummed and droppin da' dairy (not quite)

so I woke up and my weight didn't drop

no panic

next step is to drop dairy for the next two days

before my breakfast had n2S

Chained Out and a scoop of Humapro
2 con-cret

5 Humapro - 2x during the day

10 Humapro before my evening workout

Chinups and Neutral Grip Pullups
each exercise
5, 5, 3, 3, 3

38 total

huge dinner afterwards - refeed style
2 n2s

a lot of raw foods with my dinner

tall glass raw colostrum
2 baked organic sweet potatoes with raw organic cultured butter and organic cinnamon
1 lb raw organic ground lamb with organic thyme
3 organic russet potatoes - baked in tallow

My estimate: about 3500 calories
plan is to just fat tomorrow and the next day - was looking for that leptin surge

Monday, January 10, 2011

all raw again... while watching BCS Championship game

woke up in the morning

started with n2s, 5 Humapro, and green tea extract

1 tbs raw organic cultured butter
tall glass raw organic colostrum
4 super cissus rx

midday - n2s and green tea extract

15 Humapro throughout the day: 20 Humapro total

n2s and green tea extract before dinner

1 tbs raw organic cultured butter
0.99 lb Holding Ranch beef
4 tbs raw seasoning
1 tbs Sriracha sauce

BCS Championship Game today
Auburn vs Oregon

Sunday, January 9, 2011

all raw again... (cus I woke up 2.6 lbs lighter)

woke up feeling a little better

Chained Out + 5 Humapro

took an n2s before breakfast

1 tbs raw cultured butter
1 tall glass colostrum
4 super cissus rx

CO + 5 Humapro

CO + 10 Humapro

2n2s before dinner

1 organic egg yolks
1.01 lb Holding Ranch beef
2 tbs Lydia's Raw Seasoning
1 tbs siracha sauce
organic chives
5 super cissus rx

this was really delicious

Saturday, January 8, 2011

sick, yet all raw

gosh I hate getting sick

went home early yesterday, came home feeling a little sucky

woke up super sucky... took a bunch of vitamins, including con-cret

went for a haircut

Chained Out and 10 Humapro (pre and post)

Close Grip Chinups - Neutral V Grip - Pleasanton 24 hour fitness

5, 9 sets of 3: 32 total

came home and took n2s

had a tbs of raw cultured butter, tall glass of raw colostrum, raw organic egg yolk

had 2 n2s before my evening meal

0.99 lb Holding Ranch beef with real salt
1 organic egg yolk

Friday, January 7, 2011

dips galore

woke up this morning

took Chained Out and 10 Humapro, the same + 5 Humapro post


Upped my dip total by 10%

11 sets of 5: 55 total

today is an EAT day

gonna stay away from sweets and crap though, tomorrow is an EAT day, Sunday is a no carb day, Monday is and EAT day, and Tuesday through Thursday are fast days

slight change of plan

had a nice thai lunch at Red Chili
pumpkin curry with chicken and shrimp

later had a protein bar, dark chocolate bar, peanut butter, and nuts

later dinner with my friends - chinese food at Cafe Yulong

30 Humapro total

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Humapro fast

humapro fast today

that's it

25 total

big eat day

so I am going to fast the next two days

n2s+4 super cissus rx

1 organic egg yolk
1 scoop super plasma w organic cinnamon
Progenex More Muscle

5 Humapro

2n2s+5 super cissus rx
prosciutto mozarella roll with tons of raw organic almonds and mayo
half pack lentils cooked with walnuts and spices
1 lb veal chop
3 organic russet potatoes, baked with tallow

15 Humapro

plan is to fast with Humapro for the next two days

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

great workout: 185.4 lbs @ 24.9% BF

did chins this morning

5, 3, 4, 10 sets of 3 = 42 total

phytoserm-347, 2 concret, Chained Out and 10 Humapro - pre workout

Progenex MM+Recovery+org raw egg yolk - post

middle of the day had n2s and 4 super cissus rx

3 scoops Warrior Milk
1 scoop super plasma with organic cinnamon
capful of macadamia nut oil

n2s and 5 super cissus rx

organic egg yolk
0.88 lb bone in veal chop with organic garlic
10 Humapro

Monday, January 3, 2011

getting off to a good start: 184.4 lbs @ 25.0% BF

woke up after a lot of sleep

9 Morph
Chained Out
10 Humapro

10 sets of 5: 50 total

Close Grip Chinups - you know, the gun show :)

5 sets of 3: 15

1 set of Neutral Close Grip Chinup: 3

Progenex MM+Recovery+organic raw egg yolk

before we went to Santana Row I popped 5 Humapro

new supplement came in
Phytoserm-347 by Ruthless supplements
popped 1 in the afternoon

came home and had another serving of Progenex More Muscle

3N2S before dinner

2 organic raw egg yolks
4 organic russet potatoes in tallow
8 oz uncured Trader Joes Pastrami
organic brocolli with tons of organic garlic
1 scoop super plasma protein with organic cinnamon
5 Humapro
1 Phytoserm-347

First Workout of 2011

man I was really sick during the night but popped a lot of vitamins and my girl took care of me really well

hit the gym when I woke up and felt decent

Modern BCAAs
1 Jack3D
10 Humapro

hit the gym at the Marina

despite being sick, did 30 Neutral Grip Pullups - 10 sets of 3

Progenex MM+Recovery+organic egg yolk

later in the day thew down

Progenex MM+Super Plasma+2 organic raw egg yolks

before dinner, 3N2S

Chow with my girl, bro, sisnlaw

tortilla soup
devilled egg/toast
thai chicken salad
fish and chips
spiced chai tea

(proud of myself - no dessert)

First Day of 2011

so NYE was really fun, spent it at my brother's in-laws house in the city

actually ate clean on New year's Day -despite being kinda sick

had an N2S before having Progenex More Muscle and a raw egg yolk

before dinner - 2N2S

2 organic raw egg yolks
2/3 lb ny strip steak
side dish made of bacon tips, walnuts, and pecans
20 Humapro