Thursday, July 31, 2008

Weight: 196.0 at 28.9% Target: 185.3

so I couldn't make it through a whole day fasting, but I had a had a hearty low carb meal after my workout

focused on chest today
started off with 5 dips, then did machines and dumbell press with 40 lb dumbells
I should really get back to the perfect pushup

900 pm

1 organic avocado
2 organic egg yolks (raw)
1/2 organic red cabbage sauteed in lard
big organic pork chop sauteed in lard
1 tbs super plasma
1/2 scoop Grow!

4 EFAs
Biotest Superfood
Ultrathione (1am, 1pm)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weight: 189.2 at 27.9% Target: 185.5

ok, so today was bad, real bad...

I couldn't make it to dinner, just had cravings so I popped an anabolic pump before lunch and went to Erik's deli and had a club sandwhich, clam chowder, salt and vinegar chips, and a part of a brownie

later, I had an anabolic pump and had a protein shake (grow and super plasma), naan, hummus, organic yogurt...

then my buddies Tim, Colin, and Scott came over and we had a few beers and tequila then we went to Shalimar and had ton of food, their nihari rocks!

at home I had more organic yogurt with maple syrup and pecans, then apple pie with ice cream

and now my stomach is full of shame and spices

EFAs - 1/2 tbs
Ultrathione (1am, 1pm)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weight: 190.0 at 27.9% Target: 185.7

simple day - night before there was major drama with my girl, maybe I burned up a lot of calories in my sadness, o well...

so big dinner today - tomorrow I will be having a lot of food that is off my diet, including booze - to offset that I will be fasting on Wednesday

6 organic egg yolks (raw)
1 tbs super plasma
3/4 lb organic grassfed beef - medium rare
2 slice yogurt cheese
2 tbs barbecue sauce
1 scoop Grow!

EFAS - 1 tbs
Biotest Superfood
Ultrathione (1am, 1 pm)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Weight: 195.5 Target: 185.9

so last night we were out late at a bar in Pleasanton called Redcoats, boy it was dead!!!

luckily I was DD and didn't drink

short workout of chest, back, and shoulders, I tried lunging

so yesterday I had a single big post workout meal


3 organic egg yolks - raw
2 organic eggs scrambled w/2 whites
big spoon of salba seed
0.68 lb organic pork chops fried in lard
1/2 organic red cabbage sauteed in lard (with dijon and apcv)
2 scoops Grow!

EFAs - 4 capsules
Biotest Superfood
Ultrathione (2 in the PM)

Weight: 199.5 Target: 186.1

woke up late today

simple meal but tasty and healthy

organic red cabbage sauteed in lard with spicy sauce
0.75 lb organic pork chop fried in lard
4 organic egg yolks

Ultrathione 1 am, 1 pm
Biotest Superfood
1 probiotic

Weight: 199.5 Target: 186.4

so today I went to Great America

didn't eat during the day but at night I had an anabolic pump, then

Armadillo Willy's ribs and bread (fried in lard)

the Koi Garden with Partha and Sudip
good chinese food

then ice cream

Friday, July 25, 2008

Weight: 192.7 Target: 186.6

diet disaster today

I could have kept it together, but i didn't... hmmm...

sushi lunch with friend at work
korean short ribs with rice
a touch of tempura
spicy tuna hand roll
1/2 another roll
1 big roll at the end

why did I get the last one, I was totally full

then I had free popcorn and chocolate at my work, huh?

went home to my folks place but stopped to buy raw milk and ice cream
got a flat tire and went home and had raw milk, ice cream, then outback with my family and I had a vodka gibson and a beer and tons of food, then home with ice cream...

I am not happy acting like this

obviously my Friday weight will be astronomical but I this weekend should tame this stupidity

Weight: 191.2 Target: 186.8

I had the carb cravings this day, damn!

heavy dinner

organic hummus with organic red onion/garlic and tahini topped with organic evoo and avocado
3/4 lb raw organic grassfed beef with garlic and worchestire sauce
spread over a german roll with raw butter and a german pretzel with raw butter
1 big slice of quiche
blueberries with organic yogurt
1 scoop Grow!
1 tbs espresso powder
1 tsp organic raw cacao


I did a rare post dinner workout - I should really add cardio this weekend
Chest, back, calves, dips

Ultrathione - 1am, 1 pm
Biotest Superfood
Anabolic Pump (before dinner)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Weight: 192.7 Target: 187.0

amazing what sticking to a diet will do for your weight loss

no workout today, unless you count watching The Dark Knight

That was one awesome movie!

Early dinner


1 organic egg yolk (raw)
3 spoons raw butter
5 organic eggs scrambled with extra egg white with 1 organic scallion and some kielbasa
sour cream on top
2 scoop Grow!

Ultrathione - 1AM and 1PM
Biotest Superfood

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Weight: 196.8 Target: 187.2

yes, back down *lol*

today was back to basics

workout and meal - wasn't feeling too hot though... the cold and lack of sleep over the weekend tore into me

1 organic egg yolk (raw)
3/4 lb organic grassfed beef (raw)
3 organic eggs sunny side up
1 organic scallion
2 cloves of organic garlic
sour cream
1 scoop Grow!

Workout (430 to 450 pm)
Basic - chest, back, calves, shoulders

Ultrathione - 1AM and 1PM
Biotest Superfood

what the hell - ballooning up to 199.2!!!

yeah, you heard right, and no I haven't given up!!!

Friday was Guru Poornima so I had veggie food at night with raw milk

but during the day I decided to have a starbuck's banana protein drink, a cookie, and a bagel stuffed with cream cheese... at least I had a an anabolic pump before *lol*


well, I had an anabolic pump then raw milk and ramen at a great place in Pleasanton with my pops...

at night I went to go see Chris Isaak - great show, open bar, and munches = weight gain!

woke up on Sunday am at 199.2 !!!

Sunday, I lost water weight because I didn't pound like 10 beers!

I had a low carb late lunch of pancetta, eggs, walnuts, taste of risotto, and a big protein drink

at night had lots of meat and a little risotto and potatoes at my buddy Brent's place

Friday, July 18, 2008

Weight: 192.5 Target: 188.3

it was disaster

impromptu lunch at Ho Chow's - my colleague Rex leaving for the Phillipines to get married, great guy I wish him well

I did have an anabolic pump before my two meals though

1 scoop of designer protein before my workout

then an anabolic pump, then dinner

organic hummus with avocado and scallions
scoop of Grow!
pasta with sausage
organic banana with organic warrior milk (2 servings)
dahl dessert

absolute diet catastrophe... tomorrow is Guru Poornima so that means a lot of veggie/carb food

Saturday is going out day... so Sunday through Thursday will be low-carb - ugh!


same as usual - back, chest, shoulders, calves, dips


Biotest Superfood
Ultrathione (am and pm)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Weight: 192.5 Target: 188.3

what a nice meal today... a little too rich though...

I listened to Ori Hofmekler and got a little hummus happy :)

I popped an Anabolic Pump before dinner:

dinner was from 455pm to 610 pm

1 container organic hummus w/avocado/organic tahini/oevoo/organic garlic/organic scallions
organic red cabbage sauteed with bacon and garlic/scallions
1/2 organic pork chop fried in bacon fat and jungle pi oil
3.5 slice bacon
4 organic egg yolks (raw)
3 oz organic heavy whip cream
1.5 serving organic warrior milk

then I got hungry for taste later and had a bunch of organic warrior milk preceded by my girl's grilled chicken

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Weight: 193.2 Target: 188.5

so I think this Ultrathione stuff is giving me my energy back... 2 more months to see...

big dinner followed by workout followed by pw shake

530 pm

3 organic egg yolks (raw)
2 spoons raw butter
4 slice bacon
0.42 lb organic pork chop fried in bacon fat
2 organic eggs scrambled with 3 whites
organic warrior milk
small scoop Biotest Grow!
4 oz+ organic heavy whip cream

Post workout - 810 pm

1 scoop Grow!
touch organic heavy whip cream


same bodyparts again from about 705 pm to 740 pm


Biotest Superfood
Ultrathione - 1AM, 1PM

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weight: 196.9 Target: 188.7

yup... that is what 4 days of disastrous eating does...

I shaved off 1.3 lbs on Sunday, not by great eating, but it was just less than the day before with no booze...

so I worked out after work, I will try and intersperse weights with cardio... take Friday off, and then hit the gym again Saturday and Sunday

Key metric: 6 dips (plus a few more after 1st set)
chest, back, shoulders, biceps, calves

Dinner was 0 carbs


3 organic egg yolks (raw)
0.85 lb skirt steak seared with coriander and organic cumin
2 spoonfuls of raw butter

Ultrathione (1 AM and PM)
Biotest Superfood

Monday, July 14, 2008

gain of 13 lbs!!!

yes that is what happened over the last few days...

Thursday night was sangeet, with beer and desi food

Friday was an outing in HMBay with horseback riding and fried food

Saturday was a wedding for our friends Komal and Timir which had all day food and alcohol into wee hours of the night...

Sunday, wasn't great either with barbecue and noodle stir fry... pretty much 4 days of lots of calories...

will have to keep carbs nil for the next 4 days...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Weight: 187.0 Target: 190.3

yeah, getting back on track before this weekend!

610 am

1 scoop Grow!
5 tbs organic raw cream
1 tbs raw cacao

610 pm

hunk o' brie cheese
1 lb Prather Ranch beef (raw) with organic spices ond organic raw shoyu
4 organic egg yolks (raw) mixed with organic warrior milk

Workout (430 to 455pm)

key metric
Dips - back up to 6! *lol*
shoulders including snatches and cleans (or something like that)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Weight: 188.0 Target: 190.3

yesterday was nice and simple

went to my folks place and had a nice and tasty dinner

2 raw organic egg yolks
1/2 bag organic asparagus sauteed in lard
0.85 lb organic pork chop (1.5 tsp spice mix - 3 gram carbs) cooked in lard


organic warrior milk
organic raw cream
toasted pecans

workout tomorrow!

Monday, July 7, 2008

last few days


so I hitting up the diet thing hard again

good thing is that I am 188.5 lbs still

I had a workout on Sunday (yesterday) and ate low carb. My dips are back to 4 *lol*
Saturday was low carb as well.

this was a nice contrast to Friday where I had a wedding to attend and a big breakfast

Thursdsay night was dinner with my angel but we had steak and skewers with peanut sauce and sugar snap peas. Healthy and delicioso!

Wednesday night was a lot of chinese food and raw milk and egg sandwich etc...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Weight: 189.8 Target 191.6

yeah today was fat fast like

5 tablespoons of raw butter and 2 tsp of EFAs all day

Weight: 191.5 Target: 191.8

yeah that fat fast thing went out the window

breakfast was 2 scoops Organic Warrior Milk with 3 organic raw egg yolks

dinner was

3 raw egg yolks
2 tbs raw butter
1 pork chop fried with 2 slices of bacon

later at night I had some Pho with some friends

I believe I also worked out with my girlfriend