Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Day 109 - a little down...

well my new project has made me feel a little down

I miss my Amgen friends.

that being said, I think that is why I am overeating

after fasting I had

2 doses of magic
korean pork
1/2 pizza
1 scoop Grow!
1 scoop maca/flax protein powder

hopefully I am going to just eat beef tomorrow

I was 191.4 at 24% before dinner

Day 108 - getting close

it is getting close to my Cook Islands trip...

I won't reach my goal of super fitness

it is my responsibility... some compliments are better than none... but I will kick it back in gear when I return from the islands...

after fasting all day I popped a dose of 'magic'

half a slice of pizza
sushi with my buddy Brent at Sushi Tomi
Garden of Life rasberry bar
2 cups raw milk

then Brent, me, and my girl watched Halloween, the new Rob Zombie one...

it was really great!

Day 107 - first day in Milpitas

so had my first day at my new site

a little slow, as our all first days

dinner was nice and simple:

2 organic eggs (raw)
1 lb organic beef
1/3 - raw
2/3 - seared
4 slice cheese
organic mayo
1 tbs bbcue sauce

Day 106 - little antsy...

so tomorrow my new contract starts

i am feeling a bit antsy as I don't know how it will go

sleepy day with lots of football

late lunch was

new york strip steak w/worchesthire sauce
3 raw organic eggs

dinner was

smoked wild salmon
3 organic eggs - scrambled with 1 tbs raw milk

Day 105 - too much!

woke and went to the gym with my girl

I did dips and assisted pullups

then squats with 32.5 lbs x 25 reps

3 eggs sunny
4 slice bacon w/brown sugar
2 apricot pork sausage
1 croissant
lots of raw milk

later in the day my folks came by cus' my girl made lamb samosas

magic again

then cookies
lamb samosas
crackers with smoked salmon spreade
lamb curry and rice and dahl
bengali milk sweets

we then went to hang out with my buddy Loren and we listened to his guitar play

did I mention my Niners won?

Day 104 - Hung over!

wow... so the next morning I walked to Cal Train... and then headed off to MV with my hangover...

I pretty much sat around the whole day and tried to sleep, but the cat kept me awake... nevermind...

I thought we were off to my girl's company party but she didn't want to go ( 2 years in a row!)

I had a litte dinner then a nice dinner with her at Fuki Sushi

2 organic eggs -raw

3 slice cheese
3 slice bacon

Fuki Sushi with my girl
dose of 'magic'
udon/sushi/grilled fish/rice

tomorrow my folks are coming over

Day 103 - Too Much!!!

so todaywas the big day of the SBC party

for breakfast I had:

2 sunny side up organic eggs
1 scoop each Grow!/Procore
1 tbs super plasma
4 raw pecans
4 slice salami/mustard

at night went to Boulevard with my boys from SBC

drank a ton and had a nice lobster sweetbreads benedict and some of the best pork ever!!!

then just kept on drinkin' and wound up crashin' at my buddy Colin's place...

Day 102 - Outback!!!

so I woke up a bit tired from the Warriors game

I hit the gym in the morning after popping 9 Morph


Dumbell Squats

30 lbs x 6, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5 (31 reps total)


65 lbs x 10


5, 3, 3, 3


105 lbs x 2
105 lbs x 3 (8 sets)
105 lbs x 4

Chest Press
Devany Progression:
50, 70, 80, 110
Standing Barbell Curl
50 lbs x 10
big low carb dinner
1 scoop Grow!
1 scoop Procore


then dinner with the folks at Outback

ahi tuna appetizer
chopped salad
12 oz prime rib
brocolli - horseradish

Day 101 - Go Warriors!!!

big highlight of my day was going to the Warriors game against the Spurs...

I went with my mom... it was so great to see her so happy...

We won... I think it was 96 to 84

I went by Prather Farms at the Ferry building in the morning...

my late lunch was simple

4 organic eggs - raw
0.61 lb vitellone - part raw, mostly seared
1 tsp fish sauce
raw butter

Monday, December 10, 2007

Day 100 - title change?

this numbering scheme is a little silly...

but I'll stick to it for now...

I hit the gym in the morning after taking 6 Morph

My workout:

Couple of dips

Shoulder Press - Devany Progression

Dumbell Chest Press

40 lbs x 30 reps


65 lbs x 9

1 Pullup

Hammer Row Machine

105 lbs per side - till the burn

few dips

Dinner was 100% raw

2 organic eggs
1 lb organic grassfed ground beef

Warriors Game Tomorrow!!!

Day 99 - feeling empty inside...

gastrointestinally that is! *lol*

simple, I fasted all day, that's it, that's all...

I have an interview with a new client tomorrow so I am a tad nervous...

Day 98 - cookie ache!

today was one of my worst diet days in a long long time

my girl made cookies... bad sign

I started off day with some 'magic', then

organic eggs (4 or so)
raw milk (1 qt for the day)

then cookies cookies cookies all day... freshly baked

then my buddy Isaac came over... had fresh made samosas

then chicken and potatoes with my buddies Brent and Loren

then potstickers and won ton soup...

my stomach was killing me!!!

Day 97 - Last day off...

so one week off and 5 workouts, not bad...

I hit the gym mid-morning and did the following:

Standing Military Press

80 lbs x 10


60 lbs x 11

Incline Press - Devany Progression

50, 70, 90 lbs...
110 lbs x 5

Seated Calf Raise

95 lbs x 5 (3 sets)

3 Dips

1 Chinup

Standing Barbell Curl

50 lbs x 10

Hammer Curls

25 lbs - didn't count reps, just went for burn

Chest Press - Devany Progression

50-70-90-110 lbs

Standing Military Press

80 lbs x 1 slow negative

Dumbell Row (left hand, right hand)

45 lbs x 5 (5 sets)

I sneaked in a singing practice, then went home and had a late lunch:

1 raw organic egg
2/3 lb raw organic grassfed beef - Marin Suns (MS)
1/3 lb seared
2 tbs organic mayo

1 scoop whey isolate
1 tbs super plasma

Day 96 - credit card chest...

in my efforts to build a great physique, one must first go from a crappy one to a bad one, then decent, then above average, then good, and so on...

so I am bumping up my training frequency for certain muscle groups which accentuate my chest and shoulders...

I knocked out 51 Perfect Pushups... damn I was sore from the day before!

after fasting all day, I finally ate the Marin Sun Farms ground beef I bought the day before, 25% fat and soooooooooo delicious

I ate 1/3 lb raw
the next 2/3 lb I mixed with organic onion and seared
1 slice cheddar cheese
2 tbs barbecue sauce
organic mayo

max carb count = 17 grams

Day 95 - Point Reyes and Ma n' Pa bonding...

man what a day!!!

started off with 81 Perfect Pushups!

my post workout meal was my last healthy meal of the day *lol*

1.5 scoop Procore
1 tbs super plasma
1 raw organic egg
1 tbs raw butter

then my parents and I went to Point Reyes and had a wonderful day

we walked on Drake's Beach and went to Point Reyes Station

on the way up we stopped at an organic grocery store and ate a ton!

sandwiches, pizza, organic yogurt, chocolate... you get the drift

later in the day at Inverness I grabbed a mocha

at the very end we stopped by Marin Sun Farms butcher shop in Point Reyes Station... this is that high end butcher of 100% grassfed meats... so good

turns out their ground beef is 25% fat, hence the yummy taste
I bought 7 lbs and my dad bought some lamb liver...

we then head back and stopped at T-Rex but weren't feeling it... so we went to Ruen Pair, our favorite Thai spot... dinner was good, but not great, I felt the chicken curry lacked a bit of umph! and I am not a fan of the catfish...

but still good

then off to Rivoli for dinner - chocolate sundae of course! with a glass of Moscato... so wonderful, I also polished some of my mom's chocolate souffle cake...

tomorrow is diet day for sure!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Day 94 - Easy Like Tuesday Morning...

so I came home last night to see my bro's new car

pretty nice, though I am not crazy about the plastic interior

also, I am piiiiiiiiiiissed about the Ravens - Pats game, who isn't!!!

also, my Warriors lost a bunglefest to the Magic...

I hit the gym this morning after popping 6 Morph

I did 5 chinups - 2, 1, 1, 1

I hit the seated calf raise:

90 lbs x 5 (5 sets)

T-bar rows

95 lbs x 3 (9 sets)
100 lbs x 3 (1 set)

Paramount Calf Raise - cool new device!

175 lbs x 7
190 lbs x 10
205 lbs x 10

Dumbell Row

40 lbs x 8 (left arm, right arm)
40 lbs x 8 (left) x 10 (right)

waited an hour and half to eat... 100% raw

0.69 lb organic grassfed ground beef
4 organic eggs
organic dijon


I will be going to Point Reyes tomorrow and probably having dinner in a restaurant... I will bring some 'magic' and fast the next day to balance out the calories...

Day 93 - strange, no work?

yeah, so a week off... Amgen Chapter Numero Uno has ended for now

I had a good 8 months...

I hit the "Dish" and did the Sprint 8 thang

dinner was light in calories and 100% raw

3 organic eggs
0.65 lb organic grassfed ground beef
2 tsp worchesthire sauce
organic dijon mustard

next few days will be spent at my folk's place

Day 92 - Barbecue anyone?

so... my niners got embarassed... AGAIN!!!

against the freakin' Panthers!

o well

my girl and I hit the "Dish" at Stanford and did hill sprints

I do it 8 times - something called the Sprint 8 program

dinner was heavy and not perfect:

dose of 'magic'

crackers with wild smoked salmon spread
20 oz raw milk
2 bacon cheese burgers w/buttered bread
mashed potatoes
bite of salmon

protein muffins
ice cream

I know, I know... I was hungry...

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Day 91 - Big Game Woes!

oh my

my boys from Cal played piss poor and lost their first Big Game under Tedford...

on the plus side, my food was healthy and delicious:

2 raw organic eggs
0.72 lb organic grassfed ground beef (grilled medium rare)
2 slice cheddar cheese
raw blue cheese
1 piece grilled onion

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Day 90 - 190.2 lbs

so since Thanksgiving, I have taken off 5.4 lbs

also, counting this day, I had 2 awful diet days... goal for next week is clean from Saturday to Thursday, with weigh in on Friday morning with trying on of new pants

I can get into my old dark blue jeans and can barely button on my size 33 jeans...

yesterday my colleagues took me to Claimjumper for my last day at Amgen

It was fun, but a lot of junk food

dose of magic
crab cakes
clam chowder
big burger w/fries/onion rings


dose of magic
8 oz raw milk
1 scoop Grow!
1 scoop oat bran powder
spoon unheated honey


Korean food with my girl
shortribs/rice/pork kimchi soup

pumpkin pie/cranberry almond tart