Friday, November 30, 2007

Day 89 - Scrambling for trabajo!

so I am looking for work as this is my last week at Amgen, it looks like I found something good!

well, I had basically a 46 hour fast...

I did chinups and pullups at lunch

my dinner was a little higher in calories as I hadn't eaten in 2 days:

2 raw organic eggs
0.86 lbs organic grassfed ground beef (a small portion raw)
4 slices cheese
5 slices bacon
worchestire sauce/mayo/pepper plant sauce
2 tbs bone suckin' sauce

also, it appears as though my internal visceral fat has dropped to '9' on my Tanita scale

it was previously at '10'

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Day 88 - Fast

I woke up at 192.8 lbs

I fasted all day, then did hill sprints at the Dish...

Day 87 - too much food...

well, I woke up at 188.0 lbs

unfortunately i had a lot of food, but I did enjoy it (not always a good thing!!!)

lunch was with colleagues

2 doses magic

cup of beef barley soup
big bacon bbcue cheeseburger/fries/mayo


2 doses magic
small pizza
1 scoop Grow!
organic cereal

I am going to fast all day tomorrow - my buddy Colin has surgery

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Day 86 - ugh! work ugh!


so I found this is my last week at this site!!!

who knows where I am off to next?

I weighed in at 189.2 lbs before dinner

dinner was simple and 100% raw

2 raw organic eggs
0.70 lbs raw organic grassfed ground beef

tomorrow will probably be carby because of a colleague lunch, but I am fasting on Wednesday for the same friend who is having surgery...

Day 85 - Cardio?

yeah, can you believe it? I did cardio today...

I woke up at 191.0 lbs and hit the gym with Partha, Sudip, and Anusha

I did 30 minutes of cardio (282.8 calories burned)

then we hit the weights, we did bis, tris, shoulders, calves...

after the workout I ate:

whey isolate/green shake
5 raw organic eggs

dinner was light:

2 scoops Grow!
4 raw organic eggs

Monday, November 26, 2007

Day 84 - 193.0 lbs

today was a pretty cool day...

I popped 9 Morph and hit the gym:


90 lbs (32 reps total)

I did two sets of 5 dips

I did a pyramid with no rest for the chest press

70 lbs x 15
90 lbs x 5
110 lbs x 3

Overhead Press (same progression)

30 lbs x 8
50 lbs x 3
50 lbs - 2 negatives...

after workout, my meal was

1 scoop Procore
1/2 whey isolate
1 tbs super plasma
1 raw organic egg

at night, I had dinner with my friend Partha at Outback

ahi tuna appetizer
steamed brocolli w/ creamed horseradish
2 pork chops


then I watched Beowolf (pretty good), then came home and watched 1408 (not as good) with the whole family and my brother's girlfriend...

Day 83 - Seeing Arin at 195.6 lbs

I woke up this morning at 195.6

the great thing is that I saw my best friend Arin today along with his great family...

foodwise, it was great...

I visited my friend Partha at night and had some leftover (ok, a lot!) of ham and turkey...

then at home I had 3 raw organic eggs, bacon, sausage, and a desi omelette...

Day 82 - Happy Thanksgiving...

well, this day of course was just full of raw milk, cookies, pate, bread, rice, shrimp cutlets, lamb curry, coconut shrimp curry, and some wonderful pecan pie made by my girlfriend...

with ice cream on the side!!!

Day 81 - Peking Duck!

we had a little pre-thxgiving meal...

after fasting all day, I had a protein shake with a lot of raw milk, then I had dinner with my friends:

Ashni, Brent, Loren, Lifen, and my girl...

peking duck
soup dumplings
pork belly
lion's head


Day 80 - just hungry

well, I fasted all day, and was tired, and I was cold... those were my exuses...

I had 2 doses of 'magic'


barbecue brisket
2 slices bread
potato salad
unheated honey

korean shortribs

2 scoops Grow!
1 scoop Procore

I really didn't enjoy the cheating to be honest with you...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Day 78 - Back on track

so I came home (exhausted) from work and did the weigh in before dinner

197.6 lbs!!!


dinner was zero carb

1 tbs raw butter
3 raw organic eggs
2 pork chops with 2 slice bacon and rosemary

Wedding Weekend

so I woke up this morning at 190.0 lbs

so that is a loss of 12 lbs over the last 75 days - ok, but I will do better

to say the weekend was a blast would be a huge understatement

We had so much fun...

needless to say, I ate and drank all weekend, so I jumped back on the wagon on Monday!

Day 74 - Gettin' ready for weddin'

this day was simple, I prepped and packed for the wedding weekend... and had simple dinner

1 tbs raw butter
1.04 lb raw organic grassfed ground beef
pepper plant sauce (0 carbs)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Day 73 - Didn't last but no failure...

I woke up 2.2 lbs lighter

I got through 7 tbs of raw butter before my girl asked me to come over

I got hungry and got about 3/4 lb of pot roast and a tbs of organic coconut oil

tomorrow will just be a pound of raw ground beef

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Day 72 - Three day fat fast

so I doing an extreme thing for a few days

I am doing something called a Fat Fast before the wedding weekend

a 1000 calories of just fat to flush water and to go rapidly to ketosis

so I had 10 tbs of raw butter all day...

that's it

Day 71 - too much

well, like I said

I knew today was going to be a lot of food, so I managed to combine a colleague lunch with a tapas dinner with my old friend Bindu

I kept my protein high as I will be having just raw butter from Tuesday to Thursday


dose of 'magic'
16 oz raw milk
1/2 scoop Jay Robb Egg protein
1 Perfect Meal

lunch at Shalimar
OMG we ate soooo much!
dose of 'magic'
chicken kofta
chicken tikka
lamb chops
saag ghosht
CTikka Masala

at night

dose of 'magic'

16 oz raw milk
1 tsp unheated honey
1 scoop Jay Robb Egg

Dinner at Cascal

1 mojito
poor man's paella
potato gratin
Tres Leches cake (about 2/3)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Day 70 - Lovely music

I woke up, not quite as hung over as I should have been. Maybe it was the 7x distilled organic vodka.

Went to Men's WHouse and dropped $200 for pants, tie, and shirt, I should look pretty good
I am pretty ticked that I am still in a size 38 for a suit, really a 37, but o well

I hit the Dish with my girl and did hill sprints

hour and a half later I had my small dinner:

2 tbs raw butter
0.81 lb organic grassfed beef (raw)
dijon and tobassco sauce

Calories = 1000
Zero carbs

at night went to a wonderful musical show, it was nice to get a bunch of compliments on me loosing weight, but I am still miffed over my suit waist size

My mother opened the show up with her students and then sang 4 nice songs, then the main artists came out and did some great numbers

some of my favorites were sung: Tere Mere Milan Ki and Yeh Kya Hua

tomorrow will be a fair dose of calories as I having dinner with my friend Bindu and lunch with colleagues, but it should be a good thrust into the fat fast for the following three days

Day 69 - Party Party!

I am zig zagging my calories until I hit Tuesday, that's when I do the Fat Fast for 3 days prior to the wedding

I got up in the morning bright and early and popped 9 Morph

My workout was:


90 lbs x 5 (4 sets)
90 lbs x 3 (4 sets)

8 Dips! my personal best, althought my form wasn't perfect

Chest Press

110 lbs x 8
130 lbs x 4, 3, 3, 5, 3, 4

Dose of 'magic'

post workout meal:

2 scoops Grow!
1tbs super plasma
2 piece cinnamon bread
butter/coconut butter
makuna honey

Went out for a haircut and eye check up

dose of 'magic'


16 oz raw milk
1 scoop Grow!
1 bagel
smoked salmon/organic cream cheese

milk chocolate

dose of 'magic'

early dinner:

16 oz raw milk
1.5 Scoop Grow!

my girl threw a great post-Diwali party

I drank a lot of vodka and had shrimp curry and pakoras and chocolate tort and chips, etc...



Day 68 - nice and mellow

work was nice and mellow today

I went to my parent's house and hung out with the family and my brother's girlfriend...

My weigh in before dinner was 191.8 lbs

dinner was:

1 tbs raw butter
2 raw organic eggs
1 lb organic ground beef (raw)
4 tbs tapenade

Calories: 1275
Carbs = 6 grams

Friday, November 9, 2007

Happy Diwali!!!

On this holiest of days, I wanted to say this to all my friends and family out there

Day 67 - crappy evening

so I was going to go home and chill, read, watch some tube...

instead I got a call from my girl to go and hang out, yes! she is great and fun!

as I near her place, I get the dreaded "oops, we have to go to IKEA now and drag heavy crap" call...

no seriously, that was the call!

so off to IKEA, blah blah blah!

dinner was late while watching CSI

spoonful of raw butter
1/4 raw organic grassfed beef w/Trader Joes Tapenade
4 chicken wings roasted w/garlic and black bean sauce

I put my carb count as around 10 grams

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Day 66 - Panic!!!

so you may have seen my earlier post

my Cook Islands trip is back!

I promptly hit the hills and did sprints at the Dish

after an hour or so, my dinner was:

1 big spoon raw butter
2 raw organic eggs
1 lb prime rib

I am going to eat like this until Saturday, then some carbs, then zero carb Sunday, then carbs Monday... then clean until I hit the road for the wedding on Friday


so the Cook Islands trip is back on!

so - hill sprints and ketogenic diet for me!

I am so pissed! not that I am going on vacation... but that I am fat... well, let's see if I can do something about that over the next 6 weeks

Day 65 - Hungry!

I was tired today

I went to bed a bit too late, got caught up with the ol' CSI Miami

well, I got the hungry bug late in the day, so I ate a lot, granted it was one meal:

double dose of 'magic'

korean shortribs/rice/sides
bbcue links and beef, sauce, 2 slice bread, potato salad
shake: 2 scoops Grow!, 1 scoop Procore, 1 tbs super plasma

delicious but quite full

Monday, November 5, 2007

Day 64 - 2nd day of darkness


I hate this daylight savings crap... the first workday with this horrid condition, it got dark too fast

well I fasted all day (surprise) and had a nice and nutritious meal

I am going to stop getting caught up too much in the scale and stop being stupid!

One of the things I am being stupid about is not getting enough protein consistently, so I am going to shoot for at least 140 grams per day.

so dinner was:

4 tbs raw butter
0.8 lb organic ribeye (seared)
3 tbs steak sauce

1 scoop each Grow!/Procore/JRobb whey isolate
1 tbs super plasma

Day 63 - Back on track

too much carbs this last week

My Sunday barbecue is a good place to start off my week right actually

My girl and I hit the Dish again, great! We did walk and hill sprints

in the afternoon, we just relaxed and I watched Pats/Colts game. It was a great game, I just wish the Colts had won.

My folks came over in the afternoon and relaxed while noshin' on homemade cookies and shrimp pakoras (with fresh chutney)

dinner was awesome:

4 raw eggs
0.8 lb ribeye
sour cream/horseradish
sauteed onions
sip of red wine
bunch of cheese

a little high in calories but it is good to the get the fat up while the carbs are super low

Day 62 - Chicken Biryani Time!

so what started out to be a little romatic homemade dinner for two turned into a not so romantic but equally fun dinner for five!

my girl made chicken biryani and shrimp pakoras (from scratch!) and we had our friends Brent and Loren over, my girl's roomie ate with us too, she is really cool as well

while my girl cooked and prepped I popped 9 Morph and hit the gym:


10 sets of 3 (yes 30 full bodyweight dips!!!)

Assisted Pullups

90 lbs x 4
90 lbs x 3 (9 sets)

Vertical Chest Press

100 lbs x 5

Barbell Front Raise (brutal!)

30 lbs x 5, 5, 7, 6, 5, 5

(33 reps total)

I popped some 'magic' and rest of the evening:

1/2 scoop Jay Robb whey
Shake (1 scoop each Grow!, Procore, Whey Isolate, 1 tbs super plasma)
raw milk
2 scoops Carb Powder

red wine
fish cake soup
shrimp pakoras
chicken biryani

the food was very delicious

on other plus notes, Cal won!

Day 61 - No Sprint for You!!!

I am in love with hill sprints after one try

my girl and I tried to go again but the Dish closes at 530 pm now! ugh!

so instead just a lot of calories *lol*

after a dose of 'magic'

2 fried chicken legs (WFoods)
yams/baked taters
raw milk
1 scoop Grow!

then another dose of 'magic'

pumpkin protein muffins
raw milk
unheated honey

Day 60 - Stomach Ache!

Today was back at home... not as exciting

After fasting all day dinner was protein rich:

1 tbs apple cider vinegar
3 tbs raw butter
3 scrambled organic eggs
0.76 lb organic raw grassfed ground beef
3 tbs steak sauce
Organic cumin/turmeric

Calories = 1600
Protein = 143 grams
Carbs = 11 grams

Then about the worst gosh darn stomach ache ever! All night too!!!

Day 59 - Happy Halloween!

Do you know that my favorite thing to do on Halloween is to watch the movie, Halloween and all of its derivatives... I didn’t watch the original or sequel today, but caught Halloween H20 and Curse of Michael Meyers – friggin’ awesome!

After fasting today I hit the “Dish” with my girl, we did walking and hill sprints, gosh I hope these work as well people say they do...

Dinner was generous, I tend to eat a lot at my girl’s place:

Dose of ‘magic’

2 glass raw milk
3 scrambled eggs
0.75 lb raw grassfed organic beef
1 can organic pumpkin
3 tbs unheated honey
Pumpkin protein muffins w/pumpkin butter

Friday, November 2, 2007

Day 58 - Getting stronger!!!

I am loving the gym!

This Morph stuff really works!

I took 9 before my workout

threw down 4 BCAAs at the gym

and then 4 BCAAs and 1 'magic' afterwards


Standing Barbell Military Press

80 lbs x 10 (Just think, I could only do 5 two weeks ago!)
80 lbs x 5
80 lbs x 4
70 lbs x 5
70 lbs x 6


130 lbs x 6
120 lbs x 7
110 lbs x 6
100 lbs x 6
90 lbs x 8
140 lbs x 1 slow negative

Chest Press

100 lbs x 3


2, 1

Chest Press

100 lbs x 3 (twice)
90 lbs x 5
100 lbs x 3
90 lbs x 5

Calf Raise

200 lbs x 9

Dinner was substantial:

1 big tablespoon unheated honey
TJs brown rice/flax/quinoa mix
1 tbs ococo vinegar
0.7 lb raw organic grassfed ground beef
3 tbs steak sauce
1 scoop each Grow!/Procore/Whey Isolate
1 tbs super plasma

Day 57 - Brett and his magic

I fasted all day... am a little miffed, my girl said I gained back all the weight I had lost over the week... to be frank, I am miffed with me, she just wants me to be happy and meet my goals, that is fair

I fasted all day and watched Brett hit to 80 yarders, including the first play from overtime to win it! I haaaaaaaate the Broncos!

After a weekend of debauchery, I was 196.4 lbs before dinner

dinner was simple:

3 tbs raw butter
1 tbs omo
0.75 lb organic grassfed ground beef (raw)
1 scoop each Grow!/Procore/Whey Isolate
1 tbs super plasma

1515 calories
145 grams of protein
5.5 grams of net carbs