Friday, July 30, 2010

strength update

so despite my weight up by 1.8 lbs

my chest got stronger, up to 220 lbs on the Bodymaster Incline Chest Press

so I am going all out now - I found some leftover TNA and Prime, why not?

also got some Recreate and Oxyelite Pro, why not either?

I can keep my cals low, but my protein high with my Chained and Humapro

post workout meal, only food for today

2 organic egg yolks (1 of them pastured)
3/8 lb ground beef - seared in tallow
scoop of super plasma with organic cinnamon

6 Prime
4 scoops Chained Out
30 Humapro

disappointing update

so I put back on the 1.8 lbs I lost from the week before!

that's what 3 full cheat days will do I guess... I didn't shy on the calories on the other days either

gonna keep it to only one day this week and/or several Chained Out and Humapro fast days

Thursday, July 29, 2010

strength update

really psyched I did 15 pullups today in about ten minutes!

it was an impromptu workout at work

had a good eating day

breakfast and a dinner

eggs and smoked pork loin in the AM

dinner was eggs, bacon, sausage, ground beef, and super plasma with organic cinnamon

Chained Out: 4 scoops
Humapro: 30

Friday, July 23, 2010


so I lost 1.8 lbs since last Friday

out of 7 days, ate clean 5 days

one of the clean days did a CO + Humapro fast

had a nice workout this morning

key metric

hammer row

105 lbs x 3: 6 sets
100 lbs x 3: 4 sets

Chained Out and Humapro before and after

protein meal before lunch
organic low fat cottage cheese with organic blueberries and Warrior Milk
scoop super plasma + organic cinnamon

Chained Out: 2 scoops
Humapro: 30

Got a lunch planned at Cafe Brioche with my buddy Loren

Dinner planned at Bistro Aix with my girl and my buddy Zeke

dining out planned for tomorrow and veggie Puja day on Monday, planning a CO + Humapro fast on Sunday, also a couple days next week as well

Thursday, July 22, 2010

so I broke (but healthily)

I had a super early day but I still managed a workout

shoulders and biceps

15 chinups!!! in sets of one, with 2 sets of 2

I ended up having dinner

1 raw pastured egg yolk
0.73 lb dry aged ny strip

Chained Out: 3 scoops
Humapro: 30

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

plan for next two days

ok, so I ate too much

so the goal for the next two days is just Chained Out and Humapro

let's see how we do

Happy Anniversary Ma and Baba

so it's my folks anniversary today, going to go by and say hola

did my morning workout, popped 3 RPM ahead of time

chest workout

key metric

chest incline press on bodymasters with 210 lbs

Chained Out and Humapro before and af

3/8 lb marin sun farms beef, raw
thai soup
thai curry
rice fried with one pastured egg
2 organic potatoes, oven baked
1 big scoop super plasma with cinnamon
organic yogurt
blueberries, dried banana
organic lowfat cottage cheese mixed with Warrior Milk

Chained Out: 3 scoops
Humapro: 30

Monday, July 19, 2010

just another Manic Monday

so after a wonderul weekend, I started off my Monday right with a great workout

I dropped 3 RPM before my workout

I hit back and biceps
key metrics

T-bar: 100 lbs x 3 (the one at the Fremont gym is a little different)

Dumbell Row: 55 lbs x 4 + X rep

did the ol' Chained Out and Humapro before and after

after a while jumproped for 8 minutes

Chained Out and Humapro before lunch


2 organic raw egg yolks - 1 of them pastured
1/4 lb kabob mix, made of Marin Sun Farms beef and Prather lamb with spices, seared in tallow
a little bit of roasted tomatoes

Chained Out: 3 scoops
Humapro: 30

low calorie - let's blast some fat off!

nice weekend and Predators!

diet wise first

Friday clean

Saturday lot of food, including booze at Adesso in Oakland

Sunday I made kabobs, turned out great

I also watched Predators - it was pretty darn good

Thursday, July 15, 2010

will drive for meat!!!

so work was bogging me down so I trekked up to Oakland to Marin Sun Farms (yes, they have a branch there!) to get some ground beef

I also bought a small pork chop

got home and I had a zero carb meal

0.43 marin sun farms pork chop - fried in lard
0.75 marin sun farms ground chuck - a little raw and the most seared in tallow

1.19 lbs of meat

es todo

on a side note, this marin sun farms beef mixed with salt, black pepper, and dried minced onion is a fantastic taste - I could eat this raw, I mean the whole thing

Chained Out: 2 scoops
Humapro: 20 total

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I'm just flying high off my post workout lunch, hence the title of the post

but let's get to the workout first

pre workout took 3 RPM

Key Metrics In Workout

Bodymasters Incline Press, up to 200 lbs

Chest Press - 110 lbs

great lunch

took a pslin before eating

organic egg yolk
3 organic eggs scrambled in lard
4 slices of bacon
3 organic potatoes oven fried in lard and tallow
1 cup organic lowfat cottage cheese
super plasma + organic cinnamon

it was sooo good!

Chained Out: 2 scoops
Humapro: 27 total

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

interviewish Tuesday

so I went in for a chat for a possibly new consulting gig I may get

I did a workout first thing in the morning

my first time I used RPM, I used 3 of them

my strength is still going up

key metric

105 lbs x 3: 10 sets

10 Chinups - 1 at a time still, but still!

before my interview I had an organic raw egg yolk and 3 organic eggs sunny side up in lard

late dinner

0.72 lb Marin Sun Farms beef - a touch raw, but the rest seared, mixed with minced onion
2 spoons of WFN mayo
8 oz mushrooms sauteed in tallow and lard

tomorrow I am looking forward to a great chest workout and then a meal of eggs, cottage cheese, and potatoes

Chained Out: 4 scoops
Humapro: 25 total

Monday, July 12, 2010

in transition

so my brain is working around the clock, trying to get my next new gig

this is the price of consulting I guess - everything should go fine though (I firmly believe)

I ate really well again today

I really want my weight and fat loss to zoom so I am doing things (or not doing things) that probably don't affect my fat loss but as I like to see the scale go down on certain days I will avoid the super plasma protein as it is a liquid protein

now tomorrow I will be working out so I will definitely have the super plasma during my post workout meal

today I had a single meal

2 organic egg yolks - raw
8 oz ground beef seared with dried minced onion
8 oz organic mushrooms - sauteed in tallow

Chained Out: 3 scoops
Humapro: 25 total

world cup final

Spain beat Netherlands 1 to 0


and I ate perfectly as well a great day

Thursday, July 8, 2010

rest day

I am looking forward to a great workout tomorrow

doing a rest day today while I work (a lot)

started out my day with Chained Out and 10 Humapro

3 hours later

1 organic egg yolk - raw
2 organic eggs sunny side up in bacon fat
4 slices of bacon

4 hours later

Chained Out and 10 Humapro


1 sunny side up organic egg
piece of flank steak seared in tallow
4 slices of bacon

5 Humapro before bed

2 scoops of CO and 25 Humapro total

187.2 lbs @ 26.8% BF

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

2 in a row (Maui in 6 months)

ok, so got a second decent diet day in a row

had a great chest workout

key metric

Dips: 10 sets of 5

Chained Out and Humapro before and after workout and before bed

(2 scoops and 30 Humapro)

dinner was a little heavier than yesterday

I took a pslin before

0.4 Marin Sun Farms beef - raw
2 organic scrambled eggs
good amount of organic red potatoes
5 slices of bacon
20 grams of super plasma with organic cinnamon

so if I go to Maui in January, that will be 6 months for my mythical in shape proposition

thinking about just doing Chained Out and Humapro tomorrow, if I do a meal it will be small and the goal is zero carb

you know what, I am going to plant the mental seed for my meal right now:

2 organic egg yolks
1/3 lb ground beef - seared
20 grams super plasma + organic cinnamon

approximate calories: 600

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

trying a little something...

so I found some p-slin in my room

I popped one of those before my daily meal

but before that I hit the gym after a weekend of decadence

I did back

key metric

T bar: 100 lbs x 3: 10 sets

Also, 3 chinups (not in a row though)

Barbell Curl: 55 lbs x 11 + x rep

Chained out and Humapro before and after my workout
5 Humapro before bed

(2 scoops, 30 Humapro total)


2 scrambled pastured eggs in leaf lard
0.4 marin sun farms beef - raw
1.15 organic yukon gold potatoes in lard/tallow
20 grams super plasma protein with organic cinnamon

4th of July

I had a great weekend in the city

I ate too much, what else is new?

192.5 lbs on my parent's scale

considering what I ate, that's actually pretty good

maybe the Humapro and Chained Out are helping