Friday, July 23, 2010


so I lost 1.8 lbs since last Friday

out of 7 days, ate clean 5 days

one of the clean days did a CO + Humapro fast

had a nice workout this morning

key metric

hammer row

105 lbs x 3: 6 sets
100 lbs x 3: 4 sets

Chained Out and Humapro before and after

protein meal before lunch
organic low fat cottage cheese with organic blueberries and Warrior Milk
scoop super plasma + organic cinnamon

Chained Out: 2 scoops
Humapro: 30

Got a lunch planned at Cafe Brioche with my buddy Loren

Dinner planned at Bistro Aix with my girl and my buddy Zeke

dining out planned for tomorrow and veggie Puja day on Monday, planning a CO + Humapro fast on Sunday, also a couple days next week as well

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