Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January 31st - 190.2 lbs at 26.7%BF

All right - 6 lbs so far (of course the vast majority of that being salt and water)

The Tanita fluctuates with the BF percentage when one is dropping water, I am not looking for absolute numbers here, just progress...

800 AM

2 tbs Whey Isolate
1 tbs Micellar Casein
1 tbs Dr. Ben Kim Greens (BKG)
1/4 tsp organic cinnamon


2 krill/2 PD/ NC Turmeric/1 Oreganol/CQ-10

700 PM

1 raw egg yolk (organic omega 3)
1 pork chop - Cooked on my NuWave oven - awesome, frozen to done in 15 minutes
2 tbs organic coconut butter - yum, so good and healthy!
16 oz raw colostrum
2 tsp organic cocoa (from Trader Joe's)


2 oreganol/CQ-10/3000 mg MSM

as you can see I am working on keeping my protein moderate and my fat intake higher... I usually burn fat faster this way...

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Workout 1 - January 30th

Hey so before dinner today I hit my rebounder for 11 minutes

After dinner today (which I will post tomorrow with weight), I hit the gym to do some assisted pullups

-40lbs x 3

then 8 sets of -30lbs x3

one minute rest was taken between sets

I was pretty tired at the end but I wanted to do 30 total reps so at the end I did a single rep of -30lbs, 3 times, with 30 seconds between each rep

Genesis - 196.2 lbs at 25.1% BF

So I returned from Maui on Sunday... wow, I put on 10lbs!!!

So my starting point on Monday morning was 196.2 lbs

I got one of those fancy Tanita things, so my official starting statistics are

196.2 lbs
25.1 % Body Fat (BF)
139.6 lbs Lean Body Mass (LBM)

I like to self experiment, so I am going to be living off meat and fish and eggs, with some green veggies thrown in - probably mostly in the form of supergreens (I use dr ben kim greens). I do use high quality supplements, but will not be using any fat burners for a few weeks to see how I do without them. You will see a lot of intermittent fasting, and also days where I totally bust a gut with food, that's just how I roll :)

For this day - Monday, January 29th

800 AM

4 tbs of extra virgin olive oil

2 krill oil
2 Purple Defense
New Chapter Turmeric
Life Extension CQ-10 (Ubiquinol - 50 mg)
8 drops of Cell Food

800 PM

1 raw egg yolk (omega-3 organic)
2 tbs organic pastures raw butter
0.61 lbs filet mignon

2 Oreganol
1 Digestive enzyme
Life Extension CQ-10 (Ubiquinol 50 mg)

This morning:

192.8 lbs
25.6 % BF
136.2 lbs LBM