Thursday, April 29, 2010

busting through the plateau!!!

so I am at my lowest weight again:

177.6 lbs @ 25.1%BF

I popped some con-cret and hit the gym in San Ramon - 24 hour Fitness

Did lats and chest

Freemotion Lat Pull Down
120 lbs x 8
140 lbs x 3: 5 sets
160 lbs x 2: 5 sets


with 17.5 lbs, 5 sets of 3
then 5 dips immediately after last set
then another 5 dips

Free Motion Chest
100 lbs x 5...

threw down a progenex shake + 6srg + a scoop of Metabolic Drive

dinner was simple and 100% raw

3 organic pastured egg yolks
2/3 lb Holding Ranch ground beef with organic mexican spices and real salt

About 135 grams of protein

Calories = approximately 900

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

really happy, even with these low calories

so I love my girl

there I said it (about a million times to her though)

I am learning that I won't wither away with low calories, and that I can afford to it

actually we all can, we have tons of stored bodyfat on us - important thing is to access it and let your body go to town

I'll be going back to my progenex tomorrow morning after my workouts, on days I don't workout, I will just fast or keep calories to around 400 to 900 calories

it's amazing, fasting the whole day is really hard, but a small vlc to zero carb meal is fantastic at blunting the effects of hunger

really testing this Adonis Effect thing - if I don't need a calorie surplus, then I workout a lot to build up my chest and shoulders, and still lose fast super super fast...

so workout planned for tomorrow
let's see - perhaps some incline dumbell press, dips, T-bar, and some squats to finish stuff up

and then again on Saturday

do a pure military press and squats workout shall we?

will take Sunday off - will see how I feel on Monday

even if I workout on Tuesday (assuming I don't fly out to Minnesota) - I can go with no beef by just eating some extra protein powder and a dozen egg yolks

so single meal today of about 500 calories, all raw

2 organic pastured egg yolks
0.53 lb Prather Ranch sirloin tips with organic cumin and turmeric

had this pretty early in the morning to fight off cravings and to get my food done for the day

tomorrow hopefully will be a progenex in the AM, and then egg yolks/steak for dinner

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

too rainy and cold to fast...

it's cold and rainy

but I still worked out today

focusing on bodyparts that I like on myself

walked into the Fremont 24 hour fitness and did 51 dips!
in sets of 5

dinner was zero carb

2 organic pastured egg yolks
1/3 lb Holding Ranch Beef - raw
3/4 lb ribeye steak cooked in tallow

approximately 1100 calories

oh yeah, woke up at 181.4 lbs @ 25.4% BF

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Meaty Monday (with a medium side of fries)

yes, I'm tired and can't think of clever titles, so sue me

very mellow day, sitting in my condo

popped a magic before hand

2 raw organic pastured egg yolks

1.06 lb of Prather Ranch ground beef mixed with seasoning and fried in tallow

a bite raw though

1 russet potato in tallow and grilled onions

raw, most seared in tallow


gonna workout tomorrow

going to rip off the rest of this excess flab in no time

I'm going to use fasting and not go super denial...if I want some carbs, then potatoes...

Sunday Meaty Sunday

just hung out mellow with my girl on Sunday and watched a little basketball

despite a few cravings, I stuck with the plan

I didn't do the no salt thing as I brought ny strips from Minnesota that I already slathered with real salt and Lundy's beef seasoning

OMG, they were delicious

I stuck it in the nuwave for 5 minutes and then seared it in Marin Sun Farms Tallow

before I had the steak I took a few raw bites of Holding Ranch Beef, I used it to make a nice mexican fry up for my girl

Minnesota Trip 4: Day 17 (Below 180 Before Flying Home!!!)

well, what a morning

woke up at my lowest weight ever since college!

below 180 for the first time in I can't remember!

actually 179.0 lbs @ 26.2% BF

so there is something to this zero carb, no salt thing

flew home - was so happy

ate carbs, but no junk food, which was great

took a pslin and an AP

late lunch of

potato omelette with 3 pastured eggss
raw colostrum
Warrior Milk

dinner with Jen

big ny strip steak
oven baked french fries in Marin Sun Farms Tallow
Wilderness Family Naturals Mayonnaise
raw colostrum (total intake = 64 oz during the day)
Warrior Milk

today is the day I also go the Dr. Rons Sea vegetable and iodine mix

Friday, April 23, 2010

Minnesota Trip 4: Day 16

well, took some more weight off

lowest weight in years today:

180.2 lbs @ 25.3% BF

simple raw dinner, doing it same - just like yesterday:

1lb ny strip with 10000 IU Vitamin D

flying home tomorrow!

so happy to be seeing my girl and my family!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Minnesota Trip 4: Day 15

I am really homesick

I kept it really simple today, I am reducing salt per the zerocarbage website

also, reducing exercise, yes I know, tough...

going to do a full body workout on Sunday

also, besides the fat burners, I am going to dump the supplements (except for Vitamin D) for now until I get the Dr Rons iodine and sea vegetable product

so just a raw 1 lb ny strip

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Minnesota Trip 4: Day 14 (couldn't do it)

I slept pretty well last night, didn't watch too much tv

went through the fast - felt like forever, but just started day 2

just water again today, not counting quarts as much as I will go by feel - yesterday I stopped drinking water at 3pm and was using the restroom into the night

even got in an intense 11 minute workout this morning, done in series:

Dumbell Squat 50 lbs x 3
Dumbell Shoulder Press 35 lbs x 8
Dumbell Squat 50 lbs x 3
Shrugs 50 lbs x 12
Dumbell Shoulder Press 40 lbs x 6
Dumbell Squat 50 lbs x 3
Shrugs 50 lbs x 12
Dumbell Shoulder Press 40 lbs x 5
was breathing hard when I finished
this short whole body workout was done to boost GH and to preserve muscle mass and remove any fear of not eating and just keep on burnin' goo
ok, so I just got too hungry, so I went to whole foods in St. Paul and picked up 6 lbs of ny strip and 6 dozen pastured eggs, that will be my food for the next 6 days
weighed myself in at 181.2 lbs @23.7%BF before dinner
dinner was simple, all raw, simply 1/6th of what I bought
12 organic pastured egg yolks
1 lb ny strip

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Minnesota Trip 4: Day 13 (Day 1 of 3)

man, really wish I didn't get into that tussle last night

surprisingly, I slept decently

well, aiming for a 3 day water fast

I will maintain no matter what the consequences

I know I have reserves

I have had plenty of protein and fat, especially the last two days

the studies are there to indicate no metabolic slowdown

doing a shoulder workout tomorrow (maybe even some shrugs) to keep my muscle mass intact

so just a water fast day today, that's all

4 quarts of water

Monday, April 19, 2010

Minnesota Trip 4: Day 12

so today I had a great back workout

50 lbs Dumbell Rows: 53 total reps each hand

progenex shake + 6srg

1 scoop progenex growth

2 scoops Jay Robb

4 organic egg yolks
1 lb thousand hills beef with spices
3 tbs purity farms ghee

Calories approximately 2100
Protein approximately 220 grams

plan is to water fast the next three days

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Minnesota Trip 4: Day 11 (Refeed Day)

so I woke up 181.8 lbs @ 25.1%

huh? I gained weight?

doing a refeed today - then right back to under 10 grams of carbs per day tomorrow - with fasts on Tuesday and Thursday for good measure

not calling it a cheat day - not caving, just trying something different

had a great workout

Incline Dumbell Press

50 lbs - 51 reps, over 10 sets

Lot of food over the day

progenex post workout shake + Jay Robb

4 more scoops of Jay Robb

Godiva and Lindt chocolate
Ruby Tuesdays: triple prime bacon cheeseburger/fries/white bean chili
Crowne: potstickers and walleye sandwich and fries
Vogues chocolate

lots of calories

about 260 grams of protein

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Minnesota Trip 4: Day 10

had to work this morning

did an early evening workout

just did biceps and triceps

key metrics

bicep curls starting with 35 lbs, 2 rep sets: 5 sets

tricep overhead press: 40 lbs x 5: 4 sets, last set was 8 reps

tomorrow is going to be a monster workout followed a refeed day - get in a Ruby Tuesday's and try Crave at the Mall fo America

whatever... I didn't get to go to Vegas and I am stuck here... maybe an up in calories will help

Going to have a progenex shake afterwards and a night shake as well, protein should be in the several hundreds

raw dinner was simple, as simple as you can get

0.98 lb ny strip

approximately 1000 calories, about 90 grams of protein

0 grams of carbs

Lowest weight ever: 181.0 lbs @ 26.8% BF

Friday, April 16, 2010

Minnesota Trip 4: Day 9

woke up super early today

had a wonderful conversation with Jen last night, she is the best you know

well - I dropped 2 more lbs

181.4 lbs @ 26.8% BF

had a nice workout today after my nap

main bulk: 101 Perfect Pushups raised with feet on a small table to hit the shoulders and back

then did seated arnold presses with 35 lb dumbells

finished up with dumbell bicep curls, 35 lbs followed by 30 lbs

dinner was simple, trying to remember to keep the calories low to burn fat and lifting to shape my physique, no need to stuff myself full of calories (unless I go to Vegas on Sunday)

raw dinner

1 tbs organic purity farms ghee
0.91 ny strip steak with real salt

approximately 1050 calories with around 80 grams of protein

also threw down 5 quarts of water

who knows, maybe I can hit the 170s by Sunday?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Minnesota Trip 4: Day 8

noticing a bit of weight loss stall here, so I'm ditching dairy in all forms for 3 days and see what happens

all raw, a late big breakfast... actually an early lunch

3 organic egg yolks
0.92 lb ny strip steak

1100 calories with about 90 grams of protein

tomorrow will do a shoulder workout in the gym, maybe throw in some shoulder work on the ol' Perfect Pushup

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Minnesota Trip 4: Day 7

did a good chest workout along with triceps

key metrics

incline press with 50 lb dumbells and overhead tricep dumbell press with 40 lbs

after my workout threw down a progenex shake with 6 srg mixed in a with a scoop of Jay Robb protein

later in the afternoon I was craving some more protein

1.5 scoop Jay Robb protein mixed with green tea extract

dinner was simple

2 organic egg yolks
1 lb Thousand Hills ground beef mixed with spices

Total Protein: approximately 250 grams

Calories: approximately 1500 calories

Tanita Weight:

183.2 lbs @ 25.9% BF

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Minnesota Trip 4: Day 6

no workouts today

and I didn't fast, just was too hungry

dinner was raw

1 tbs organic ghee
1/2 thousand hills beef
0.92 ny strip
touch or organic soy sauce
2 oz parmegiano reggiano

surprised, the ground beef was a little dry and jerky like, it was delicious, aiming for that to be my dinner tomorrow

Monday, April 12, 2010

Minnesota Trip 4: Day 5

finally got some sleep last night

simple dinner, based on raw beef

1 lb thousand hils grassfed beef
4 oz parmegano reggiano
2 tbs organic ghee
1 organic egg yolk
3 scoops Warrior Milk

1900 calories

Tanita Weight this morning:

183.4 lbs @ 26.7% BF

tomorrow is a fast day - excited for my Wednesday weigh in!

also, will try and get in elevated pushups in tomorrow morning and chest/triceps workout on Wednesday morning

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Minnesota Trip 4: Day 4


6 organic egg yolks
3 scoops Warrior Milk

went to work for a few hours

had a great workout, back and biceps

key metric: dumbell rows 50 lbs x 5, 8 sets

threw down a progenex shake + 6 srg + 1 scoop Jay Robb

had a rich dinner, gonna be a leaner meal tomorrow, and then the plan is to fast on Tuesday

2 raw organic egg yolks
6 oz thousand hills summer sausage
lots of cheese, around 6 oz
1 scoop Jay Robb
2 scoops Warrior Milk
1 tbs purity farms ghee

Total Protein: approximately 230 grams
Calories: approximately 2400

Minnesota Trip 4: Day 3

so I got a response from Dr. Scott Connelly on the progenex blog, he recommends high protein so I decided to up the protein to improve my body comp - especially because I am fasting at least once a week, if not two

since I didn't eat much the day before, my breakfast was rich

4 organic egg yolks - raw
4 oz+ of thousand hills summer sausage
5 oz of cheese (raw and regular)
2 scoops Warrior Milk

later had a scoop of Progenex Growth and 4 srg

afternoon had 2.5 scoops of GNC Wheybolic

dinner was simple

2 scoops of Jay Robb
1 tbs purity farms ghee

Total Protein: 180 grams
Calories: about 1460

Tanita Weight

181.8 lbs @ 27.1 % BF

My lowest weight I can remember since college

Friday, April 9, 2010

Minnesota Trip 4: Day 2

started off with a great workout

chest - incline dumbell press and standing cable press followed by overhead tricep press

then through down a progenex shake, 6 srg, and 2 scoops of Warrior Milk

later in the day, stomach disaster!

so I skipped dinner

total calories for the day then only: 360 - all protein

Weight In AM; 185.6 lbs at 27.4% BF

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Minnesota Trip 4: Day 1

flew in today - was a little hungry so I had a high protein dinner/very low in carbs/high saturated fat

I did a weigh in before dinner, 185.2 lbs

had a scoop of progenex growth, 4 srg, and 2 scoops of Warrior Milk

went to Byerly's and bought some groceries

1 tbs organic ghee
2 organic egg yolks
4 oz thousand hills summer sausage
block of cheese (raw and regular)
1/2 lb thousand hills ground beef - raw
4 oz wild smoked salmon
4 scoops of Warrior Milk mixed with 5g of organic cinnamon

Total Protein = approximately 200 grams

Calories: approximately 2000

plan for tomorrow, progenex/warrior milk after workout and then raw beef and egg yolks for dinner - that should help my body composition a lot

goal is to workout 4x a week as long as I am in MN

past few days

Monday was a high protein day with a bunch of potatoes for a late brunch

Tuesday had no carbs except for ones with organic coconut milk, medium protein

Wednesday: MS Farms Tallow and Prather Ranch sirloin (0.54 lbs) and 1/2 lb Holding Ranch ground beef, started with kelp supplement

Monday, April 5, 2010

wow, what a weekend


Colin's bday for his 40th

Brent's bday for his 43rd


Friday, April 2, 2010

Results of 12 Days straight

drop of 8.5 lbs

that's right

went from 195 to 186.5

feel great, after this weekend, full steam ahead till Jen's sister's wedding

Minnesota Trip 3: Day 12

fasted all day

0 calories

flew home, got in late