Sunday, April 11, 2010

Minnesota Trip 4: Day 3

so I got a response from Dr. Scott Connelly on the progenex blog, he recommends high protein so I decided to up the protein to improve my body comp - especially because I am fasting at least once a week, if not two

since I didn't eat much the day before, my breakfast was rich

4 organic egg yolks - raw
4 oz+ of thousand hills summer sausage
5 oz of cheese (raw and regular)
2 scoops Warrior Milk

later had a scoop of Progenex Growth and 4 srg

afternoon had 2.5 scoops of GNC Wheybolic

dinner was simple

2 scoops of Jay Robb
1 tbs purity farms ghee

Total Protein: 180 grams
Calories: about 1460

Tanita Weight

181.8 lbs @ 27.1 % BF

My lowest weight I can remember since college

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