Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Meaty Monday (with a medium side of fries)

yes, I'm tired and can't think of clever titles, so sue me

very mellow day, sitting in my condo

popped a magic before hand

2 raw organic pastured egg yolks

1.06 lb of Prather Ranch ground beef mixed with seasoning and fried in tallow

a bite raw though

1 russet potato in tallow and grilled onions

raw, most seared in tallow


gonna workout tomorrow

going to rip off the rest of this excess flab in no time

I'm going to use fasting and not go super denial...if I want some carbs, then potatoes...

1 comment:

Shantel said...

Hi there!! We picked up some of that Prather Meat at the market in Oakland a few saturdays ago. Very good stuff!