Thursday, April 8, 2010

Minnesota Trip 4: Day 1

flew in today - was a little hungry so I had a high protein dinner/very low in carbs/high saturated fat

I did a weigh in before dinner, 185.2 lbs

had a scoop of progenex growth, 4 srg, and 2 scoops of Warrior Milk

went to Byerly's and bought some groceries

1 tbs organic ghee
2 organic egg yolks
4 oz thousand hills summer sausage
block of cheese (raw and regular)
1/2 lb thousand hills ground beef - raw
4 oz wild smoked salmon
4 scoops of Warrior Milk mixed with 5g of organic cinnamon

Total Protein = approximately 200 grams

Calories: approximately 2000

plan for tomorrow, progenex/warrior milk after workout and then raw beef and egg yolks for dinner - that should help my body composition a lot

goal is to workout 4x a week as long as I am in MN

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