Monday, April 26, 2010

Minnesota Trip 4: Day 17 (Below 180 Before Flying Home!!!)

well, what a morning

woke up at my lowest weight ever since college!

below 180 for the first time in I can't remember!

actually 179.0 lbs @ 26.2% BF

so there is something to this zero carb, no salt thing

flew home - was so happy

ate carbs, but no junk food, which was great

took a pslin and an AP

late lunch of

potato omelette with 3 pastured eggss
raw colostrum
Warrior Milk

dinner with Jen

big ny strip steak
oven baked french fries in Marin Sun Farms Tallow
Wilderness Family Naturals Mayonnaise
raw colostrum (total intake = 64 oz during the day)
Warrior Milk

today is the day I also go the Dr. Rons Sea vegetable and iodine mix

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