Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Day 24 - Puja

Hello everyone,

Shubho Satya Narayana Puja to everyone...

since I ususually eat beef every day... I forgot that I probably shouldn't today

Since I have nothing else to eat, I will just go ahead and fast today

I did have a brief workout this morning at the gym

I did standing military presses with 80lbs and 70 lbs for a total of 32 reps

I will crank out some pushups at home before I go for singing practice

Update, I ended my fast with raw milk, rare lamb chops, and raw egg yolks...

I did go for singing practice... but I didn't crank out any pushups...

I will do a tough workout tomorrow morning before breakfast

tomorrow will be carb filled and Friday will be carb free

Day 23 - Yummy!

Hey there,

so I spoke to the magic company's CEO... he recommended that for the days I eat carbs to keep up around 50 grams... not mega loading like i have done on some days...

so yesterday after fasting all day I had:

1 Qt raw milk
1 avocado
2 tbs organic coconut oil

0.73 lb ribeye (meat-raw, fat seared)
1 tbs Bone Suckin' Sauce
1 raw egg yolk

Carbs = 60 grams

Monday, September 24, 2007

Day 22

no weight today, I want to stick to one scale and not be OCD over numbers

that being said, I will be having carbs today in the form of natural sprouted bread, avocado, and raw milk... tomorrow and Wednesday I will not use the 'magic' and just zero carb it...

Thursday may be a party day at work so I want to use it well...

so I had a big dinner... including a protein shake

from about 6 to 9 pm ( I had a double dose of 'magic')

1Qt raw milk
1.5 scoops Jay Robb Egg protein
Club sandwich
organic apple
smoked scallops on sprouted bread and raw butter

with my angel I had a lovely second dinner of fish tacos

corn tortillas
rock cod
fresh guacamole

Day 21 - 197.2

ok, so now belt is a bit loose at the last notch... so good stuff

I spent a lot of time watching football but still managed to crank out 45 Perfect Pushups before dinner, I weighed in at 196.6 lbs before dinner :

1 Qt raw milk
2 tbs organic maple syrup (combo of milk/syrup so so so good)

0.7 lb tri-tip
1 slice cheese
1 brown rice tortilla
salsa/organic sour cream

2 raw egg yolks
1 tbs organic coconut oil

Day 20 - 197.2 before dinner and hurray!

ok... so this is strange... weight is dropping and I am looking leaner...

I did no protein supplements today... I am trying to skip those on most days... hoping that single meal protein infusions compensate for content by upping the bioavailability...

also, I am down to my last belt notch... something good is happening...

I am also going to consume 1 Qt raw milk 5 days a week and see if the increased calcium ups the fat burning and muscle toning...

I worked out in the morning - dips, dumbell curls, seated calf raises, and Hindu Squats while watching Cal play like crap and still beat the Wildcats of Arizona

dinner was:

1 Qt raw milk
1 tbs organic coconut oil
2 egg yolks
0.9 lb ribeye steak - seared
1 tbs raw cocoa powder

Day 19 - 198.2

Still dropping... overall weight loss is slower but something 'feels' different

after fasting all day... dinner was with a buddy of mine at work...

not quite as healthy as I would like but...

steak burrito
tons of chips and salsa and guacamole

2nd serving of magic supplement

1 scoop Yammit!
2 scoops Grow!
1/2 scoop Whey Isolate

Day 18 - 199.4

wow after all that food, the weight went down... hmmm... that was only the first day on that sup but I may be on to something...

Before dinner today I did 55 pushups and picked up the old kettlebell and did 15 presses with each arm...

fast was broken with:

1 scoop Grow!
1 scoop Yammit!

2 brown rice tortillas
2 scrambled eggs
0.63 lb raw grassfed ground beef

1 tbs organic coconut oil
1 organic apple
1 scoop Procore
1 scoop Jay Robb Whey

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Day 17 - 200.2

I woke up actually only +0.8 lbs, surprising given my caloric intake yesterday

Gym was nice... a quick but good workout

Did a few thrusters with 30 lb dumbells

Standing military press with 80lb and 70 lb barbells

and some rows thrown in to get the back big...

weight should fall off from today...

my plan is to reintroduce carbs only if my weight loss stalls

ok, so scratch that... I started a new supplement today that hopefully will allow me more carbs and better results... so my diet is changing up...

for most days... more carbs and no protein shakes

dinner today was:

1 packet brown rice w/sauteed mushrooms
0.67 lb raw grassfed ground beef
4 sunny side up eggs
few tablespoons of soy-vay
jalapeno pieces
organic apple

1 scoop Procore
1 scoop Whey isolate
1 scoop Jay Robb whey
1 tbs super plasma

Day 16 - 199.4

see, like I said...

for some reason my weight went up overnight...

now, I woke up full, it could be food, or bloat, or muscle, whatever...

still, it was discouraging...

so I hinted at the Happy Hour with my client... so after 4 pm my food intake was:

1 tbs organic coconut oil
2 scoops of Grow!

At Elephant Bar
tater skins, fried shrimp and chicken, lettuce wraps, etc...
ultimate margarita
patron with oj and lime

Dinner (yes dinner!) at Texas Roadhouse

1 roll w/butter
16 oz prime rib (rare, how else?!?)
sweet potatoe w/butter
caesar salad (no croutons)

and yes, a tummy ache!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Day 15 - 197.6

So after two weeks, I am sitting at a little less than 5 lbs lost

not bad, not great... end of the month should peel off another 5 to 7 lbs...

will keep you posted... I am fasting all day... my dinner should be 100% raw tonight as I have no social engagements, thus no exuses to throw down pasta and ice cream *lol*

my dinner was:

4 tbs organic coconut oil
4 tbs raw butter
1/2 raw beef with organic turmeric and cumin

1 scoop whey isolate and micellar casein
1 tbs super plasma protein...

I am totally confused, my weight went up next morning, of course I broke my thing of no protein powder... after today's food and happy hour, I am going to switch to no protein powders, and I mean it...

Day 14 - 201.0

again, don't worry!

today was super strict...

I am cutting out my protein powders for 1 week (or longer if it 'works)

dinner was:

4 tbs organic coconut oil
4 tbs raw butter
1/2 raw beef with organic turmeric/cumin

second supper at a friend's place:

grilled shrimp
grilled steak
2 servings of guacamole

Day 13 - 197.6

Today was Ganpati puja.... so I knew a few sweets would be thrown down

I got to also throw down a bunch of protein and some great Singaporean food

a long dinner, starting from late afternoon:

4 tbs organic coconut oil
Prasad (ladoos, sweets)
6 scoops of protein powder (approximately 150 g protein)
fried rice
fried fish fritters
catfish curry
shrimp curry
steamed rice
roti/coconut curry and potatoe

2 organic apples
1 Greens+ bar

Day 12 - 200.6

I am going in reverse... don't worry, it cycles...

on the plus side, a pair of jeans I bought from the Gap 2 weeks ago that didn't fit then, still fits, albeit tight... so a lot of this is water/bloat rather than fat

dinner was very clean:

2 tbs organic coconut oil
4 tbs raw butter
0.96 lb raw beef (1 oz of the fat seared and eated)

Day 11 - 196.4

yeah, so my weight went up... and yall already heard of my Bombay Garden disaster...

well, did you also know I had an evening meal of a western bacon cheeseburger with fries from Bob's Burger in Fremont? And that I had 20 oz of raw milk with that. How about a few scoops of protein powder - 1 scoop of Procore and 1 scoop of Grow!

I was hungry so I had a bowl of chocolate ice cream with shaved white/milk chocolate...

now that is eating!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bombay Garden Blowout...


so so stuffed... just came back from Bombay Garden with my colleagues...

too much food.... feeling faint...

ugh! ugh! ugh!

tomorrow = 0 carbs

going to have a night meal of big protein shake, then ice cream with almonds to bump leptin levels

Day 10 - 195.6 lbs


my weight does dip up and down a bit because I eat late, and the shakes tend to sit in my stomach for a while... but this morning was not one of those days

I worked out in the morning

I did rows, my strength went up on the first set - 140 lbs, then finished out the next 9 sets of 3 with 130 lbs

I really like the standing barbell military press - 80 lbs

I also tried a few lateral raises to work on my delts

after a day of fasting, my dinner was a bit heavy on the fats:

5 tbs raw butter
1 tbs organic coconut oil

0.86 lb ribeye

4 tbs organic sour cream

sauteed soaked almonds

1 scoop Grow!
1 scoop Jay Robb Whey
1 scoop Procore Advance
1 tbs super plasma

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Day 9 - 197.9 lbs

so I woke up the same weight, it happens sometimes :)

after fasting, I went home and worked out

I rebounded for 11 minutes and then did 52 Perfect Pushups (don't know why I am stopping at 52)

dinner was:

3 oz truly raw cheese (Organic Pastures)
2 raw egg yolks
organic ribeye steak - meat raw, fat seared with spices
1/2 tsp worcheshtire sauce
2 tbs coconut butter

1 scoop Grow!
1 scoop Procore Advance
1 scoop Whey Isolate
1 tbs super plasma
1 tbs organic macadamia nut oil

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Day 8 - 197.9 lbs

so it goes down again...

I am soooooo tired today... spent Saturday night watching UFC and was up to 3am talking to friends... Sunday went to bed late watching 'Curb'

so after a day long fast i had:

few bites of sausage at Costco

had a organic ribeye steak: meat raw, fat cooked in evoo w/ 1 tbs steak sauce
2 raw egg yolks

1/2 duck confit

2 scoops Grow!

and then watched the worst football game ever played

Go Niners!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Day 7 - 199.6 lbs

what goes down, must come up *lol*

so I fasted all day yesterday while hitting the gym in the morning...

I gotta build up these glutes... gosh I hate the desi tush (or non-tush)... so I did thrusters, barbell curls, standing barbell press, and dips...

I also rebounded for 21 minutes and did a few Perfect Pushups

dinner was:

3 tbs raw butter
1 tbs organic coconut oil
2 egg yolks
2 sunny side up eggs + 2 egg whites
0.63 lb raw grassfed beef w/ organic turmeric and cumin
2 tbs Bone Suckin' Sauce

1 scoop each whey isolate and micellar casein
1.5 tbs super plasma
1 scoop Procore Advance

Day 6 - 195.8 lbs

This day was a calorie surplus I know...

lots and lots of food... got that letpin bumped back up again...

after a morning workout of 52 Perfect Pushups:

1030 am
1 scoop Procore
1/2 scoop Grow!
1.5 tbs super plasma
handful raw soaked almonds
1 tsp organic cocoa powder

I had brunch with girl and two friends at Brian's in Los Altos
chocolate chip pancake (1/2) with syrup
eggs benedict florentine
2 sausage

afternoon 'snack'
16 oz raw milk
soaked raw almonds
1.5 scoop Grow!

went to Shalimar for takeout... so so good
Nihari (brisket stew)
1/2 naan
3 cups raw milk

watched some UFC matches

< 1 beer

Day 5 - 197.4 lbs

I woke up this morning and hit the gym... I wokred on back, shoulders, and biceps, with a dip thrown in there for good measure...

after fasting all day, my dinner was:

2 tbs coconut butter
5 tbs raw butter
0.64 lb grassfed beef (raw)
2 sunny side up eggs
1 oz raw cheese
2 tbs Bone Suckin' Sauce

1 scoop Procore Advanc
1 scoop Grow!
1 tbs super plasma


Friday, September 7, 2007

Day 4 - 200.0 lbs

so after the thai pizza massacre I buckled down again...

after fasting the whole day... I cranked out 51 Perfect Pushups while watching the Colts woop the Saints...

dinner was 100% raw and zero carb...

4 tbs raw butter
4 oz raw cheese

0.64 lbs grassfed beef with organic tumeric/cumin/sea salt/black pepper
1 tbs organic macadamia nut oil...

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Day 3 - 197.0

so as you know the first week is always the easiest... a lot of water shed...

but I got railroaded by a goodbye lunch for a colleague... so we went to Thai Orchid for a buffet...

figured I would refill my leptin levels (I know I am a science geek) so I stuffed myself...

went home had a massive 100 g protein shake

a whole pizza

an organic apple and a big bowl of ice cream...

next two days (at least) will be 100% raw and zero carb to get me back into fat burning mode...

also, I will workout tonight and tomorrow

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Day 2 - 199.0 lbs

hey so I woke up a few pounds lighter, surprise surprise!

dinner was simple...
after fasting all day I was 197.2 lbs before dinner:

3 tbs raw butter
2 raw egg yolks
1 sunny side up egg
0.75 lb grassfed beef (1/3-raw with organic turmeric and cumin)
1.5 tsp worchestire sauce
3 slice bacon

1 scoop procore protein
1 scoop Grow!
1 tbs super plasma

Day 2 meal...

I woke up this morning at 199.0

I was tired for exercise so I just weighed myself before dinner: 197.2

for dinner today I had:

3 tbs raw butter
2 egg yolks
0.75 lb grassfed beef (1/3 raw)
3 slice bacon
2 slice cheddar cheese
1 sunny side up egg
1 tbs Bone Suckin' Sauce

1 scoop Procore protein
1 scoop Grow!
1 tbs super plasma

Day 1 Meal...

so I woke up with a massive stomach ache... to much desi food and booze the night before at a birthday party...

my evening meal yesterday was:

2 tbs organic macadamia nut oil
0.75 lb grassfed beef (seared)
2 slices cheddar cheese
1.5 tsp worchestire sauce (i know mispelled!)
2 organic eggs - sunny side up
2 tbs Bone Suckin' Sauce
1 scoop Procore Advance protein
1 scoop Jay Robb Whey

Day 1 of Contest


My brother and I are going to see who can lose the most before our friend's wedding.

He is starting off at 228.5 lbs.

I am starting off at 202.0 Yikes!!! Albeit, I was in the mid 190s last week, the weekend was bad foodwise...

I am going back to my fish oil and krill oil, as my fat burning as has severely reduced since I stopped taking these back in June.

I am following intermittent fasting principles (known as IF)

if anyone is interested, then can read more about this on sites such as:

I am going to stick to mostly proteins and fats... with my veggie sources (for anti-oxidant protection) coming from cruciferous vegetable supplements such as Life Extension Dual-Cruciferous Extract or New Chapter Brocollive

Wish me luck!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Yes, I know I know...

I am 'starting' again tomorrow...

the reason... well, my cousin is visiting from Kolkata and I don't want the pounds to pack on while they are here... so let's take 20 or so off while I got a chance

two, I still got this wedding to go in November...

so... it starts again tomorrow