Monday, February 28, 2011

zero carb day

wow - so now I reaaally have to burn all this flubasaurous rex off

simple dinner
2 need2slin and 10 Humapro before dinner

2 big spoons cultured raw butter
4 marin sun farms eggs
4 slices of thick cut bacon
10 Humapro (20 total for the day)

oh by the way... engaged!

wow - last few days I got engaged in Mendocino! wohoo!

Friday and Saturday were off diet days obviously, but Sunday I was ok, a little high calorie but overall not bad

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Workout Wednesday

got up all jazzed for my chest workout

Pre workout: 1.5 scoops CR+10 Humapro+ 3 Prime

Mid workout: 2 scoops CO

Post workout: 10 Humapro


Hammer Incline Press

90 lbs a side: 10 sets of 3 (30 reps)

Barbell Curl
55 lbs x 13 + 8 count x rep

Hammer Curl

32.5 x 7 each hand

30 to failure


Whole Foods breakfast burrito with Cholula hot sauce (awesome)
3 Prime

before lunch I had 2 need2slin and 2 Recreate

lunch at Red Chili in Hayward

thai fried rice
spring rolls
thai iced tea with tapioca pearls

skinny caramel macchiato
chocolate croissant
dark chocolate bar

medium king arthur's supreme pizza

30 Humapro total

22 carat Tuesday


did a little pickup on this day - should be a wonderful weekend

stacked 10 Humapro twice during the day, the second time with 3 Prime

Dinner was simple, 2 need2slin before dinner

1 tbs cultured raw butter
3 tbs organic coconut butter
3 Marin Sun Farms - sunny side up in butter
4 slices thick cut bacon
0.42 lb pork chop

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No sharks this time

so we ended up going to Point Reyes station today, by way of Stinson Beach, it was a nice cold day

after we left Stinson Beach park, we stopped at local market and I scarfed down some prosciutto and 4 oz of wild smoked sockeye salmon. Then we stopped at the Marin Sun Farms Butcher shop in Point Reyes Station, had some great blue bottle coffee and some beerf jerky.

later at home I had 3 need2slin, then 0.86 lb porterhouse steak, organic coconut butter, about 4 to 5 tablespoons, and some peanut butter

Sunday Rainy Sunday

what the hell! hit the gym again today to work on the gunshow

took 3 Yok3D, Humapro, Chained Out, creatine... you know the drill

Close Grip Neutral Grip Chinups
+15: 3
+10: 3
+5: 3
BW: 7 sets of 3 plus a static hold

before I head into the city I had an organic raw egg yolk with supplements

nice simple dinner, with 3 N2S beforehand

2 tbs organic coconut butter
1 lb bone in ribeye steak
4 slices of salami

5 Humapro before bed (30 total)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

saturday morning, work, and chinups

got up before 5am on Saturday morning and popped 3 Yok3D

an hour later, I took 2 oxeylite pro, 1 scoop Jack3D, and a scoop of Biotest creatine

before my workout I popped CO + 10 Humapro, took 1.5 CO during my workout, and 5 Humapro afterwards with a smidge of organic coconut oil

always, intense workout


+15: 4
+10: 5, 5, 3
+7.5: 4, 3, 3
BW: 5, 4 + 8 count x rep

36 chins total

I had 2 Recreate later in the day at my folk's place

my Mom wanted to go to Angeline's for dinner, so I just decided to have some solid calories, albeit with no sugar

I had a need2slin and had some raw milk

later in the day, I had 3 N2S and had a cup of coffee, a glass of pinot noir, hush puppies, red beans and rice, shrimp po'boy, potato salad, just delicious, had a wonderful time with my parents

came home and finished off the rest of the raw colostrum - half gallon for the day

Humapro: 30 total

179.4 lbs @ 23.9% BF

good deal, another 1.4lbs gone this week with a nice change in BF percentage

next week, Wednesday will not be great diet wise, nor will Friday through Sunday, but I am going to fast Thursday and the following Monday on just Humapro to combat the calories

vodka and beef

did my oxyelite and recreate during the day

at night, had 3 vodkas at Sukoon and Xanh in Mountain View

late night dinner of a ribeye with season salt, pan fried in organic ghee

20 Humapro total

proud of myself that I didn't go off my diet

Thursday, February 17, 2011

zero carb and simple

not too much sleep

I had 2 each oxyelite pro and recreate during the day

simple zero carb dinner

3 raw organic egg yolks
0.75 lb ribeye steak

stacked with 20 Humapro

I'm gonna get into the 170s, I am strong and I will do it!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

good workout - 180.8 lbs @ 26.2 %BF

zero carb always jacks up my BF percentage on my scale...

don't care, I'll be fine

going to restart with fat burners tomorrow, see if I can get back this 180 sticking point, zero carb plan for tomorrow and Friday

started off my morning with Yok3D, Jack3D, CR + 10 Humapro pre and post, 2 scoops of Chained Out during my workout

Dips - 5 minutes between sets

6, 7, 5, 6, 6: 30 reps

Gironda Barbell Curl

8, 8, 6 + 8 count x rep (ouch!)

Hammer Curl
35 lbs - 1 rep each hand
30 lbs - to faiure each hand, plus 8 count x rep

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

simple high fat zero carb dinner

did two 10 Humapro shots during the day

30 Humapro total for the day

dinner was nice and zero carb

1 organic raw egg yolk
1 tbs raw butter
0.78 lb ribeye steak with melted butter and tallow

tomorrow will be a business lunch, who knows where, so back to zero carb on Thursday and Friday

simple high fat dinner

during the day did 2 shots of Humapro - 10 each

for dinner, my Sweets was sick so I ate the 1.2 lb sweetheart ribeye all by my lonesome

had it with half an organic onion, sauteed in organic ghee and tallow, an organic egg yolk, and a stick of organic butter

10 Humapro at night

Monday, February 14, 2011

the weekend, including stop in Bakersfield

so I went to Bakersfield on Saturday for my brother's birthday
ending up watching a terrible fight, probably Fedor's last fight, just terrible

had a great time though
drank too much Laphroig whiskey (probably mispelled it)

had a great meal at Moo Creamery in Bakersfield

24 hour burger
onions rings and french fries
tortilla soup
Elvis Shake (complete with peanut butter, banana, marshmallow, and candied bacon)

in the morning, had a great workout though

took 3 Yok3D, then 3 scoops of Jack3D, Chain'd Reaction and Humapro pre and post, 2 scoops of Chained Out during my workout

+10: 5, 5
BW: 5, 3, 3, 3, 4, 3, 3
+10: 3 finished with 8 count static hold

Leg Press
100 x 10

Gironda Barbell Curl
60 x 14 partial reps

Hammer Curl
30 to failure with 8 count x rep

Close Grip Neutral Grip Chinup
3 + 8 count x rep

had a few egg yolks before I started driving for Bakersfield

yesterday, even though I was hung over, I tried to workout in Bakersfield

took Yok3D, and con-cret

Neutral Grip Pullups: 5 sets of 3 (way too sore)

sipped on Chained Out during my drive home, 2 scoops to be exact

nice big dinner
2 organic egg yolks - raw
1.06 lb ny strip steak
1/2 organic onion, caramelized
organic coconut butter
strip and a half of bacon

30 Humapro total for the day

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weight Update - 180.8 lbs @ 25.1% BF

so last week I was a few pounds more, these past 5 days, I ate clean, albeit Thursday was waaay too high in calories

gonna really try to bust through this plateau over the next week and a half

simple dinner today

after doing 2 chained out and 10 Humapro during the day

before dinner I popped a need2slin

1 organic raw egg yolk
1 lb porterhouse - cooked in butter, tallow, garlic, with a touch of thai paste
1/2 avocado

tomorrow won't be a great eating day cus of my brother's birthday party but back clean on Monday - may even try a Humapro fast for a day or two

Thursday, February 10, 2011

big meal

I didn't have any fructose or bad fats or gluten - but I still had a huge meal
reading that got me thinking about cream too much

so I overhungered (is that even a word?)

my usual 30 Humapro and Chained Out

4 need2slin before dinner

1 organic raw egg yolk
2 organic sweet potatoes
1 lb trader joe's pot roast
1/2 onion and organic garlic
1 pint organic heavy whip cream

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

nice zero carb meal

1 tbs raw butter
1 lb porterhouse - cooked rare, slathered with kerrygold and a touch of Siracha

last two workouts

so I failed to post my Superbowl Sunday workout

my biceps were still really sore, so I did 38 chinups

5, then 11 sets of 3 - standard 3 min between sets

Across body Hammer Curls and Hammer Curls with 30 lbs

was a little disappointed, but with how much I have been eating, I was probably close to 187 lbs that morning - each pound does make a diference. I had horrible eating days on the previous Thursday and Saturday, and weekend before that Friday through Sunday was horrible

this morning, did my usual Jack3D - 2 scops, CR + 10 Humapro pre and post, but drank 3 scoops of Chained Out during my workout - woke up at 180 lbs

I however had one twist, got my Yok3d from USP, threw three down the hatch at 430 am, 100 minutes before the start of my workout (90 to 120 minutes is the recommendation)

Hammer Incline Press - each set finished with 8 count X rep
90 lbs x 7, 4
85 lbs x 4
80 lbs x 4, 4, 3

Wow - super intense, hopefully my rep count for 90lbs will go up next week. Noticed my overall peak strength didn't go up, but my endurance was waaay more than normal. Each set was spent pushing absolutely as hard as I could.

in fact, was so intense I couldn't do any dips, whereas the previous week I could knock out 27 dips over six sets

Gironda Barbell Curls - got stronger
55 lbs x 10
55 lbs x 6 + x rep
55 lbs x 4 + x rep

this was extremely painful, but in a good way

Hammer Curls - got up one rep each hand with 32.5 lbs, but did a lot of reps with 30 lbs - to emphasize the brachialis and brachioradialius

on my way home, biceps were so swollen, it was strange, overall this strategy seems to be working, I need to make sure I don't use Chain'd Reaction as an exuse to bing on junk carbs for unneeded cheat days - today dinner will be low calorie, just some raw butter and lamb chop

Monday, February 7, 2011

zero carb day

single meal

30 Humapro - 10 with dinner

1 tbs raw butter
1 marin sun farms lamb chop
1 lb porterhouse

Superbowl Weekend

well, I went to Carmel, Packers won the Superbowl!!!

and Anderson Silva kept his title against Belfort!

diet wasn't great, but I did a lot of supercissus rx

Thursday, February 3, 2011

great workout - chest and biceps

well, started my morning off right - it's gonna be a high cal day, due to dim sum and whatever else I eat...

started off with 3 scoops of Jack3D
CR + CO + 10 Humapro pre and post workout

Hammer Incline Press - lbs per side
90 x 7
85 x 7
80 x 6

3, 5, 5, 5, 4, 5 = 27 total

Gironda Barbell Curl
55 x 6
50 x 7
50 x 7 + X rep (damn this is hard)

Hammer Curl
30 to failure each hand (not many)

going to be taking 9 super cissus rx for the next few weeks, for joints, minimize fat gain, and for anabolic purposes

lot of food

dim sum lunch @ Mayflower in Union City
hot chocolate
dark chocolate bar
piece of cake
1/2 gallon raw milk
Trader Joe's Pizza

just meat and veggies next 2 days

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

low calorie day, all raw, fat fast

single meal today, breakfast actually

3 tbs raw butter
1 tbs organic macadamia nut oil
10 Humapro

430 calories

rest of my 'meals' will be Chained Out and 10 Humapro (2x)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

who would have thunk it! low calories are good

so I am hoping one more day of this low calorie stuff will pull me back into the low 180s

really curious to see how 6 days of low calories or zero carb will work in terms of weight loss

my meal plan for today was going to be the same - but hunger grabbed me to no end

I still kept it to zero carb though

1 tbs raw butter
0.35 lb marin sun farms ground chuck - raw
0.28 lb pancetta
0.22 lb marin sun farms lamb chop

around 1000 calories