Saturday, February 19, 2011

saturday morning, work, and chinups

got up before 5am on Saturday morning and popped 3 Yok3D

an hour later, I took 2 oxeylite pro, 1 scoop Jack3D, and a scoop of Biotest creatine

before my workout I popped CO + 10 Humapro, took 1.5 CO during my workout, and 5 Humapro afterwards with a smidge of organic coconut oil

always, intense workout


+15: 4
+10: 5, 5, 3
+7.5: 4, 3, 3
BW: 5, 4 + 8 count x rep

36 chins total

I had 2 Recreate later in the day at my folk's place

my Mom wanted to go to Angeline's for dinner, so I just decided to have some solid calories, albeit with no sugar

I had a need2slin and had some raw milk

later in the day, I had 3 N2S and had a cup of coffee, a glass of pinot noir, hush puppies, red beans and rice, shrimp po'boy, potato salad, just delicious, had a wonderful time with my parents

came home and finished off the rest of the raw colostrum - half gallon for the day

Humapro: 30 total

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