Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Day 109 - a little down...

well my new project has made me feel a little down

I miss my Amgen friends.

that being said, I think that is why I am overeating

after fasting I had

2 doses of magic
korean pork
1/2 pizza
1 scoop Grow!
1 scoop maca/flax protein powder

hopefully I am going to just eat beef tomorrow

I was 191.4 at 24% before dinner

Day 108 - getting close

it is getting close to my Cook Islands trip...

I won't reach my goal of super fitness

it is my responsibility... some compliments are better than none... but I will kick it back in gear when I return from the islands...

after fasting all day I popped a dose of 'magic'

half a slice of pizza
sushi with my buddy Brent at Sushi Tomi
Garden of Life rasberry bar
2 cups raw milk

then Brent, me, and my girl watched Halloween, the new Rob Zombie one...

it was really great!

Day 107 - first day in Milpitas

so had my first day at my new site

a little slow, as our all first days

dinner was nice and simple:

2 organic eggs (raw)
1 lb organic beef
1/3 - raw
2/3 - seared
4 slice cheese
organic mayo
1 tbs bbcue sauce

Day 106 - little antsy...

so tomorrow my new contract starts

i am feeling a bit antsy as I don't know how it will go

sleepy day with lots of football

late lunch was

new york strip steak w/worchesthire sauce
3 raw organic eggs

dinner was

smoked wild salmon
3 organic eggs - scrambled with 1 tbs raw milk

Day 105 - too much!

woke and went to the gym with my girl

I did dips and assisted pullups

then squats with 32.5 lbs x 25 reps

3 eggs sunny
4 slice bacon w/brown sugar
2 apricot pork sausage
1 croissant
lots of raw milk

later in the day my folks came by cus' my girl made lamb samosas

magic again

then cookies
lamb samosas
crackers with smoked salmon spreade
lamb curry and rice and dahl
bengali milk sweets

we then went to hang out with my buddy Loren and we listened to his guitar play

did I mention my Niners won?

Day 104 - Hung over!

wow... so the next morning I walked to Cal Train... and then headed off to MV with my hangover...

I pretty much sat around the whole day and tried to sleep, but the cat kept me awake... nevermind...

I thought we were off to my girl's company party but she didn't want to go ( 2 years in a row!)

I had a litte dinner then a nice dinner with her at Fuki Sushi

2 organic eggs -raw

3 slice cheese
3 slice bacon

Fuki Sushi with my girl
dose of 'magic'
udon/sushi/grilled fish/rice

tomorrow my folks are coming over

Day 103 - Too Much!!!

so todaywas the big day of the SBC party

for breakfast I had:

2 sunny side up organic eggs
1 scoop each Grow!/Procore
1 tbs super plasma
4 raw pecans
4 slice salami/mustard

at night went to Boulevard with my boys from SBC

drank a ton and had a nice lobster sweetbreads benedict and some of the best pork ever!!!

then just kept on drinkin' and wound up crashin' at my buddy Colin's place...

Day 102 - Outback!!!

so I woke up a bit tired from the Warriors game

I hit the gym in the morning after popping 9 Morph


Dumbell Squats

30 lbs x 6, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5 (31 reps total)


65 lbs x 10


5, 3, 3, 3


105 lbs x 2
105 lbs x 3 (8 sets)
105 lbs x 4

Chest Press
Devany Progression:
50, 70, 80, 110
Standing Barbell Curl
50 lbs x 10
big low carb dinner
1 scoop Grow!
1 scoop Procore


then dinner with the folks at Outback

ahi tuna appetizer
chopped salad
12 oz prime rib
brocolli - horseradish

Day 101 - Go Warriors!!!

big highlight of my day was going to the Warriors game against the Spurs...

I went with my mom... it was so great to see her so happy...

We won... I think it was 96 to 84

I went by Prather Farms at the Ferry building in the morning...

my late lunch was simple

4 organic eggs - raw
0.61 lb vitellone - part raw, mostly seared
1 tsp fish sauce
raw butter

Monday, December 10, 2007

Day 100 - title change?

this numbering scheme is a little silly...

but I'll stick to it for now...

I hit the gym in the morning after taking 6 Morph

My workout:

Couple of dips

Shoulder Press - Devany Progression

Dumbell Chest Press

40 lbs x 30 reps


65 lbs x 9

1 Pullup

Hammer Row Machine

105 lbs per side - till the burn

few dips

Dinner was 100% raw

2 organic eggs
1 lb organic grassfed ground beef

Warriors Game Tomorrow!!!

Day 99 - feeling empty inside...

gastrointestinally that is! *lol*

simple, I fasted all day, that's it, that's all...

I have an interview with a new client tomorrow so I am a tad nervous...

Day 98 - cookie ache!

today was one of my worst diet days in a long long time

my girl made cookies... bad sign

I started off day with some 'magic', then

organic eggs (4 or so)
raw milk (1 qt for the day)

then cookies cookies cookies all day... freshly baked

then my buddy Isaac came over... had fresh made samosas

then chicken and potatoes with my buddies Brent and Loren

then potstickers and won ton soup...

my stomach was killing me!!!

Day 97 - Last day off...

so one week off and 5 workouts, not bad...

I hit the gym mid-morning and did the following:

Standing Military Press

80 lbs x 10


60 lbs x 11

Incline Press - Devany Progression

50, 70, 90 lbs...
110 lbs x 5

Seated Calf Raise

95 lbs x 5 (3 sets)

3 Dips

1 Chinup

Standing Barbell Curl

50 lbs x 10

Hammer Curls

25 lbs - didn't count reps, just went for burn

Chest Press - Devany Progression

50-70-90-110 lbs

Standing Military Press

80 lbs x 1 slow negative

Dumbell Row (left hand, right hand)

45 lbs x 5 (5 sets)

I sneaked in a singing practice, then went home and had a late lunch:

1 raw organic egg
2/3 lb raw organic grassfed beef - Marin Suns (MS)
1/3 lb seared
2 tbs organic mayo

1 scoop whey isolate
1 tbs super plasma

Day 96 - credit card chest...

in my efforts to build a great physique, one must first go from a crappy one to a bad one, then decent, then above average, then good, and so on...

so I am bumping up my training frequency for certain muscle groups which accentuate my chest and shoulders...

I knocked out 51 Perfect Pushups... damn I was sore from the day before!

after fasting all day, I finally ate the Marin Sun Farms ground beef I bought the day before, 25% fat and soooooooooo delicious

I ate 1/3 lb raw
the next 2/3 lb I mixed with organic onion and seared
1 slice cheddar cheese
2 tbs barbecue sauce
organic mayo

max carb count = 17 grams

Day 95 - Point Reyes and Ma n' Pa bonding...

man what a day!!!

started off with 81 Perfect Pushups!

my post workout meal was my last healthy meal of the day *lol*

1.5 scoop Procore
1 tbs super plasma
1 raw organic egg
1 tbs raw butter

then my parents and I went to Point Reyes and had a wonderful day

we walked on Drake's Beach and went to Point Reyes Station

on the way up we stopped at an organic grocery store and ate a ton!

sandwiches, pizza, organic yogurt, chocolate... you get the drift

later in the day at Inverness I grabbed a mocha

at the very end we stopped by Marin Sun Farms butcher shop in Point Reyes Station... this is that high end butcher of 100% grassfed meats... so good

turns out their ground beef is 25% fat, hence the yummy taste
I bought 7 lbs and my dad bought some lamb liver...

we then head back and stopped at T-Rex but weren't feeling it... so we went to Ruen Pair, our favorite Thai spot... dinner was good, but not great, I felt the chicken curry lacked a bit of umph! and I am not a fan of the catfish...

but still good

then off to Rivoli for dinner - chocolate sundae of course! with a glass of Moscato... so wonderful, I also polished some of my mom's chocolate souffle cake...

tomorrow is diet day for sure!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Day 94 - Easy Like Tuesday Morning...

so I came home last night to see my bro's new car

pretty nice, though I am not crazy about the plastic interior

also, I am piiiiiiiiiiissed about the Ravens - Pats game, who isn't!!!

also, my Warriors lost a bunglefest to the Magic...

I hit the gym this morning after popping 6 Morph

I did 5 chinups - 2, 1, 1, 1

I hit the seated calf raise:

90 lbs x 5 (5 sets)

T-bar rows

95 lbs x 3 (9 sets)
100 lbs x 3 (1 set)

Paramount Calf Raise - cool new device!

175 lbs x 7
190 lbs x 10
205 lbs x 10

Dumbell Row

40 lbs x 8 (left arm, right arm)
40 lbs x 8 (left) x 10 (right)

waited an hour and half to eat... 100% raw

0.69 lb organic grassfed ground beef
4 organic eggs
organic dijon


I will be going to Point Reyes tomorrow and probably having dinner in a restaurant... I will bring some 'magic' and fast the next day to balance out the calories...

Day 93 - strange, no work?

yeah, so a week off... Amgen Chapter Numero Uno has ended for now

I had a good 8 months...

I hit the "Dish" and did the Sprint 8 thang

dinner was light in calories and 100% raw

3 organic eggs
0.65 lb organic grassfed ground beef
2 tsp worchesthire sauce
organic dijon mustard

next few days will be spent at my folk's place

Day 92 - Barbecue anyone?

so... my niners got embarassed... AGAIN!!!

against the freakin' Panthers!

o well

my girl and I hit the "Dish" at Stanford and did hill sprints

I do it 8 times - something called the Sprint 8 program

dinner was heavy and not perfect:

dose of 'magic'

crackers with wild smoked salmon spread
20 oz raw milk
2 bacon cheese burgers w/buttered bread
mashed potatoes
bite of salmon

protein muffins
ice cream

I know, I know... I was hungry...

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Day 91 - Big Game Woes!

oh my

my boys from Cal played piss poor and lost their first Big Game under Tedford...

on the plus side, my food was healthy and delicious:

2 raw organic eggs
0.72 lb organic grassfed ground beef (grilled medium rare)
2 slice cheddar cheese
raw blue cheese
1 piece grilled onion

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Day 90 - 190.2 lbs

so since Thanksgiving, I have taken off 5.4 lbs

also, counting this day, I had 2 awful diet days... goal for next week is clean from Saturday to Thursday, with weigh in on Friday morning with trying on of new pants

I can get into my old dark blue jeans and can barely button on my size 33 jeans...

yesterday my colleagues took me to Claimjumper for my last day at Amgen

It was fun, but a lot of junk food

dose of magic
crab cakes
clam chowder
big burger w/fries/onion rings


dose of magic
8 oz raw milk
1 scoop Grow!
1 scoop oat bran powder
spoon unheated honey


Korean food with my girl
shortribs/rice/pork kimchi soup

pumpkin pie/cranberry almond tart


Friday, November 30, 2007

Day 89 - Scrambling for trabajo!

so I am looking for work as this is my last week at Amgen, it looks like I found something good!

well, I had basically a 46 hour fast...

I did chinups and pullups at lunch

my dinner was a little higher in calories as I hadn't eaten in 2 days:

2 raw organic eggs
0.86 lbs organic grassfed ground beef (a small portion raw)
4 slices cheese
5 slices bacon
worchestire sauce/mayo/pepper plant sauce
2 tbs bone suckin' sauce

also, it appears as though my internal visceral fat has dropped to '9' on my Tanita scale

it was previously at '10'

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Day 88 - Fast

I woke up at 192.8 lbs

I fasted all day, then did hill sprints at the Dish...

Day 87 - too much food...

well, I woke up at 188.0 lbs

unfortunately i had a lot of food, but I did enjoy it (not always a good thing!!!)

lunch was with colleagues

2 doses magic

cup of beef barley soup
big bacon bbcue cheeseburger/fries/mayo


2 doses magic
small pizza
1 scoop Grow!
organic cereal

I am going to fast all day tomorrow - my buddy Colin has surgery

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Day 86 - ugh! work ugh!


so I found this is my last week at this site!!!

who knows where I am off to next?

I weighed in at 189.2 lbs before dinner

dinner was simple and 100% raw

2 raw organic eggs
0.70 lbs raw organic grassfed ground beef

tomorrow will probably be carby because of a colleague lunch, but I am fasting on Wednesday for the same friend who is having surgery...

Day 85 - Cardio?

yeah, can you believe it? I did cardio today...

I woke up at 191.0 lbs and hit the gym with Partha, Sudip, and Anusha

I did 30 minutes of cardio (282.8 calories burned)

then we hit the weights, we did bis, tris, shoulders, calves...

after the workout I ate:

whey isolate/green shake
5 raw organic eggs

dinner was light:

2 scoops Grow!
4 raw organic eggs

Monday, November 26, 2007

Day 84 - 193.0 lbs

today was a pretty cool day...

I popped 9 Morph and hit the gym:


90 lbs (32 reps total)

I did two sets of 5 dips

I did a pyramid with no rest for the chest press

70 lbs x 15
90 lbs x 5
110 lbs x 3

Overhead Press (same progression)

30 lbs x 8
50 lbs x 3
50 lbs - 2 negatives...

after workout, my meal was

1 scoop Procore
1/2 whey isolate
1 tbs super plasma
1 raw organic egg

at night, I had dinner with my friend Partha at Outback

ahi tuna appetizer
steamed brocolli w/ creamed horseradish
2 pork chops


then I watched Beowolf (pretty good), then came home and watched 1408 (not as good) with the whole family and my brother's girlfriend...

Day 83 - Seeing Arin at 195.6 lbs

I woke up this morning at 195.6

the great thing is that I saw my best friend Arin today along with his great family...

foodwise, it was great...

I visited my friend Partha at night and had some leftover (ok, a lot!) of ham and turkey...

then at home I had 3 raw organic eggs, bacon, sausage, and a desi omelette...

Day 82 - Happy Thanksgiving...

well, this day of course was just full of raw milk, cookies, pate, bread, rice, shrimp cutlets, lamb curry, coconut shrimp curry, and some wonderful pecan pie made by my girlfriend...

with ice cream on the side!!!

Day 81 - Peking Duck!

we had a little pre-thxgiving meal...

after fasting all day, I had a protein shake with a lot of raw milk, then I had dinner with my friends:

Ashni, Brent, Loren, Lifen, and my girl...

peking duck
soup dumplings
pork belly
lion's head


Day 80 - just hungry

well, I fasted all day, and was tired, and I was cold... those were my exuses...

I had 2 doses of 'magic'


barbecue brisket
2 slices bread
potato salad
unheated honey

korean shortribs

2 scoops Grow!
1 scoop Procore

I really didn't enjoy the cheating to be honest with you...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Day 78 - Back on track

so I came home (exhausted) from work and did the weigh in before dinner

197.6 lbs!!!


dinner was zero carb

1 tbs raw butter
3 raw organic eggs
2 pork chops with 2 slice bacon and rosemary

Wedding Weekend

so I woke up this morning at 190.0 lbs

so that is a loss of 12 lbs over the last 75 days - ok, but I will do better

to say the weekend was a blast would be a huge understatement

We had so much fun...

needless to say, I ate and drank all weekend, so I jumped back on the wagon on Monday!

Day 74 - Gettin' ready for weddin'

this day was simple, I prepped and packed for the wedding weekend... and had simple dinner

1 tbs raw butter
1.04 lb raw organic grassfed ground beef
pepper plant sauce (0 carbs)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Day 73 - Didn't last but no failure...

I woke up 2.2 lbs lighter

I got through 7 tbs of raw butter before my girl asked me to come over

I got hungry and got about 3/4 lb of pot roast and a tbs of organic coconut oil

tomorrow will just be a pound of raw ground beef

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Day 72 - Three day fat fast

so I doing an extreme thing for a few days

I am doing something called a Fat Fast before the wedding weekend

a 1000 calories of just fat to flush water and to go rapidly to ketosis

so I had 10 tbs of raw butter all day...

that's it

Day 71 - too much

well, like I said

I knew today was going to be a lot of food, so I managed to combine a colleague lunch with a tapas dinner with my old friend Bindu

I kept my protein high as I will be having just raw butter from Tuesday to Thursday


dose of 'magic'
16 oz raw milk
1/2 scoop Jay Robb Egg protein
1 Perfect Meal

lunch at Shalimar
OMG we ate soooo much!
dose of 'magic'
chicken kofta
chicken tikka
lamb chops
saag ghosht
CTikka Masala

at night

dose of 'magic'

16 oz raw milk
1 tsp unheated honey
1 scoop Jay Robb Egg

Dinner at Cascal

1 mojito
poor man's paella
potato gratin
Tres Leches cake (about 2/3)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Day 70 - Lovely music

I woke up, not quite as hung over as I should have been. Maybe it was the 7x distilled organic vodka.

Went to Men's WHouse and dropped $200 for pants, tie, and shirt, I should look pretty good
I am pretty ticked that I am still in a size 38 for a suit, really a 37, but o well

I hit the Dish with my girl and did hill sprints

hour and a half later I had my small dinner:

2 tbs raw butter
0.81 lb organic grassfed beef (raw)
dijon and tobassco sauce

Calories = 1000
Zero carbs

at night went to a wonderful musical show, it was nice to get a bunch of compliments on me loosing weight, but I am still miffed over my suit waist size

My mother opened the show up with her students and then sang 4 nice songs, then the main artists came out and did some great numbers

some of my favorites were sung: Tere Mere Milan Ki and Yeh Kya Hua

tomorrow will be a fair dose of calories as I having dinner with my friend Bindu and lunch with colleagues, but it should be a good thrust into the fat fast for the following three days

Day 69 - Party Party!

I am zig zagging my calories until I hit Tuesday, that's when I do the Fat Fast for 3 days prior to the wedding

I got up in the morning bright and early and popped 9 Morph

My workout was:


90 lbs x 5 (4 sets)
90 lbs x 3 (4 sets)

8 Dips! my personal best, althought my form wasn't perfect

Chest Press

110 lbs x 8
130 lbs x 4, 3, 3, 5, 3, 4

Dose of 'magic'

post workout meal:

2 scoops Grow!
1tbs super plasma
2 piece cinnamon bread
butter/coconut butter
makuna honey

Went out for a haircut and eye check up

dose of 'magic'


16 oz raw milk
1 scoop Grow!
1 bagel
smoked salmon/organic cream cheese

milk chocolate

dose of 'magic'

early dinner:

16 oz raw milk
1.5 Scoop Grow!

my girl threw a great post-Diwali party

I drank a lot of vodka and had shrimp curry and pakoras and chocolate tort and chips, etc...



Day 68 - nice and mellow

work was nice and mellow today

I went to my parent's house and hung out with the family and my brother's girlfriend...

My weigh in before dinner was 191.8 lbs

dinner was:

1 tbs raw butter
2 raw organic eggs
1 lb organic ground beef (raw)
4 tbs tapenade

Calories: 1275
Carbs = 6 grams

Friday, November 9, 2007

Happy Diwali!!!

On this holiest of days, I wanted to say this to all my friends and family out there

Day 67 - crappy evening

so I was going to go home and chill, read, watch some tube...

instead I got a call from my girl to go and hang out, yes! she is great and fun!

as I near her place, I get the dreaded "oops, we have to go to IKEA now and drag heavy crap" call...

no seriously, that was the call!

so off to IKEA, blah blah blah!

dinner was late while watching CSI

spoonful of raw butter
1/4 raw organic grassfed beef w/Trader Joes Tapenade
4 chicken wings roasted w/garlic and black bean sauce

I put my carb count as around 10 grams

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Day 66 - Panic!!!

so you may have seen my earlier post

my Cook Islands trip is back!

I promptly hit the hills and did sprints at the Dish

after an hour or so, my dinner was:

1 big spoon raw butter
2 raw organic eggs
1 lb prime rib

I am going to eat like this until Saturday, then some carbs, then zero carb Sunday, then carbs Monday... then clean until I hit the road for the wedding on Friday


so the Cook Islands trip is back on!

so - hill sprints and ketogenic diet for me!

I am so pissed! not that I am going on vacation... but that I am fat... well, let's see if I can do something about that over the next 6 weeks

Day 65 - Hungry!

I was tired today

I went to bed a bit too late, got caught up with the ol' CSI Miami

well, I got the hungry bug late in the day, so I ate a lot, granted it was one meal:

double dose of 'magic'

korean shortribs/rice/sides
bbcue links and beef, sauce, 2 slice bread, potato salad
shake: 2 scoops Grow!, 1 scoop Procore, 1 tbs super plasma

delicious but quite full

Monday, November 5, 2007

Day 64 - 2nd day of darkness


I hate this daylight savings crap... the first workday with this horrid condition, it got dark too fast

well I fasted all day (surprise) and had a nice and nutritious meal

I am going to stop getting caught up too much in the scale and stop being stupid!

One of the things I am being stupid about is not getting enough protein consistently, so I am going to shoot for at least 140 grams per day.

so dinner was:

4 tbs raw butter
0.8 lb organic ribeye (seared)
3 tbs steak sauce

1 scoop each Grow!/Procore/JRobb whey isolate
1 tbs super plasma

Day 63 - Back on track

too much carbs this last week

My Sunday barbecue is a good place to start off my week right actually

My girl and I hit the Dish again, great! We did walk and hill sprints

in the afternoon, we just relaxed and I watched Pats/Colts game. It was a great game, I just wish the Colts had won.

My folks came over in the afternoon and relaxed while noshin' on homemade cookies and shrimp pakoras (with fresh chutney)

dinner was awesome:

4 raw eggs
0.8 lb ribeye
sour cream/horseradish
sauteed onions
sip of red wine
bunch of cheese

a little high in calories but it is good to the get the fat up while the carbs are super low

Day 62 - Chicken Biryani Time!

so what started out to be a little romatic homemade dinner for two turned into a not so romantic but equally fun dinner for five!

my girl made chicken biryani and shrimp pakoras (from scratch!) and we had our friends Brent and Loren over, my girl's roomie ate with us too, she is really cool as well

while my girl cooked and prepped I popped 9 Morph and hit the gym:


10 sets of 3 (yes 30 full bodyweight dips!!!)

Assisted Pullups

90 lbs x 4
90 lbs x 3 (9 sets)

Vertical Chest Press

100 lbs x 5

Barbell Front Raise (brutal!)

30 lbs x 5, 5, 7, 6, 5, 5

(33 reps total)

I popped some 'magic' and rest of the evening:

1/2 scoop Jay Robb whey
Shake (1 scoop each Grow!, Procore, Whey Isolate, 1 tbs super plasma)
raw milk
2 scoops Carb Powder

red wine
fish cake soup
shrimp pakoras
chicken biryani

the food was very delicious

on other plus notes, Cal won!

Day 61 - No Sprint for You!!!

I am in love with hill sprints after one try

my girl and I tried to go again but the Dish closes at 530 pm now! ugh!

so instead just a lot of calories *lol*

after a dose of 'magic'

2 fried chicken legs (WFoods)
yams/baked taters
raw milk
1 scoop Grow!

then another dose of 'magic'

pumpkin protein muffins
raw milk
unheated honey

Day 60 - Stomach Ache!

Today was back at home... not as exciting

After fasting all day dinner was protein rich:

1 tbs apple cider vinegar
3 tbs raw butter
3 scrambled organic eggs
0.76 lb organic raw grassfed ground beef
3 tbs steak sauce
Organic cumin/turmeric

Calories = 1600
Protein = 143 grams
Carbs = 11 grams

Then about the worst gosh darn stomach ache ever! All night too!!!

Day 59 - Happy Halloween!

Do you know that my favorite thing to do on Halloween is to watch the movie, Halloween and all of its derivatives... I didn’t watch the original or sequel today, but caught Halloween H20 and Curse of Michael Meyers – friggin’ awesome!

After fasting today I hit the “Dish” with my girl, we did walking and hill sprints, gosh I hope these work as well people say they do...

Dinner was generous, I tend to eat a lot at my girl’s place:

Dose of ‘magic’

2 glass raw milk
3 scrambled eggs
0.75 lb raw grassfed organic beef
1 can organic pumpkin
3 tbs unheated honey
Pumpkin protein muffins w/pumpkin butter

Friday, November 2, 2007

Day 58 - Getting stronger!!!

I am loving the gym!

This Morph stuff really works!

I took 9 before my workout

threw down 4 BCAAs at the gym

and then 4 BCAAs and 1 'magic' afterwards


Standing Barbell Military Press

80 lbs x 10 (Just think, I could only do 5 two weeks ago!)
80 lbs x 5
80 lbs x 4
70 lbs x 5
70 lbs x 6


130 lbs x 6
120 lbs x 7
110 lbs x 6
100 lbs x 6
90 lbs x 8
140 lbs x 1 slow negative

Chest Press

100 lbs x 3


2, 1

Chest Press

100 lbs x 3 (twice)
90 lbs x 5
100 lbs x 3
90 lbs x 5

Calf Raise

200 lbs x 9

Dinner was substantial:

1 big tablespoon unheated honey
TJs brown rice/flax/quinoa mix
1 tbs ococo vinegar
0.7 lb raw organic grassfed ground beef
3 tbs steak sauce
1 scoop each Grow!/Procore/Whey Isolate
1 tbs super plasma

Day 57 - Brett and his magic

I fasted all day... am a little miffed, my girl said I gained back all the weight I had lost over the week... to be frank, I am miffed with me, she just wants me to be happy and meet my goals, that is fair

I fasted all day and watched Brett hit to 80 yarders, including the first play from overtime to win it! I haaaaaaaate the Broncos!

After a weekend of debauchery, I was 196.4 lbs before dinner

dinner was simple:

3 tbs raw butter
1 tbs omo
0.75 lb organic grassfed ground beef (raw)
1 scoop each Grow!/Procore/Whey Isolate
1 tbs super plasma

1515 calories
145 grams of protein
5.5 grams of net carbs

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Day 56 - Elk, yes, elk

i fasted all day, was tired, watched my 49ers get beat up by the Aints, sorry, the Saints!

dinner was a bbcue at my friend Brent't house

I had 2 doses of 'magic'

1/2 lb cheeseburger w/organic grassfed beef
elk sausage
tons of potatoes
about 1.5 quarts of raw milk

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Day 55 - The "Dish" and yummy thai

I woke up this morning and went for a hike with my girlfriend, my girl's roommate, and my friends Brent and Meenu.

We went to a place called the Dish at Stanford. I did a lot of walking backwards and a little bit of jogging, so my legs got sooooooooore!

afterwards, we went to Los Altos Coffee Shop for lunch.

I had eggs benedict florentine... delish! with a side of bacon as well
I was hungry, but not that hungry... I felt a little silly eating that, but it was tastey

I came back, had some 'magic', some raw milk and a Greens Plus bar.

At night I went to Osha Thai in the city for my friend Sujana's 30th birthday.

I sat next to my brother and had a few appetizers, tuna tartare and duck rolls, the main entree being shrimp paste fried rice, with a little duck curry and chicken curry

Nice cake for dessert, had a slice of this mocha torte

Came back to my girlfriend's, had some 'magic' and some raw milk, chilean sea bass and pumpkin pie

Day 54 - Diet adversity

so instead of fasting and crap

my boss wanted to have lunch, so to a mexican place we went...

I had a dose of magic, and I should have eaten healthy... but I didn't

2 chimichangas

I did go home, took 9 Morph, and had a great workout

I hit shoulders, biceps, triceps, and calves

Shoulder Press

50 lbs x 8
60 lbs x 8
70 lbx x 8

Barbell Curl

50 lbs x 8 (3 sets)

Tricep Overhead w/Dumbell

30 lbs x 12 (2 sets)
30 lbs x 10

Barbell Shoulder Front Raise

30 lbs x 5
30 lbs x 5

Calf Raise

200 lbs x 6 (2 sets)
200 lbs x 8

Barbell Curl

50 lbs x 10

Shoulder Press

70 lbs x 1 rep (super slow)

dinner was a big shake

1.5 scoops Grow!
1 scoop Procore Advance
1 tbs super plasma
3 tbs organic maple syrup
1 tbs raw cacao


spareribs/kahlua pork
pumpkin pie
raw milk

Friday, October 26, 2007

Day 53 - Back on track

so yesterday I kept my calories to below 1000

after fasting all day I had:

2 tbs raw butter
0.77 lb organic grassfed ground beef (raw)

I should be clean tomorrow, but Saturday will be a food day - I will only at night on Sunday, but I may have a few carbs just to hang out with my friends... I am going to skip carb up next week (theoretically) and just keep cranking through...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day 52 - Nice workout

so my second workout with the new pre-workout supplement - Morph by Isatoritech

My workout this morning:

Standing Barbell Military Press
80 lbs x 7 reps
80 lbs x 5 reps

80 lbs x 5 reps
70 lbs x 5 reps
70 lbs x 5 reps
70 lbs x 5 reps
140 lbs x 3 reps
130 lbx x 3 reps (9 sets)
Incline Dumbell Press
35 lbs x 8, no rest, 40 lbs x 8
Chest Press
100 lbs x 5 reps
90 lbs x 5 reps
90 lbx x 5 reps
After my workout I had a dose of 'magic', morning breakfast shake/meal was:
1 scoop Grow!
1.5 scoop Procore Advance
1 tbs super plasma
1 tbs omo
1 raw organic egg
So during the day I found out I am NOT going to the Cook Islands, so my mind started to wander about calorie rich food, and the rest, well, not pretty - let's just say I am going to be on a 800 to 900 calorie diet for the next 2 days!
so I went to a Korean place AND a barbecue place... I was starving! I had a dose of 'magic' on my way home
I got:
korean potstickers (not very good, didn't eat the last few)
shortribs and rice and sides - delish
2 slices bread
potato salad
bbcue sauce - little beef and ribs
after 90 minutes, dose of 'magic'
big protein shake: 2 scoops Grow!, 1 tbs whey isolate, organic banana
chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich
I estimate my evening calories to be in excess of 2500 calories
daily total of over 3000 calories!
I woke up burping food still, not good

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Day 51 - Still dropping...

I woke up this morning at 191.8 lbs with pants feeling loose

this time last week, I was 193.2 lbs, so I am hoping that my weekend carb up will boost my metabolism and up the fat loss...

I fasted all day today and at night had:

1 tbs omo
3 tbs raw butter
0.76 lb organic grassfed ground beef (raw)
3 scrambled eggs in touch of butter
2 tbs steak sauce

Total Calories: 1420
Protein: 81 grams
Net Carbs: 6 grams

Monday, October 22, 2007

Day 50

so I had a rare breakfast today, because of my new supplement.... I didn't like the feeling, so I won't be doing it except for the days I hit the gym.

I had 2 doses of magic today, even though I had only 15 grams of carbs all day, it may be a waste of $ but I have a lot of it, so o well

2 scoops of Metabolic Drive
1 tbs super plasma
1 tbs omo

Dinner was:

1 tbs raw butter
0.76 lb organic grassfed ground beef (raw)
3 scrambled eggs w/touch butter
2 tbs steak sauce
1 scoop Metabolic Drive

Total Calories: 1600
Protein: 154 grams
Net Carbs: 15 grams

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Day 49 - New record for dips

so the feedback on our performance still flows in, it went really well

I used a new pre workout supplement today, I think it worked phenomenal

my morning workout:

T-bar rows (10 sets of 3 with 90 lbs)

Dips - 7! in a row! that's a big deal for me at least :)

Traps - Shrugs
55lbs x 12 reps to failure
60lbs x 10 reps to failure
60lbs x 8 reps to failure

Shoulders - Overhead Press
70lbs x 9, 7, 5, 4

Chest Press
110lbs x 6 to failure
90lbs x 8 to failure
90lbs x 7 to failure

Finished up with biceps
Barbell Curls

50lbs x 8, 6, 4

Post workout meal was:

6 raw eggs
1 scoop whey isolate
1 tbs super plasma

dinner was had during a combination of watching the ALCS and Denver/Steelers game. That Elam is something, nailed a 48 yarder to win the game.

1 tbs raw butter
0.76 lb organic grassfed ground beef (raw)
mustard and minced dried organic onion

Total Calories = 1400 calories
Protein Intake = 138 grams
Net Carbs = 7 grams

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Day 48 - Shubho Durga Puja

so after 7 days... it is time for carbs today...

I sang today at Badreek Ashraam... pretty good...

lot of food today

I had 3 doses of 'magic' today

big brunch:
unheated honey
raw chocolate
3 slice sprouted bread
1 bagel
1 organic avocado
3 slice bacon
smoked wild salmon
organic creamed cheese
1.5 sc whey isolate
1 sc rice protein
1 tbs super plasma
1/2 scoop Yammit!

later in the day:
little organic chocolate
organic ginger

at night after performance, a late dinner with my friend Partha
corn dog bites
salad with ranch dressing
patty melt
onion rings

then 1 qt raw milk, bread pudding, and dark chocolate

back to zero carb tomorrow

Day 47 - They fit! My jeans fit!

so I hit the gym this morning, worked on shoulders:

I did standing military barbell press:

80 lbs x 5
80 lbs x 5
70 lbs x 5
70 lbs x 5
70 lbs x 5
70 lbs x 5

Shoulder Press: 50lbs x 5 to failure

Before dinner I was 192.8 lbs

morning shake after workout was:

2 tbs ococo
1 tbs omo (organic macadamia nut oil)
1 scoop each whey isolate/Procore Advance
1 tbs super plasma

the great thing was that I wore my blue jeans that I bought on New Year's eye, 2005, to work. I have never been able to wear them before.

dinner was:

1 tbs omo
0.97 lb ribeye
1/2 raw, 1/2 seared
organic ginger, organic cumin, organic turmeric
1 tbs apple cider vinegar

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Day 46 - Clean teethers...

so I went to the dentist today... just a few months late, so I got all that gunk scraped off...

I was hungry!

I had a dose of 'magic'... wait, it is not what you think! I tried it with a low carb meal... who knows? it may work

I was 191.0 before dinner:

2 tbs organic coconut oil
2 raw eggs
0.97 ribeye (seared)
2 tbs steak sauce (3 g)
1.5 organic avocado
organic garlic, ginger, lime, cumin
1tbs apple cider vinegar

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Day 45 - Rainy workouts...

so when the alarm went off this morning, I dragged myself out of bed to hit the gym...

did a quick workout, I worked on the back

I did rows: 10 sets of 3 - 130 lbs

after workout I had protein shake (2 scoops whey isolate, 1 tbs super plasma) and 3 tbs organic coconut oil

dinner was:

shot of organic extra virgin olive oil

0.5 lb organic grassfed ground beef (raw)

hot mustard

hour and a half later I had an organic avocado

Pants are getting looser, but I still have a long way to go!

Day 44 - sleepy sleepy

Man I was tired yesterday...

I had a loooooong day in the field, so I opted for no breakfast...

I fasted all day until dinner, I am finding that this is actually counterproductive for me and overall fat loss... maybe 2 meals a day is best for me, although on the weekends (Sundays), I really prefer one meal...
I was 192.0 lbs before dinner, that is a loss of 10 lbs!

dinner was:

3 tbs organic coconut oil
2 organic eggs (raw)
0.87 lb ribeye - meat raw with nama shoyu and fish sauce, fat seared
1 tbs bone suckin' sauce and organic lime juice
1 tbs organic apple cider vinegar

Monday, October 15, 2007

Day 43 - So so tired...

so I hit the weights this morning, I did chest press, dips, and dumbell press

breakfast was:

2 tbs organic coconut oil
1.5 sc whey isolate
1 tbs super plasma

I went for a walk at lunch and I did my first two pullups in like 17 years... I didn't do them in a row, one at a time but still :)

Before dinner I weighed in at 194.0 lbs

dinner was:

2 tbs organic coconut oil
0.78 lb organic grassfed round steak (raw)
few bites of raw organic ground pork
4 slices cooked bacon
nama shoyu, organic garlic and ginger

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Day 42 - Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

I am so tired... was out late last night at Dolce in the city, then went to... um...well, I am not saying!!!

just found out I will be going to the Cooke Islands over Christmas so no more dickin' around!

I have got to up the results

That being said, I am going to add whey isolate back into the mix, along with the super plasma

I am going to keep the butter out though...

I am still bummed that Cal lost ugh!!!

so dinner yesterday was:

Before dinner I was 195.4 lbs

3 tbs organic coconut oil
0.75 organic grassfed beef
0.25 organic pork
nama shoyu, organic garlic and ginger

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Day 41 - 100% raw

can I do it?

100% raw for next seven days, at least zero to low carb?

I felt bad, yesterday my girlfriend said I didn't look that different from last year

I need to do better

I went for a great hike today near Stanford - something called the Dish

dinner was:

2 tbs organic coconut oil
0.74 lb organic grassfed ground beef

no salt today

100% raw

btw, did I mention that LSU lost today?

Could Cal be #1?

Day 40 - fun fun fun!!!

I was eating all day today...

I had a little of evoo in the morning

then all day had 1 qt raw milk and unheated honey all day...

lunch was Vietnamese, potstickers, spring rolls, and beef noodles

before the dinner party for my friend Ashni's birthday, I had a sandwich, and some strawberry goatmilk yogurt...

dinner was at Zeni's in San Jose

lots of Etheopian food, including kitfo...

and to cool it down I had some ice cream at night

Friday, October 12, 2007

Day 39 - 100% raw simplicity...

ok, so I love CSI and I love The Office

that's it, that is the turmoil in my life


so after fasting all day, I wasn't in an egg mood, so I had:

2 tbs organic coconut oil
lamb steak w/organic cumin and organic turmeric
4 slice uncured bacon

that's it!

tomorrow will have raw milk and unheated honey and carbs, my last day of 'fun' food before the performance on the 20th

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Day 38 - 50% raw with Ezekiel bread :)

I was getting hungry today so I broke down...

actually, the CEO of the 'magic' company told me to have 50g of carbs per day with the 'magic' but I stopped taking his advice because frankly, I could not limit my carb intake...

well today I did, and intelligently so, all while getting my raw protein in, but I was a little short on raw fats I think... I am going back to just meat, eggs, and coconut oil tomorrow as Friday night will be Etheopian food, where I will enjoy kitfo! (a raw beef dish)

I tried my dark blue jeans on today, they fit but still not super comfy... hopefully I can wear them on Friday night.

I forgot to mention that my new shorts that I could not wear comfortably were worn the entire football extravaganza afternoon last Sunday...

I enjoyed my dinner so much today:

first - dose of 'magic'

15 minute wait

2 sandwiches: 4 slice ezekiel bread, 4 slice bacon, 1 organic avocado w/organic lime juice and cumin, mayo

0.72 lb ribeye - meat raw, fat seared - with nama shoyu

1 tbs apple cider vinegar

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Day 37 - 100% raw and my achin' back

ow ow ow ow ow ow my back is killing me... I need better core exercise
ok, so after fasting all day, dinner was:

4 eggs
2 grassfed patties
organic avocado w/organic lime, cumin, turmeric, minced dried onion
3 slices of bacon
1 tablespoon organic coconut oil

touch Bone Suckin' sauce
1 tbs organic apple cider vinegar

Monday, October 8, 2007

Day 36 - 100% raw and crazy game

wow... the Cowboys just beat the Bills! last second field goal... what a game!!!

back to raw and one meal today...

dinner was great:

2 tbs organic coconut oil
4 organic omega-3 eggs

2 grassfed patties
1 organic garlic clove
organic basil leaves
1 tbs apple cider vinegar
1 tbs organic extra virgin olive oil
nama shoyu

organic avocado w/organic lime juice
organic cumin

100% raw

Day 35 - Carbcity and the 49ers suck!


well, the day started out well, had a great chest and calves workout

afterwards had some gluten free granola, 1 qt raw milk, and 1.5 scoops of Grow! whey

then my brother, friend Partha, and my friend Bapi came over for the 49ers game against the Ravens...

ugh! so ugly, no freakin' offense!!!

I put out snacks, cheese, crackers, sopressatta....

lunch was from Shalimar: rice, naan, and lots of meat!
dessert was peanut butter brownie with ice cream

rest of the day was 2 tbs of organic maple syrup and 2 quarts of raw milk

I had 3 doses of 'magic' today...

uh, and the nicest thing, my folks came over and my mom did all the dishes, she insisted!

Day 34 - 75% raw and Stanford shocker!

a strange 2 healthy meal day for me

I dropped off my girlfriend at the airport, then had a nice brunch of:

2 tbs organic coconut oil
0.46 lb ground beef
nama shoyu
sesame seeds
1 tbs apple cider vinegar

100% raw

I had singing rehearsal, then a nice dinner at my family house. My mom won't stand me eating raw meat, so I seared two lamb center loin chops and ate them with 1 clove organic garlic and nama shoyu. I also had three raw eggs.

I also had a small bite of pasteurized cheese at WFoods and bit of prasad (green apple) after my dinner...

overall I say 75% raw

and the weirdest thing, Stanford upset at USC, at USC!!! they were 40 point underdogs!!!

Day 33 - 100% raw

so I woke up a little early this morning and went to go shoot hoops with my Amgen buddies...

I played a lot better this time, but I still have a long way to go...

dinner was simple and delicious:

4 organic eggs
0.18 lamb round
0.48 lb ground beef
nama shoyu (raw soy sauce)
1 tsp organic coconut oil

100% raw today, yeah!

Day 32 - Impromptu lunch and cravins'

so I was going to hop back on the wagon but we had an impromptu lunch with a colleague who we just found out was leaving! ugh!

lunch was at the same vietnamese place as yesterday, basically the same meal, just a few less potstickers!

I had dinner by myself at Sushi Tomo in Mountain View:

miso soup
pork skewers
1 hamachi
2 spicy tuna handrolls

my gorgeous made me a nice late dinner... a panini no less... I didn't have the heart to tell her I don't like avocado cooked (although I am sure that after she reads this I am going to it!)... but I had a delicious cheese avocado panini along with yogurt and granola...

again, 2 doses of 'magic'

Day 31 - Isaac, noodles, and nihari...

so my best buddy Zeke came into town today...

for some reason, I was hungry at lunch, and because I was going to eat carbs and cooked food later that day anyways, I was like... o well!

so lunch was at the local Vietnamese place, I had:

Pho with raw steak on the side

dinner was:

goat karahi

then afterwords, 1 scoop of Procore Advance and whey isolate,

then chocolate lava cake with ice cream


note, I had two doses of 'magic' prior to my meals

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Day 30 - 100% raw, Stock Options, and The Unit

well, I woke up this morning 1.6 lbs less than yesterday morning

I found out my buddy Isaac is coming into town, so tomorrow's dinner will be carb heavy, probably Pakistani food followed by protein shakes, then back to 100% raw zero carb Thursday to Saturday, with Sunday being football day at my house when my bro' and my buddy Partha are coming over

After fasting all day, 100% raw dinner was:

6 eggs
1 lb ground organic beef
dried spices/fish sauce/raw vinegar
1 tbs organic coconut oil
1 tbs organic macadamia nut oil

Monday, October 1, 2007

Day 29 - 100% raw and MNFL

I tried a singles workout this morning
I did 30 sets of single reps of chest press, pretty tough

I am sitting here watching the Bengals getting their butts kicked by the Patriots... the good thing is that I am ate 100% raw and had a hearty dinner before I caved into a large pizza...

the cool thing is that before dinner I weighed in, I was 5.4 lbs less than when I weighed in on Friday morning - so something is working

after fasting all day, dinner was:

1/2 organic avocado w/lime juice
2 grassfed patties w/organic turmeric and cumin
6 organic omega-3 eggs
1 tbs organic coconut vinegar
4 slices uncured bacon

btw, did I mention that Cal is #3 in country!!!

Day 28 - 100% Raw Again

So this was the second day

It was so great, I got my plasma delivered and my HD TV set up, so I could watch Football and the Simpsons!!!

after fasting all day, dinner was:

1/2 avocado w/lime juice
1 organic avocado w/lime juice
2 grassfed patties w/organic turmeric and cumin
3 organic omega-3 eggs
1 tbs organic coconut vinegar

I am going to make sure I bump up my calories tomorrow with more raw eggs, coconut oil, maybe even some bacon

Day 27 - 100% Enjoyable!

well, after the 100% raw I woke up 2.8 lbs lighter so something went well

today was another day with carbs...

I had breakfast with my girl (gorgeous, mind you)

I had some 'magic' 3 times today...

once before breakfast:

taste of mueslix
1 scoop of Grow!
organic apple
3 slice Ezekiel bread
1/2 avocado w/mayo
3 eggs sunny side up with bacon

afternoon snack before singing practice:

3 tbs makuna honey (I was feeling a little sore throat)
1.5 scoops of Grow! Whey

Dinner was at Wood Tavern in Rockridge, meal was delicious, I just wish they cooked my pork chop a touch less:

grapefruit vodka cocktail
taste of red wine
some butternut squash soup
pork belly salad with soft boiled eggs (sooooooooooo good)
pork chop w/chantarelles, potatos, corn, and bacon
most of a warm chocolate cake with ice cream

before bed:

lowfat yogurt w/organic maple syrup

Day 26 - 100% raw

ok, so I here I go...

I was chatting with a pretty famous coach online, Randy Roach, who is a raw foodist... he steered me away from sauces and cooking the fats I eat

dinner was:

4 raw omega-3 eggs
2 grassfed beef patties with organic turmeric/cumin
1 tbs organic coconut vinegar

I didn't taste great going down, but 30 minutes after the end of my meal, I felt wonderful

Day 25

Ok, so the 'magic' works, but I am loving carbs too much and am finding difficulty in controlling them...

also, I am cutting back on my dairy, including raw milk AND raw butter... having those only on treat days...

the reason, well, my mother and father both got analzyed and both were found to have dairy allergies (my mom severe, my father mild), so I am going to negate the milk proteins on my home meals, of course on days I up my calories and have lots of carbs, I will use up my protein powders and have raw milk... but that will only be once a week or so...

so this day I knew would be a caloric blast, so I had one dose of 'magic' before each of my main meals!

I had a great workout in the morning and my breakfast was:

6 tbs organic buckwheat w/tons of granola and organic maple syrup
2 scoops Grow!
8 oz raw milk

lunch was a farewell event for a colleague, at Hooters:

chicken wings
bacon/cheese burger
fries w/mayo

dinner was from a Korean restaurant:

korean pork and rice/sides w/ 2 raw egg yolks
raw milk (1 Qt total for the day)
tons of granola

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Day 24 - Puja

Hello everyone,

Shubho Satya Narayana Puja to everyone...

since I ususually eat beef every day... I forgot that I probably shouldn't today

Since I have nothing else to eat, I will just go ahead and fast today

I did have a brief workout this morning at the gym

I did standing military presses with 80lbs and 70 lbs for a total of 32 reps

I will crank out some pushups at home before I go for singing practice

Update, I ended my fast with raw milk, rare lamb chops, and raw egg yolks...

I did go for singing practice... but I didn't crank out any pushups...

I will do a tough workout tomorrow morning before breakfast

tomorrow will be carb filled and Friday will be carb free

Day 23 - Yummy!

Hey there,

so I spoke to the magic company's CEO... he recommended that for the days I eat carbs to keep up around 50 grams... not mega loading like i have done on some days...

so yesterday after fasting all day I had:

1 Qt raw milk
1 avocado
2 tbs organic coconut oil

0.73 lb ribeye (meat-raw, fat seared)
1 tbs Bone Suckin' Sauce
1 raw egg yolk

Carbs = 60 grams

Monday, September 24, 2007

Day 22

no weight today, I want to stick to one scale and not be OCD over numbers

that being said, I will be having carbs today in the form of natural sprouted bread, avocado, and raw milk... tomorrow and Wednesday I will not use the 'magic' and just zero carb it...

Thursday may be a party day at work so I want to use it well...

so I had a big dinner... including a protein shake

from about 6 to 9 pm ( I had a double dose of 'magic')

1Qt raw milk
1.5 scoops Jay Robb Egg protein
Club sandwich
organic apple
smoked scallops on sprouted bread and raw butter

with my angel I had a lovely second dinner of fish tacos

corn tortillas
rock cod
fresh guacamole

Day 21 - 197.2

ok, so now belt is a bit loose at the last notch... so good stuff

I spent a lot of time watching football but still managed to crank out 45 Perfect Pushups before dinner, I weighed in at 196.6 lbs before dinner :

1 Qt raw milk
2 tbs organic maple syrup (combo of milk/syrup so so so good)

0.7 lb tri-tip
1 slice cheese
1 brown rice tortilla
salsa/organic sour cream

2 raw egg yolks
1 tbs organic coconut oil

Day 20 - 197.2 before dinner and hurray!

ok... so this is strange... weight is dropping and I am looking leaner...

I did no protein supplements today... I am trying to skip those on most days... hoping that single meal protein infusions compensate for content by upping the bioavailability...

also, I am down to my last belt notch... something good is happening...

I am also going to consume 1 Qt raw milk 5 days a week and see if the increased calcium ups the fat burning and muscle toning...

I worked out in the morning - dips, dumbell curls, seated calf raises, and Hindu Squats while watching Cal play like crap and still beat the Wildcats of Arizona

dinner was:

1 Qt raw milk
1 tbs organic coconut oil
2 egg yolks
0.9 lb ribeye steak - seared
1 tbs raw cocoa powder

Day 19 - 198.2

Still dropping... overall weight loss is slower but something 'feels' different

after fasting all day... dinner was with a buddy of mine at work...

not quite as healthy as I would like but...

steak burrito
tons of chips and salsa and guacamole

2nd serving of magic supplement

1 scoop Yammit!
2 scoops Grow!
1/2 scoop Whey Isolate

Day 18 - 199.4

wow after all that food, the weight went down... hmmm... that was only the first day on that sup but I may be on to something...

Before dinner today I did 55 pushups and picked up the old kettlebell and did 15 presses with each arm...

fast was broken with:

1 scoop Grow!
1 scoop Yammit!

2 brown rice tortillas
2 scrambled eggs
0.63 lb raw grassfed ground beef

1 tbs organic coconut oil
1 organic apple
1 scoop Procore
1 scoop Jay Robb Whey

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Day 17 - 200.2

I woke up actually only +0.8 lbs, surprising given my caloric intake yesterday

Gym was nice... a quick but good workout

Did a few thrusters with 30 lb dumbells

Standing military press with 80lb and 70 lb barbells

and some rows thrown in to get the back big...

weight should fall off from today...

my plan is to reintroduce carbs only if my weight loss stalls

ok, so scratch that... I started a new supplement today that hopefully will allow me more carbs and better results... so my diet is changing up...

for most days... more carbs and no protein shakes

dinner today was:

1 packet brown rice w/sauteed mushrooms
0.67 lb raw grassfed ground beef
4 sunny side up eggs
few tablespoons of soy-vay
jalapeno pieces
organic apple

1 scoop Procore
1 scoop Whey isolate
1 scoop Jay Robb whey
1 tbs super plasma

Day 16 - 199.4

see, like I said...

for some reason my weight went up overnight...

now, I woke up full, it could be food, or bloat, or muscle, whatever...

still, it was discouraging...

so I hinted at the Happy Hour with my client... so after 4 pm my food intake was:

1 tbs organic coconut oil
2 scoops of Grow!

At Elephant Bar
tater skins, fried shrimp and chicken, lettuce wraps, etc...
ultimate margarita
patron with oj and lime

Dinner (yes dinner!) at Texas Roadhouse

1 roll w/butter
16 oz prime rib (rare, how else?!?)
sweet potatoe w/butter
caesar salad (no croutons)

and yes, a tummy ache!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Day 15 - 197.6

So after two weeks, I am sitting at a little less than 5 lbs lost

not bad, not great... end of the month should peel off another 5 to 7 lbs...

will keep you posted... I am fasting all day... my dinner should be 100% raw tonight as I have no social engagements, thus no exuses to throw down pasta and ice cream *lol*

my dinner was:

4 tbs organic coconut oil
4 tbs raw butter
1/2 raw beef with organic turmeric and cumin

1 scoop whey isolate and micellar casein
1 tbs super plasma protein...

I am totally confused, my weight went up next morning, of course I broke my thing of no protein powder... after today's food and happy hour, I am going to switch to no protein powders, and I mean it...

Day 14 - 201.0

again, don't worry!

today was super strict...

I am cutting out my protein powders for 1 week (or longer if it 'works)

dinner was:

4 tbs organic coconut oil
4 tbs raw butter
1/2 raw beef with organic turmeric/cumin

second supper at a friend's place:

grilled shrimp
grilled steak
2 servings of guacamole

Day 13 - 197.6

Today was Ganpati puja.... so I knew a few sweets would be thrown down

I got to also throw down a bunch of protein and some great Singaporean food

a long dinner, starting from late afternoon:

4 tbs organic coconut oil
Prasad (ladoos, sweets)
6 scoops of protein powder (approximately 150 g protein)
fried rice
fried fish fritters
catfish curry
shrimp curry
steamed rice
roti/coconut curry and potatoe

2 organic apples
1 Greens+ bar

Day 12 - 200.6

I am going in reverse... don't worry, it cycles...

on the plus side, a pair of jeans I bought from the Gap 2 weeks ago that didn't fit then, still fits, albeit tight... so a lot of this is water/bloat rather than fat

dinner was very clean:

2 tbs organic coconut oil
4 tbs raw butter
0.96 lb raw beef (1 oz of the fat seared and eated)

Day 11 - 196.4

yeah, so my weight went up... and yall already heard of my Bombay Garden disaster...

well, did you also know I had an evening meal of a western bacon cheeseburger with fries from Bob's Burger in Fremont? And that I had 20 oz of raw milk with that. How about a few scoops of protein powder - 1 scoop of Procore and 1 scoop of Grow!

I was hungry so I had a bowl of chocolate ice cream with shaved white/milk chocolate...

now that is eating!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bombay Garden Blowout...


so so stuffed... just came back from Bombay Garden with my colleagues...

too much food.... feeling faint...

ugh! ugh! ugh!

tomorrow = 0 carbs

going to have a night meal of big protein shake, then ice cream with almonds to bump leptin levels

Day 10 - 195.6 lbs


my weight does dip up and down a bit because I eat late, and the shakes tend to sit in my stomach for a while... but this morning was not one of those days

I worked out in the morning

I did rows, my strength went up on the first set - 140 lbs, then finished out the next 9 sets of 3 with 130 lbs

I really like the standing barbell military press - 80 lbs

I also tried a few lateral raises to work on my delts

after a day of fasting, my dinner was a bit heavy on the fats:

5 tbs raw butter
1 tbs organic coconut oil

0.86 lb ribeye

4 tbs organic sour cream

sauteed soaked almonds

1 scoop Grow!
1 scoop Jay Robb Whey
1 scoop Procore Advance
1 tbs super plasma

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Day 9 - 197.9 lbs

so I woke up the same weight, it happens sometimes :)

after fasting, I went home and worked out

I rebounded for 11 minutes and then did 52 Perfect Pushups (don't know why I am stopping at 52)

dinner was:

3 oz truly raw cheese (Organic Pastures)
2 raw egg yolks
organic ribeye steak - meat raw, fat seared with spices
1/2 tsp worcheshtire sauce
2 tbs coconut butter

1 scoop Grow!
1 scoop Procore Advance
1 scoop Whey Isolate
1 tbs super plasma
1 tbs organic macadamia nut oil

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Day 8 - 197.9 lbs

so it goes down again...

I am soooooo tired today... spent Saturday night watching UFC and was up to 3am talking to friends... Sunday went to bed late watching 'Curb'

so after a day long fast i had:

few bites of sausage at Costco

had a organic ribeye steak: meat raw, fat cooked in evoo w/ 1 tbs steak sauce
2 raw egg yolks

1/2 duck confit

2 scoops Grow!

and then watched the worst football game ever played

Go Niners!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Day 7 - 199.6 lbs

what goes down, must come up *lol*

so I fasted all day yesterday while hitting the gym in the morning...

I gotta build up these glutes... gosh I hate the desi tush (or non-tush)... so I did thrusters, barbell curls, standing barbell press, and dips...

I also rebounded for 21 minutes and did a few Perfect Pushups

dinner was:

3 tbs raw butter
1 tbs organic coconut oil
2 egg yolks
2 sunny side up eggs + 2 egg whites
0.63 lb raw grassfed beef w/ organic turmeric and cumin
2 tbs Bone Suckin' Sauce

1 scoop each whey isolate and micellar casein
1.5 tbs super plasma
1 scoop Procore Advance

Day 6 - 195.8 lbs

This day was a calorie surplus I know...

lots and lots of food... got that letpin bumped back up again...

after a morning workout of 52 Perfect Pushups:

1030 am
1 scoop Procore
1/2 scoop Grow!
1.5 tbs super plasma
handful raw soaked almonds
1 tsp organic cocoa powder

I had brunch with girl and two friends at Brian's in Los Altos
chocolate chip pancake (1/2) with syrup
eggs benedict florentine
2 sausage

afternoon 'snack'
16 oz raw milk
soaked raw almonds
1.5 scoop Grow!

went to Shalimar for takeout... so so good
Nihari (brisket stew)
1/2 naan
3 cups raw milk

watched some UFC matches

< 1 beer

Day 5 - 197.4 lbs

I woke up this morning and hit the gym... I wokred on back, shoulders, and biceps, with a dip thrown in there for good measure...

after fasting all day, my dinner was:

2 tbs coconut butter
5 tbs raw butter
0.64 lb grassfed beef (raw)
2 sunny side up eggs
1 oz raw cheese
2 tbs Bone Suckin' Sauce

1 scoop Procore Advanc
1 scoop Grow!
1 tbs super plasma


Friday, September 7, 2007

Day 4 - 200.0 lbs

so after the thai pizza massacre I buckled down again...

after fasting the whole day... I cranked out 51 Perfect Pushups while watching the Colts woop the Saints...

dinner was 100% raw and zero carb...

4 tbs raw butter
4 oz raw cheese

0.64 lbs grassfed beef with organic tumeric/cumin/sea salt/black pepper
1 tbs organic macadamia nut oil...

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Day 3 - 197.0

so as you know the first week is always the easiest... a lot of water shed...

but I got railroaded by a goodbye lunch for a colleague... so we went to Thai Orchid for a buffet...

figured I would refill my leptin levels (I know I am a science geek) so I stuffed myself...

went home had a massive 100 g protein shake

a whole pizza

an organic apple and a big bowl of ice cream...

next two days (at least) will be 100% raw and zero carb to get me back into fat burning mode...

also, I will workout tonight and tomorrow

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Day 2 - 199.0 lbs

hey so I woke up a few pounds lighter, surprise surprise!

dinner was simple...
after fasting all day I was 197.2 lbs before dinner:

3 tbs raw butter
2 raw egg yolks
1 sunny side up egg
0.75 lb grassfed beef (1/3-raw with organic turmeric and cumin)
1.5 tsp worchestire sauce
3 slice bacon

1 scoop procore protein
1 scoop Grow!
1 tbs super plasma

Day 2 meal...

I woke up this morning at 199.0

I was tired for exercise so I just weighed myself before dinner: 197.2

for dinner today I had:

3 tbs raw butter
2 egg yolks
0.75 lb grassfed beef (1/3 raw)
3 slice bacon
2 slice cheddar cheese
1 sunny side up egg
1 tbs Bone Suckin' Sauce

1 scoop Procore protein
1 scoop Grow!
1 tbs super plasma

Day 1 Meal...

so I woke up with a massive stomach ache... to much desi food and booze the night before at a birthday party...

my evening meal yesterday was:

2 tbs organic macadamia nut oil
0.75 lb grassfed beef (seared)
2 slices cheddar cheese
1.5 tsp worchestire sauce (i know mispelled!)
2 organic eggs - sunny side up
2 tbs Bone Suckin' Sauce
1 scoop Procore Advance protein
1 scoop Jay Robb Whey

Day 1 of Contest


My brother and I are going to see who can lose the most before our friend's wedding.

He is starting off at 228.5 lbs.

I am starting off at 202.0 Yikes!!! Albeit, I was in the mid 190s last week, the weekend was bad foodwise...

I am going back to my fish oil and krill oil, as my fat burning as has severely reduced since I stopped taking these back in June.

I am following intermittent fasting principles (known as IF)

if anyone is interested, then can read more about this on sites such as:

I am going to stick to mostly proteins and fats... with my veggie sources (for anti-oxidant protection) coming from cruciferous vegetable supplements such as Life Extension Dual-Cruciferous Extract or New Chapter Brocollive

Wish me luck!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Yes, I know I know...

I am 'starting' again tomorrow...

the reason... well, my cousin is visiting from Kolkata and I don't want the pounds to pack on while they are here... so let's take 20 or so off while I got a chance

two, I still got this wedding to go in November...

so... it starts again tomorrow

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hi... I am back...

so I am restarting this at 201.5 lbs...

I am started hot-rox extreme this morning...

i am eating mostly red meat... mostly raw... with egg yolks and protein powder... oh yeah...

and tons of butter

will keep yall posted

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Week 3 of Contest - 192.4 lbs

Yes, I realize I am going backwards... however... last week was unusally bad... but I am back on track... worst come worse I am alternating low carb days with high carbs ones...

will keep you all posted

Friday, February 23, 2007

Day 9 of Contest

so I woke up this morning at 192.0 lbs...

this is why

715 am

3 MX-LS7
2 alpha male

800 am

1 egg yolk
1/2 lb steak with butter
2 tbs evoo


3 digestive enzyme
2 Purple Defense
2 krill
4 Flameout
CQ-10 (n)
2 oreganol

115pm: Lunch at 900 Grayson

Visiting my friend Denise at work led to calorie excess!

bread and butter
cream of wild mushroom soup
burger and fries
apple tart

130 pm: 3 MX-LS7 and 2 Alpha Male

600 pm

1 sc Grow! protein
1 tbs each whey isolate and micellar casein
1/4 tsp cinnamon


4 Life Extension fish oil caps
6 Maitake-SX

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Week 1 of Contest: 187.6 lbs at 25.2% BF


so from the start of the contest, I have dropped 10.4 lbs



1010 am: 3 LS-7

215 pm: 3 LS-7

405 pm

2 egg yolks
1 tbs ococo
3 tbs raw butter
2 ground chuck patties
4 slice cheese
2 tbs bbcue sauce w/ little evoo
1/4 tsp organic cinnamon
2 scoop Jay Robb whey


2 krill
2 Purple Defense
4 Flameout
digestive enzyme
green tea extract

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Day 7 of Contest

so I woke up on that other scale at 189.5 lbs
I am taking two days off a week from the Alpha Male


945: 3 Lean System 7

1230: 3 Lean System 7

500 pm

2 egg yolks (raw + organic)
2 tbs raw butter
ground chuck - 2 patties
4 slice cheese
2 tbs bbcue sauce
0.4 lbs of chicken livers sauteed with organic turmeric and organic cumin
1 tbs whey isolate
1/4 tsp organic cinnamon


green tea extract
Life Extension Blueberry Extract
4 Flameout
1 oreganol
CQ-10 Ubiquinol
2 krill
2 Purple Defense

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Day 6 of Contest

So I woke up on that other scale at 190.4 lbs...


735 am: 3 Lean System 7/2 Alpha Male

120 pm: 3 LS7 and 2 Alpha Male

330 pm:

2 raw egg yolks
1 Quart raw milk
4 chicken livers broiled
1/4 tsp organic cinnamon
1 tbs each whey isolate and micellar casein
1/2 lb steak sauteed with salsa and 1 slice provolone


2 Purple Defense
2 krill
1 Life Extension Blueberry Extract
CQ-10 Ubiquinol
4 Biotest Flameout
1 oreganol
green tea extract
2 digestive enzymes

I will try and get better about posting more frequently... i do have paper records of everything lest one has any questions...

I also hit my rebounder for 34 minutes and two sets of pushups to failure at 12 reps and 10 reps...

Friday, February 16, 2007

Day 2 of Contest

Woke up on that other scale at 193.0 lbs

so yesterday:

715am: 3 Lean System 7

1230pm: 3 Lean System 7

500 pm: 4 Biotest Alpha Male

Workout - 73opm to 830pm: Turbokick at 24hr fitness


12 oz raw milk
1 tbs each Micellar Casein and Whey Isolate
1 tbs organic cocoa
1/4 tsp organic cinnamon
2.5 pieces of orange roughy
5 tbs Trader Joe's thai red curry sauce
2 tbs evoo
raw butter


2 krill
4 Biotest Flameout
2 Purple Defense
CQ-10 Ubiquinol

I am doing fast-5 diet

let's see if it works!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

193.8 lbs @ 26.2% BF - Day 1 of Contest

What contest?

oh yeah, and sorry about being MIA on the last 2 weeks... I entered this weight loss contest on and I plan on winnin'

It is for body composition so today my reading is 136.0 lbs LBM.

I actually signed up on the 12th at 198.0 lbs at 26.7% BF. My goal is to lose 28 lbs of fat by May 15th... wish me luck

of course yesterday being Valentine's Day... well... let's just say I better not eat like that if I plan on being in the running...

Saturday, February 10, 2007

February 6th, 2007

On this day I woke up at 189.6 lbs

700 am

2 Lean System 7 - a new one I am trying out for a month

800 am
4 tbs oevoo
2 sc Grow!
1 tbs Perfect Food


2 PD
2 krill
2 oreganol

110: 2 LS7

700 pm

1/4 tsp organic cinnamon
2 tbs oevoo
3 slice bacon
korean pork
few veggies, kimchee, anchovies, a little fish cake
2 slice provolone


2 oreganol
2 magnesium
2 krill

February 5th, 2007

not all of us can pack on 5 lbs in a day, some of us are truly gifted... I woke up at:

194.6 lbs

700 am: 2 Spike, 2 Hot Rox Extreme, 2 Tribex

755 am
1/4 cup extra voo


2 PD
2 krill
1 CQ-10
2 oreganol

130 pm: 1 Hot Rox Extreme and 1 Tribex

900 pm

2 tbs raw butter
black cod filet
2 tbs soy ginger sauce (8g carbs)


1 oreganol

Superbowl Sunday!

yes... I am still catching up on my posts... well this day went well...

I woke up at 189.5 lbs

my colts won (they are not really mine I just wanted Peyton to win) and I ate tons...

740 am: 2 Hot Rox Extreme and 2 Tribex

my day of eating just kind of went on and on... so...

I had brunch, but before I went for brunch I had:

2 organic apples
Garden of Life Perfect Meal

then toast
3 scrambled eggs with sausage over rice

later I had 2 quarts of raw milk and during the game I had tons of barbecue and 1 beer

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

February 3rd, 2007

So I am catching up my blogs... to make it easier (for me at least), I am going to recount the last few days... if there is no weight/BF in the title that means I am not home and have access to my magic scale...

so you already know I woke up this morning at 191.7 lbs

what you didn't know was that I went for a workout class at 24 Fitness - a weight cardio thing... an absolute killer

so for my day

730 am: 2 Hot Rox Extreme and 2 Biotest Tribex

930 to 1030 am workout


orange roughy filet
2 eggs (raw organic)
a little oevoo


2 PD
2 krill
CQ-10 (Ubiquinol)


2 Hot Rox Extreme/2 Biotest Tribex

830 pm

2 tbs oevoo
a lot of pork roast (yum!)
touch of applesauce/potatoes

2 Oreganol

Saturday, February 3, 2007

hey it still works!!!

the nuwave oven... I just picked up one of these... one of the best purchases I have ever made

so I woke up this morning with that different scale...

191.7 lbs

so for yesterday:

645 am: 2 Biotest Spike

725 am
4 tbs oevoo (organic extra virgin olive oil)
2 tbs whey isolate
1 tbs micellar casein
1 tbs BKG
1/4 tsp organic cinnamon

2 PD
2 krill
2 oreganol

330: Hot Rox Extreme

ok, so I lied... sue me... I want to start a fat burner earlier...

800 pm
1 tbs ococo (organic coconut oil)
2 eggs (organic and raw)
wild salmon filet (cooked in nuwave oven)
1 tbs Soy Vay (6 grams carbs)

4 HCL (hydrochloric acid)
2 Oreganol

Friday, February 2, 2007

February 2nd - 194.4 lbs at 27.1% BF


I told you I would have some of these days, I warned you... since I anticipated my father's birthday bash in the evening, well, I upped my calories a bit due to my Tuesday night workout (that I am still sore from by the way)...

715: 2 Biotest Spike

800 AM
12 oz raw milk
2 scoops Biotest Metabolic Drive

2 Oreganol
1 CQ-10
2 PD
2 krill
NC Turmeric
1 Digestive Enzyme

130 PM: Lunch at CJ's Deli in Burlingame

Turkey melt with avocado & bacon (need to ask?!? deeeelish!!!)
Salt and vinegar chips

afternoon: milk and dark chocolate

600 PM
2 tbs Hemp/Maca protein powder
1 tbs whey isolate
1/4 tsp organic cinnamon


1 CQ-10
2 krill
1 chelated magnesium

730 to 930

Birthday party at Blue Agave Restaurant in Pleasanton

shrimp tacos
tortilla soup
pork chop
1 margarita
1 shot tequila
bananas foster

I kept my protein high today for anabolic effects, my next free meal should be on Superbowl Sunday...

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Yummy... Butterfish!!!

So a couple days a week, I don't wake up at my home... so I use another digital scale... I don't know the difference between my scale and this one, and it just has weight... so this baseline value for this morning:

190.2 lbs

So yesterday

655 AM: 2 Biotest Spike (Stimulant)

715 AM

4 tbs organic olive oil
4 tbs whey isolate and micellar casein (WI/MC)
1 tbs BKG
1 tsp organic maca
1/4 tsp organic cinnamon

600 PM

2 eggs (organic and raw)
1/2 lb pot roast

830 PM
1/2 lb baked butterfish... delicious!
approximately 20 oz raw milk

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January 31st - 190.2 lbs at 26.7%BF

All right - 6 lbs so far (of course the vast majority of that being salt and water)

The Tanita fluctuates with the BF percentage when one is dropping water, I am not looking for absolute numbers here, just progress...

800 AM

2 tbs Whey Isolate
1 tbs Micellar Casein
1 tbs Dr. Ben Kim Greens (BKG)
1/4 tsp organic cinnamon


2 krill/2 PD/ NC Turmeric/1 Oreganol/CQ-10

700 PM

1 raw egg yolk (organic omega 3)
1 pork chop - Cooked on my NuWave oven - awesome, frozen to done in 15 minutes
2 tbs organic coconut butter - yum, so good and healthy!
16 oz raw colostrum
2 tsp organic cocoa (from Trader Joe's)


2 oreganol/CQ-10/3000 mg MSM

as you can see I am working on keeping my protein moderate and my fat intake higher... I usually burn fat faster this way...

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Workout 1 - January 30th

Hey so before dinner today I hit my rebounder for 11 minutes

After dinner today (which I will post tomorrow with weight), I hit the gym to do some assisted pullups

-40lbs x 3

then 8 sets of -30lbs x3

one minute rest was taken between sets

I was pretty tired at the end but I wanted to do 30 total reps so at the end I did a single rep of -30lbs, 3 times, with 30 seconds between each rep

Genesis - 196.2 lbs at 25.1% BF

So I returned from Maui on Sunday... wow, I put on 10lbs!!!

So my starting point on Monday morning was 196.2 lbs

I got one of those fancy Tanita things, so my official starting statistics are

196.2 lbs
25.1 % Body Fat (BF)
139.6 lbs Lean Body Mass (LBM)

I like to self experiment, so I am going to be living off meat and fish and eggs, with some green veggies thrown in - probably mostly in the form of supergreens (I use dr ben kim greens). I do use high quality supplements, but will not be using any fat burners for a few weeks to see how I do without them. You will see a lot of intermittent fasting, and also days where I totally bust a gut with food, that's just how I roll :)

For this day - Monday, January 29th

800 AM

4 tbs of extra virgin olive oil

2 krill oil
2 Purple Defense
New Chapter Turmeric
Life Extension CQ-10 (Ubiquinol - 50 mg)
8 drops of Cell Food

800 PM

1 raw egg yolk (omega-3 organic)
2 tbs organic pastures raw butter
0.61 lbs filet mignon

2 Oreganol
1 Digestive enzyme
Life Extension CQ-10 (Ubiquinol 50 mg)

This morning:

192.8 lbs
25.6 % BF
136.2 lbs LBM