Wednesday, December 30, 2009

right before 2010

did I mention I have a new gal in my life, just gorgeous she is, and smart, and a sweetie

ok, enough flubbering

simple meal today, exhausted after my night out

1 organic egg yolk
organic lard
8 oz ground chuck
organic cinnamon/turmeric

tomorrow is NYE!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

mediocrity update

haven't been doing that great diet wise because I have been going out

but ate a good dinner yesterday

1 organic egg yolk
pound plus of ground chuck
1 slice bacon


tonight should be shortribs

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Back from Spain...

I was in Spain from October 19th to October 30th...

came back in my mid 190s... going back to the zero carb thing

will keep you posted

Friday, October 2, 2009

Book Title

Memoirs of a Loser Holding An Ice Cream Cone That Just Wouldn't Melt...

Happy Hour Friday

so 5 days of near zero carb eating without exercise

belly is down about 1/2" and I am leaner, wearing these nice green pants without them hurting

what is truly shocking is how my appetite at night is so little, it doesn't take me much to be full, in terms of fat loss and being smaller doing nothing has done more than slogging at the gym - so I will continue this path and not beat myself up, just heal my metabolism and then put on muscle

so I am going for happy hour today in the city at Bacar, I need it and it should be fun

Saturday, September 26, 2009

28th Day - 27 Day Assessment, thoughts and apologies

ok, so the last week has been really tough, so I haven't been able to post, sorry, but I have records.

After a refeed day on Saturday, I ate clean all week, including a total fast day on Tuesday.

Weighed myself this morning, took photographs, and took a rough tape measure across the broadest part of my middle - 44"

So, I think a big factor over the last month has been my personal issues. Normally, I am not a great sleeper, but the last month, sleeping 3-5 hrs a night with broken sleep cannot be good for your health and fatloss, but that will pass.

So again, starting stats

August 30

202.0 lbs
28.2 % BF
11 Visceral Fat
137.8 LBM

September 26

189.4 lbs (-12.6 lbs)
26.8% BF (-1.4%)
9 Visceral Fat (-2)
131.8 LBM

I don't pay attention to the last one as all my lifts are up in the gym. The LBM one is not the best parameter, neither is the absolute BF percentage but obviously I have lost a decent amount of weight.

Out of 27 days, I stayed on my low carb diet 21 out of 27 days. Two out of those days were actually true zero carb days.

Out of the remaining 6 days:

3 days were a lot of off-diet food (included in those 3 days is an evening of junk food with Sudip and Partha at Taxi's, so actually not 3 full days)

2 of those days were 'fat fasts', only fat in the form of ghee/butter were consumed at 960 calories one day and 715 calories another day

1 of those days (Day 24) was a total fast, no food, zero calories

So, I actually did pretty good. I was lifting a lot over the last month, but I think it terms of 'weight loss' I could have done better. Or, better explanation is that the creatine I started taking added a few pounds, as probably did the supplement Prime

Going forward, I am trying a different approach based on what I am reading at the zerocarbage website, although they are a bit too militaristic and loony.

A lot of folks there, on zero carb diets started losing fat a lot faster once they STOP exercising. It doesn't make sense, Charles, the moderator, has some thoughts on it, as he is ripped now, but started getting ripped once he stopped doing anything. Basically they say, zero carb with no exercise to lose fat, then lift/workout once you lose all the fat.

It's not going to hurt to try. So from tomorrow, meat only except for 'cheat days', like next Friday with beer and let's see how this no workout thing works. My next weigh in will be on Friday morning.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 20 of 27

woke up and had 1/4 tsp VAT, con-cret and 3 PowerFull

hit the gym for a chest and tricep workout

did some new stuff

Incline Press
37.5 lbs x 10, 8, 7 to failure

Incline Dumbell Stretch Press
15 lbs x 8
20 lbs x 8, 8
27.5 lbs x 3

+10 lbs x 2

35 lbs x 12 to failure

came home had another 1/4 tsp VAT

ate about 2 hours later

2 big spoons of organic ghee
0.93 lb Holding Ranch beef with organic spices
1 tsp efas

6 Prime
2 Longevinex Advantage
4 Vitamin D
2 leucine

before bed 1-carboxyl (sleep)


192.0 lbs
27.4 %BF
132.4 LBM

Day 19 of 27

woke up had 1/2 tsp VAT, then some con-cret


1 organic egg yolk - raw
3 organic eggs, sunny side up in organic ghee
4 slice bacon
2 sausage
small cup of organic heavy whip cream

4 Prime
7 Vitamin D
NC Brocollive

early dinner

1 organic egg yolk - raw
3 organic eggs, sunny side up in organic ghee
3 slice bacon
1 sausage
small cup of organic heavy whip cream with 1 scoop of Naked Whey

4 Prime
2 Longevinex Advantage


192.0 lbs
27.8 %BF
10 Visceral Fat
131.6 LBM

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 18 of 27

didn't get much sleep, I was going to take the day off but I have too much pent up aggression

woke up and had 1/4 tsp VAT and a NC Brocollive

later some con-cret and 3 PowerFull

then I hit the gym for a back workout

115 lbs x 25 (Sets of 1, rest periods of 30 seconds to 1 min)

1 Bad Chinup, with static hold and slow descent

Dumbell Row
55 lbs x 5 to failure, 3 to failure
immediately followed by
50 lbs x 3 to failure (both arms)

Barbell Curl
60 lbs x 5 to failure

Hammer Curl
30 lbs x 3 to failure

had a rich breakfast, I wanted to eat enough to not eat junk during lunch and I may go doing this fat fast on Tuesdays and Thursdays if it seems to work

1 organic egg yolk - raw
spoon of organic ghee
3 organic eggs - sunny side up in organic ghee
4 slices bacon
1 apricot sausage
small cup of organic heavy whip cream mixed with a scoop of Naked Whey

5 Prime
4 Vitamin D

went for lunch with my colleagues but I didn't eat anything, just iced tea
came home, took a nap, emotionally and physically exhausted
woke up and had another 1/4 tsp of VAT

Dinner with my brother at Outback Steakhouse, before I left

2 organic egg yolks - raw

2 Longevinex Advantage

Ny strip with lobster/mushroom sauce with brocolli
4 Prime

1/2 tsp VAT before bed


190.4 lbs
26.8 % BF
9 Visceral Fat
132.4 LBM

keep in mind, measurements taken on 2 hours of sleep, so may be skewed...

will maybe try fat fast tomorrow, organic ghee in am and night, or I may just go all zero carb again, let's see... I like the fat fast idea, it's easier

Day 17 of 27

didn't get too much sleep

woke up had a 1/2 tsp VAT and later a NC Brocollive

took 3 PowerFull and went for a long walk in the son

During the day I had 5 spoons of organic ghee and a tsp of efas with 2 Longevinex Advantage

that's it, a fat fast

went to my friend Loren's house, it was a traumatic evening


194.0 lbs
27.5 %BF
10 Visceral Fat
133.6 LBM

Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 16 of 27

well, today I am ratcheting down the calories to burn off some good chub this week, body comp is improving though, going to take 3 days off from the gym, and go 4 days straight Thursday through Sunday

con-cret and 1/4 tsp VAT, then a NC Brocollive a little later

I got a touch hungry, so I mixed two tbs organic ghee with 1/4 tsp organic cinnamon and 1 scoop of Naked Whey - I went for a walk :)

3 Prime
4 EFAs
4 Vitamin D

a little later, my main meal

1.12 Holding Ranch Beef - raw, with organic spices
protein pudding again, double portion with a touch of organic heavy whipping cream

6 Prime
1 leucine
2 Longevinex Advantage

and at night I was still hungry! ok, for sure i am fasting tomorrow

spoon of organic ghee with organic cinnamon
3 hardboiled organic eggs with spoons of homemade mayo
2 sausage

4 Magnesium

estimate 2700 Calories
6 grams of carbs
181 grams of protein

another 1/2 tsp VAT before bed

not looking forward to fast/fat fast tomorrow


194.4 lbs
26.6 %BF
10 Visceral Fat
135.6 LBM

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 15 of 27

well, my body is tired, I need a few days off from the gym, plus I'm eating a lot, although all low carb food

woke up and had 1/4 tsp VAT
then con-cret and 3 PowerFull

hit the gym

Hoist Shoulder Press
70 lbs x 5
90 lbs x 7
90 lbs x 5
90 lbs x 5
90 lbs x 5
90 lbs x 4 to failure

Incline Dumbell Press
37.5 lbs x 8 to failure
37.5 lbs x 7 to failure

Dumbell Row
52.5 lbs x 5 (each hand)

Barbell Front Raise
40 lbs x 3 to failure (felt a shoulder twinge)

Barbell Curl
60 lbs x 6 to failure

Hoist Biceps Curl
90 lbs x 4 to failure

1 organic egg yolk
3 organic eggs, sunny side up in ghee/lard
2 sausage links
1 tbs super plasma + 1/4 tsp organic cinnamon
protein pudding (2 scoops Naked Whey + 1 tbs organic ghee + 2 tbs organic coconut milk powder)
1 tsp efas

5 Prime
4 Vitamin D

after lunch went for a long walk, then took 1/4 tsp VAT

nice heavy dinner

few bites of sausage
wild sockeye salmon filet with dijon
few spoonfuls of homemade mayo
1 tbs super plasma with organic cinnamon
protein pudding with a touch of organic heavy whip cream

4 Prime
2 Longevinex Advantage
400 mg Magnesium

1/2 tsp VAT before bed

tomorrow, no workout, no big meals!


193.8 lbs
27.4 %BF
10 Visceral Fat
133.6 LBM

goal for the week is to get between 190 and 191

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 14 of 27

woke up early, threw down 1/4 tsp of VAT
the con-cret and 3 PowerFull and hit the gym

worked on legs today

Dumbell Squats
30 lbs x 8 - 3 sets

Hoist Leg Press
Stack x 4...

Hoist Leg Extension
110 lbs x 7...
110 lbs x 4...
110 lbs x 4...

Upstairs Calf Machine

200 lbs x 8
240 lbs x 8
280 lbs x 8
280 lbs x 8
300 lbs x 8

finished the workout with bodyweight calf raises

I stopped by the Pleasanton Farmer's Market on my home, picked up 5 lbs of ground beef and some sausage

around noon had a big lunch

2 tsp organic ghee
1 raw organic egg yolk
3 organic eggs, sunny side up in organic ghee and lard
1/2 lb breakfast sausage (shrank down a lot)
1 tbs super plasma + organic cinnamon
1 tsp efas

3 Prime
4 Vitamin D
2 Longevinex Advantage

in the afternoon had another 1/4 tsp VAT

I got hungry later in the day, so I had two meals, one at 430 and then at 730

2 scoops Naked Whey mixed with organic coconut milk

3 Prime


3 spoons of homemade mayo
3 organic sunny side up eggs, fried in lard and organic ghee
6 curry shrimp
2 scoops Naked whey mixed with organic coconut milk
remainder can of organic coconut milk as dinner beverage

3 Prime (9 total day because of higher calories)
400 mg Magnesium
4 Vitamin D

1/2 tsp VAT before bed

obviously had a lot of food today, workout plus a touch of boredom, will ratchet back down tomorrow


193.0 lbs
27.7% BF
10 Visceral Fat
132.4 LBM

Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering those that passed

I still remember that horrible day 8 years ago, gosh, I can't wait till we win this war

Day 13 of 27

woke up and threw down 1/4 tsp of VAT

after a while, threw down con-cret and 3 PowerFull

hour later, started my workout

Knocked out 101 Perfect Pushups in sets of 5, felt great and pumped
did it one session this time, took 40 minutes

also started this yoga stomach move I learned from the new Dr. Eades book

then I did 1 chinup, did another one later in the day

afterwards I took my NC Brocollive and another 1/4 tsp VAT

wasn't planning on a post-workout meal, but I threw one down anyways

2 tbs organic ghee
1 scoop Naked Whey

3 Prime
2 Longevinex Advantage

I hit the gym in San Ramon for a bicep workout. Barbell curls with 60 lbs, forearms curls, and seated dumbell curls. Pretty tough actually

going for a nice walk today, trying to soak up the heat while it's there. Because of that, no extra Vitamin D today, I got fried yesterday.

dinner will be simple

3 sunny side up organic eggs fried in organic ghee (homemade, thanks Baba!) and lard
1.12 lb Holding Ranch beef - raw
organic spices, including organic cinnamon
hot sauce
1 tsp efas

3 Prime

1/4 tsp VAT before bed


193.2 lbs
29.1 %BF
10 Visceral Fat
130.2 LBM

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 12 of 27

woke up, had a 1/4 tsp VAT

then a serving of con-cret

knocked out 55 Perfect Pushups in 19 minutes

post workout meal

2 raw organic egg yolks
2 tbs organic heavy whipping cream
2 scoops Naked Whey
1 tsp efas

3 Prime
4 Vitamin D

went out for work for a bit, did some singing practice in the car

came home and did 46 more Perfect Pushups in 17 minutes

so 101 in 36 minutes (2 sessions)

going to repeat this tomorrow

good amount of raw butter
5 organic eggs sunny side in lard
1.03 lb Holding Ranch beef with organic spices
Chalula hot sauce - delish but heavy

a lot higher in calories today, will go light tomorrow, sub 800

3 Prime
2 Longevinex Advantage

1/2 tsp VAT before bed


194.0 lbs
27.7 %BF
10 Visceral Fat
133.2 LBM

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 11 of 27

woke up and had con-cret, 1/4 tsp VAT, and a NC Brocollive

felt hungry so I had breakfast

1 raw organic egg yolk
3 organic eggs - sunny side up in lard
2 tsp WFN mayo
1 tsp efas

3 Prime
4 Vitamin D
2 Longevinex Advantage

Started munching on dinner on my way home

1 tsp organic coconut oil
1.07 lb Holding Ranch beef - raw with organic spices
2 organic egg yolks - raw

3 Prime

1/2 tsp VAT before bed

Looking forward to hitting the gym tomorrow!


195.6 lbs
27.7 %BF
10 Visceral
134.4 LBM

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 10 of 27

so to mitigate yesterday, just doing a fat fast today

total intake should be about 285 calories

2 tbs organic coconut oil
1 tsp efas

and then 1/4 VAT in the AM, and 1/2 tsp VAT later in the day

I also threw down Con-cret and a NC Brocollive

Stats (yeah, I measured myself)


I got to hungry, so in the evening I had:

1 raw organic egg yolk
3 organic eggs, sunny side up in lard
2 spoons WFN mayo
1 tsp efas
2 scoops Naked Whey

total calories: less than 1000
Carbs: 6 grams

I also started reading the Eades's new book

my goal is by Saturday, Day 14, to be 191.8 lbs and/or 9 Visceral Fat

196.0 lbs
28.5 %BF
10 Visceral Fat
133.2 LBM

Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 9 of 27

got up, threw down a 1/4 tsp of VAT, then a NC Brocollive

threw down some con-cret and 3 PowerFull and hit the gym

hit back, traps, and a little biceps

Hoist Mid Row
120 lbs x 8, 5, 5, 5, 5 to failure

Dumbell Shrug
65 lbs x 6 to failure
65 lbs x 6 to failure

Hoist Lat Pull Down
90 lbs x 5
100 lbs x 5
90 lbs x 5
100 lbs x 1, plus an additional slow rep

Hoist Biceps Curl
90 lbs x 4 to failure

Reverse Barbell Curl
40 lbs x 7...

later at home, knocked out 1 chinup and then went back to the gym with my dad to sign him up

knocked out 5 dips

my brother and Partha wanted to grab dinner, so I broke my diet, but will just fast tomorrow to even it out, no point to weigh myself and feel bad... just Wednesday morning

popped a 'magic'

then 1 banana, 2 scoops Naked Whey, and some organic heavy whipping cream
very delicious

Dinner at Taxi's Burgers

double avocado jack burger with bacon
onion rings
diet coke

back at home

2 tbs super plasma with organic cinnamon
1 tsp efas


6 Prime
2 Longevinex Advantage
4 Vitamin D
2 scoops Leucine

before bed

same Naked Whey conconction except with only a 1/2 banana and 3 strawberries

one more 1/4 tsp VAT before bed


194.8 lbs
27.3 %BF
10 Visceral Fat
134.6 LBM

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 8 of 27

Morning after that much food is always tough on the old GI track

Woke up, threw down a 1/4 tsp of VAT

then a little later, con-cret and 3 PowerFull and hit the gym, did legs today, first time in a long time

I wanted to the leg press first but it was being used, so I did some bodyweight single leg calf raises on the stairs

Hoist Leg Press
180 lbs x 8 - 5 sets

eventually, I should shift to single leg training as this is a touch late for long term use, but my knee hurts with too much weight, so I should proceed cautiously

Hoist Leg Extension
100 lbs x 12
110 lbs to failure (7, 6, 6)

Some more bodyweight calf raises then I went upstairs for the seated calf machine

160 lbs x 8
190 lbs x 8
210 lbs x 8 - 3 sets, last one to failure

Came home and had 1/4 tsp VAT, then a little later a NC Brocollive and a probiotic, stomach is killing me

Tomorrow, going to work on back, traps, biceps, and forearms.


2 organic egg yolks - raw
1.04 lb Holding Ranch Beef - raw
organic spices including 1/4 tsp organic cinnamon
3 tbs Wilderness Family Naturals WNF Mayo
1 tsp efas

about 1100 calories

6 Prime
2 Longevinex Advantage

800 pm: 1/4 tsp VAT

going to see my friends Brent and Loren, I miss em'

night - 1/4 tsp VAT before bed


200.0 lbs
28.7 %BF
11 Visceral Fat
135.6 LBM

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 7 of 27

ok, so today is carbs, why? supposedly a metabolism boost, plus eating out with the folks today... next two weeks of meals should be a 1lb of raw beef plus 5 egg yolks, so let's see

Woke up, had a 1/4 tsp of VAT

threw down some con-cret and 3 PowerFull and hit the gym

Did 29 Dips, broken down as follows:
5 Dips - BW
5 Dips x 2 sets - BW + 10
5 Dips - BW + 5
4 Dips - BW + 5
5 Dips - BW

Vertical Chest Press (3)
110 lbs to failure (9, 8, 5)

Hoist Pec Fly
70 lbs to failure (6, 5, 5)

Hoist Chest Press
70 lbs to failure (3)

Tricep Overhead Dumbell
32.5 lbs x 12
32.5 lbs x 8...

came home and had a big meal
1 Qt raw milk
3.5 scoops Naked Whey
few tablespoons organic whip cream
2 slices gluten free bread
avocado, hummus, raw butter, WFN mayo
2 slices leftover pizza with green hot pepper
1 tbs super plasma with organic cinnamon

3 Prime

about 110 grams of protein post workout

230 pm: 1/4 tsp VAT
310 pm: 1 probiotic

500 pm: 6 BCAAs

630 pm: 2 scoops Xtend

at night

quart of raw milk
3 scoops of naked whey
Thai food with my folks at Thai House in Danville

3 Prime
2 LA

1/4 tsp VAT before bed


193.8 lbs
28.2 %BF
10 Visceral Fat
132.2 LBM

Friday, September 4, 2009

Day 6 of 27

another day of rest, last night was fantastic, it was hard to fall asleep

felt like breakfast, so after 1/4 tsp VAT and NC Brocollive

2 scoops Naked Whey
1 tsp efas
1/4 tsp organic cinnamon

3 Prime
4 Vitamin D

1/4 tsp VAT around 4pm


1.14 lb Holding Ranch beef - raw
organic spices
3 tbs WF mayo

3 Prime
2 Longevinex Advantage

Total Net Carbs: 5 grams

1/4 tsp VAT before bed

193.6 lbs
27.8 %BF
10 Visceral Fat
132.8 LBM

Day 5 of 27*

ok, note to self, a whole pint of heavy whipping cream, organic or not, may impede weightloss

no workout today

I kept it really low cal as yesterday was so high

woke up and a 1/4 tsp of VAT, then a little later a NC Brocollive and a Primal Defense HSO

single meal of a late lunch

1.15 lb Prather Farms Beef - raw
organic spices, including 1/4 tsp organic cinnamon

this took a long time to eat, I almost hurled a few times, I really missed the mayo... add that back for my next meat meal

4 EFAs
6 Prime
3 Ubiquinol (finished up what I had)
1 Potassium
4 Vitamin D

had 1/4 tsp VAT after my meal and another 1/2 tsp VAT before bed

a little off my diet, but this is why

*went to a bar last night, it was really fun, had a few sip's of a vodka tonic and grey goose on the rocks... not bad, it was totally worth it


195.0 lbs
29.0 %BF
11 Visceral Fat
131.6 LBM

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 4 of 27

I threw down 1/2 tsp of Con-cret, then half hour later 3 PowerFull and 1/4 tsp VAT Attack

Post Workout
New Chapter Brocollive
1 tsp efas
4 Vitamin D

great workout at the 24 Super Sport in San Ramon

Dumbell Row
45 lbs x 5
50 lbs x 5: 4 sets

70 lbs x 5: 3 sets

Hoist Biceps Curl
100 x 1
90 x 2
80 x 3

Hoist Lat Pull Down
80 lbs x 5
90 lbs x 5: 4 sets

Hammer Curl

27.5 x 6 to failure (each hand)

Going back to the high saturated fat, see how it affects weigh in tomorrow

1.11 lb Prather Farms Beef with organic spices including 1/4 tsp organic cinnamon (raw)
3 tbs of Wilderness Family Naturals Mayo
1 pint of organic heavy whipping cream I got from Trader Joe's

Breakdown:2900 caloriesFat: 88%Pro: 12%Carb: practically zero

6 Prime
2 Longevinex Advantage

went for a walk in the evening, and will take 1/4 tsp VAT before bed.

My Stats This Morning
193.2 lbs
29.1% BF
10 Visceral Fat
130.0 lbs LBM

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 3 of 27

well today is my vegetarian Hanuman Chalisa day

so I am opting for a fat fast as yesterday's calorie bomb seemed to have a nice effect

so my only meal for the day was mid morning

1 tbs raw organic coconut oil
1 tsp efas
1 stick melted organic butter

960 calories

Supplements: 2 Longevinex Advantage and 4 Vitamin D

VAT Attack came in, I took 1/2 tsp in the evening and another 1/4 tsp before bed (around 130am)

I hit the gym at night, went to the SR 24 and did 15 dips (3 sets of 5)
then went to the Pleasanton 24 and did 10 dips (2 sets of 5)

Stats This Morning

196.4 lbs
30.3 % BF
11 Visceral Fat
130.2 lbs LBM

right now, I am just focusing on the weight, the other stuff usually shakes out, I had a whopping 19 grams of carbs max yesterday, so I don't have any concern that my fat inside went up, in fact I look leaner today

Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 2 of 27 and already a modification...

I know, I know, I got all jazzed on this new reading and added something I hadn't planned on

first though, for my morning workout, after I popped 3 PowerFull, I also took a New Chapter Brocollive for liver detox

Seated Calf Raises
90 lbs x 5
95 lbs x 5 (4 sets)

Rotary Calf Machine
250 lbs x 7 to failure

Clean and Military Press (probably a misnomer)

60 lbs to failure (3 sets)
I really liked this exercise, I will add 10 lbs to it on Wednesday when I work out next

Barbell Curl
60 lbs x 5 to failure

Reverse Barbell Curl
45 lbs x 5 to failure

Hammer Curl
27.5 lbs x 5 to failure (both arms)

after my workout, as my plan was to eat at my condo was a tsp of efas and 4 Vitamin D

I had a late late lunch as my one meal for the day

1.08 lb Prather Farms Beef with organic spices (raw)
3 tbs of Wilderness Family Naturals Mayo
1 pint of heavy whipping cream I got from Trader Joe's


2900 calories
Fat: 88%
Pro: 12%
Carb: practically zero

6 Prime
2 Longevinex Advantage

I know, I know, reading some new site got me all jazzed, we will see if my weigh in tomorrow is awful, I am planning on fasting tomorrow

My Stats This Morning

198.6 lbs
28.2% BF
10 Visceral Fat
135.4 lbs LBM

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Start of 27 Day Experiment : Day 1 of 27

Starting Stats

202.0 lbs
28.8 % BF
11 Visceral Fat

Two things, not entirely confident about my scale at my parent's house. And I gained 6.2 lbs from the day before from the carb load.

I took photos and will throughout the process. Shirtless and shirtless with those pants I now fit into. My plan is to eat just meat, fat, and water. No dairy or protein powders other than the super plasma protein which is beef based. I am going to try and eat the vast majority of the meat raw. Supplements will be Prime and Vat Attack (the latter I should get on Tuesday). I found a bottle of PowerFull that I will use till it finishes, just to use it up. In addition I will take 1 tsp of efas per evening meal, a scoop of Leucine, and Longevinex Advantage. I will be fasting one day a week on Tuesdays for religious reasons. If I get hungry on those fast days, I will just consume oil to kill the hunger.

Today I popped 3 PowerFull and 3 Prime 45 minutes before my workout.

I did a lot of dips, direct shoulder work, and biceps.


1 lb Marin Sun Farms beef with organic spices (including 1/4 tsp organic cinnamon)
2 tbs Wilderness Family Naturals Mayonaisse
2 tbs super plasma with 1/4 tsp organic cinnamon

1 tsp efas
3 Prime
1 scoop leucine
4 Vitamin D

that's it!

last day o' fun for a while and no booze

well, I told you this day was going to have a bit of calories

I took 3 doses of 'magic' today


4 slices gluten free bread (fried in lard, slathered in raw butter)
2 organic eggs - sunny side up
2 scoops Goatein
1 scoop Naked Whey
1 scoop Warrior Millk


dim sum at Koi Garden
iced mocha with warrior milk and a little seven layer bar
Went out with my great friends Brent and Loren. It was Loren's birthday on the 18th

threw down a kombucha in the afternoon along with a scoop of Naked Whey

Ana Mandara with my family
good food
lobster ravioli, crab soup, vietnamese rolls, zuchini squash blossoms
rack of lamb - fantastic!
molten lava cake

Late night
2 scoops of Naked Whey

from tomorrow, photos each day, weigh ins, and no junk!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Baby is trying to get 'back'

I popped 6 Morph and hit the gym for a back workout before I had to go see Dr. Hata, my dentist

115 lbs x 1 - 5 sets
105 lbs x 3 - 2 sets
105 lbs x 1 - 15 sets

Dumbell Row
45 lbs to failure, 6 for left hand and 5 for right hand

Dinner was nice and simple and raw:

2 organic egg yolks
1 lb pastured grazed lamb from Prather Ranch with organic spices
2 tbs super plasma with 1/2 tsp organic cinnamon
1 scoop Naked Whey

tomorrow is going to be a good dose of carbs and other foods, then it's 27 days of clean sailing...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Workout(s) today and dinner

hit the chest area, trying to buff it up and reduce the man boobs (moobs)

6 to failure
2 to failure


290 lbs x 3 (weak form)
280 lbs x 3
275 lbs x 3 (4 sets)


3 to failure

Incline Press-Dumbells
35 lbs x 9 to failure
35 lbs x 7 to failure
35 lbs x 8 to failure

Dumbell Pullover
42.5 lbs x 15 to failure
45 lbs x 10 to failure

Incline Press Machine
150 lbs x 3 to failure

Tricep Dumbell Overhead
30 lbs x 15 to failure
35 lbs x 6 to failure

then I went for a long walk

had a nice afternoon tea session, white tea at Peet's in San Ramon with my good friend Partha, we made plans to maybe workout later

great all raw dinner again

1.08 lb Prather Ranch Beef
organic spices
3 tbs special mayonaisse
3 scoops Naked Whey (I know, it justs tastes good)

another workout with my buddy Partha, we hit chest and biceps

did a few reps of bench with a 45 lb plate on each side

did pec deck with 120 lbs

then did a lot of bicep work

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

would have been 3 years today but I am still a hungover badass...

well, I am getting tired of this pity party, but it would have been 3 years today, but it's still 3 years since I met her, one of kindest souls on the planet

so I was hungover, but that didn't derail me dietwise

all raw

1.08 lb Prather Ranch Beef
4 tbs special mayo
1 scoop Naked Whey

total net carbs = 5 max

hung over

well, yesterday was not a good day diet wise

had a nice healthy shake in the am, lunch at BJs in San Bruno (turkey club/fries), then a chips/salsa/guacamole steak, etc... along with like 7 drinks

it was hard to hold together, depression finally kicked in

Monday, August 24, 2009

Moving out of Heartbreak Hotel straight into a pile of steak tartare...

well, my friend Colin helped me with the move today, it was brutal, not the move, but the feelings... I saw my angel (former angel to be exact) in the am... that was tough, she was beautiful as always

with the move out of the way, I zipped home for an early supper

1.1 lb Prather Beef tartare with organic spices and tons of special mayo
2 organic egg yolks
2 scoops Naked Whey

sipping on water now (but would prefer to be sipping on gin and juice)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

WHAT?!? they fit?!?

so I tried on these pants, the ones I couldn't wear just a few days ago, and they fit! not great, but I couldn't even button them, and now I can, wohoo!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sprinting and raw dieting with the Half Blooded Prince

so I woke up and another scoop of Naked Whey with a touch of raw butter

took care of some errands, picked up my parking decals in Fremont

then I sprinted, first time in a long time, and my first running in my Vibram Five Fingers!

it was great!

dinner was simple

a pound plus of Holding Ranch Ground Beef with organic mexican spices, cumin , tumeric with a couple of big spoons of special mayonaisse

ok, that was random...

started off the day pretty normal, a little naked whey and raw butter

took care of some bank errands

then our good family friends - Nitesh, Meeta, and their two great sons came by to take my mom out for her birthday... well, they asked me and said 'niet', didn't want to see anyone cus' I'm so friggin' broken... but I relented finally and met them at thai house in danville for an awesome thai meal, then some tea and before bed some raw colostrum, scoop of naked whey, and 1/2 a calzone


before dinner I popped a 'magic' and had about 24 oz of raw colostrum and FOUR scoops of naked whey, that stuff is expensive but it is delicious!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Big Changes... Broken Heart and Bigger Muscles

last night was rough, I moved out of my girlfriend / fiancee's ('ex' of course now) place... it was even rougher because I kinda forget how in love with her I am and how pretty she is (shallow, but o well, sue me)

well, I was fueled by a healthy meal before I went so I have that going for me

I started the Naked Cowboy whey

it tasted delicious and then I had a pound of Prather Farm beef, complete with organic spices and some of the Wilderness Family Naturals Mayonaisse, down the hatch!

repeat tomorrow

Thursday, August 20, 2009

lots of food today because...

It was my Mom's Birthday

Uncle Yu's for dinner and Chow for dessert

oh yeah, did a little morning workout, progenex shake, ricotta cheese, vietnamese lunch and a bunch of raw colostrum... but that's a tale for another time

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

raw food and Third Eye Blind

I had a single meal of the same composition

all raw

2 organic egg yolks
0.9 lb of organic grassfed beef and a few spoons of wilderness family mayonaisse


then I went to go see Third Eye Blind at the Fox Theatre in Oakland

Monday, August 17, 2009

first raw meal in a long time

for dinner last night I threw down 3 organic egg yolks, some Holding Ranch ground beef, and some of that special organic mayonnaise, awesome!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Week 1 Results, Discussion, Thoughts, and adjustments

well, with a mythical 'starting point' of last Friday, 07 Aug 09, I have some updates
first some stats

07 Aug 09

194.0 lbs
29.1% BF
10 (Visceral Fat)
130.6 LBM

14 Aug 09
193.8 lbs (-0.2 lbs)
28.7% BF (-0.4%) : -1.0 lb BF
131.4 LBM (+0.8 lbs)

I definitely did not lose as much "weight" as I wanted to. According to this quick snap shot, I lost just a pound of bodyfat and gained 0.8 lbs of muscle, so a tissue swap. However, this is just a snapshot. If the 0.8 lbs LBM is true, that is pretty cool. I do 'feel' more muscular

Things to improve on


Last Saturday was high in booze, specifically high in beer, that will be cut out

A lot of calories were consumed in the form of carbs on Saturday AND Tuesday

Saturdays will probably still contain a good deal of calories but must cut Tuesday carbs, although it is a vegetarian day I will need to fast instead or stick to protein shakes and chia seeds

one option is to consume a few tablespoons of coconut oil and turmeric for liver detox on those days

Consume less raw butter (perhaps cut all together on most diet days) and up coconut oil


Since I am on Progenex - go to 4 day split
Back and traps and biceps (forearms)
Legs - Dumbell Squats, Leg Extension, Calves
Chest and triceps (forearms and calves)
Shoulders (forearms)


As I not working, must cut out super late nights, lack of sleep is affecting me
As I am doing forex again, must throw in nap at least 5 days per week
throw out late night movie rentals after current 2 movies are done
mustminimize/eliminate late night TV

ok - shoot for better results next Friday

last night...

so it was my friend Colin's sister in law's birthday

we hung out at Palomino from like 630 to like 1030

I just had ice tea with lemon, came home and popped some Progenex SRG

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Progenex Day 5 + Carbs

well, today is our vegetarian day... not going to go hog wild...

try to get in a lot of protein, low on gluten, maybe chips/salsa...

well - next 3 days will be single meal at night with just the Progenex SRG before bed

I feel like the new supplement is working, I am definitely getting stronger and shape is changing

Sunday, August 9, 2009

quick update...

Friday and Saturday were Progenex Pro Pack days

today, just low carb and the progenex pills and super plasma...

workout planned for manana morning

Friday, August 7, 2009

ok, here we go again... and again, and again...

progenexsrg pro pack just came in

going to go hit the gym in a bit, going to try a simple diet of:

Workout days

workout followed by progenex cocktail

wait a few hours then main meal, example lamb steak with raw butter sauce (anchovies, capers, mustard, garlic), coconut oil, and 2 tbs of super plasma

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

all raw today...

Satya Narayana puja at the house, so no meat today

evening meal

2 quarts raw milk
raw butter with raw cacao and raw organic coconut butter

final one?

well, my gf and I broke up 2 nights ago, I am sure for the last time...

on the plus side, my progenex gets in tomorrow, my goal is to do the most amazing transformation ever, no seriously...

I will take photos every few days...

I am going to only post when I get pretty badass though

Friday, July 17, 2009

Back from Thailand

I was there for two weeks, wow, that was fun but I ballooned back up to 198.8 lbs...

first day of a new supplement for me called Mitotropin by Gaspari

Friday, June 19, 2009

I am doing good...

that's all!!!

just a quick positive update

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

another one!

zero carb dinner yesterday

same as last time

tablespoon of organic coconut oil

big prime ribeye with lard - cooked in nuwave

2 tbs of super plasma with organic cinnamon

fasting today for religious reasons and then hoping to continue this through Saturday with a weigh in on Sunday morning (Father's Day)

Friday, June 12, 2009

back on horse slowly

yesterday had my first zero carb meal in while, just steak, coconut oil, and super plasma

workouts are going again... going to the Dish in a few hours to hike in my new vibram 5 fingers!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

road back to just not perfect

what was that? I don't know, something saying that I am on my way back to a leaner me, but not lean - get it?

popped 9 Morph and hit the gym

31 dips in many low rep sets

3 single pullups


8 raw organic egg yolks
pork chop wrapped in bacon and rosemary
small can of anchovies with hot sauce
2 stalks of celery sauteed in pork fat
2 tbs super plasma with organic cinnamon
organic turmeric
2 spoons organic coconut butter

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

no, haven't started

I need to get to 3 pullups before p90x

so I need to get in better shape to get in great shape

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

P90x is here!!!

yeah, it just came in, wohoo!

starting next Tuesday, May 26th

Google calories...

yeah, so I had a free lunch at Google yesterday... I ate a lot, but most of it was decent

chili, shrimp soup, sandwiches, scallops, sushi hand rolls, and a green drink and coco/banana drink

preceded it all with a 'magic' and capped it with a Metabolic Drive shake...

Monday, May 18, 2009

eating lard is ok, but turning into lard is not...

going through some drama in my personal life, so the weekend was disastrous food wise... somewhat back on track today, have a wedding this weekend...

dinner was simple

6 organic egg yolks - raw
0.8 lb ribeye
5 oz mushrooms sauteed in lots of organic ghee/lard
1 tbs super plasma with organic cinnamon
1 tsp organic turmeric

Monday, May 4, 2009

sick but not a fat turd...

so I am pretty sick (but getting better :)

but I don't want to use exuse to eat badly...

just trucking along

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

wedding weekend...

wow, so that was so much fun!

great wedding weekend!

my final weigh in before the event was 185.0 @ 24.7% (or so, though I was at 184.0 the day before)

keep trucking forward till that six pack

Thursday, April 9, 2009

almost 'magic'd...

well, was leaning towards having some carbs but thought better of it as I may go out for dinner tomorrow

so just a prime ny steak with organic lard, 'dessert' was a can of organic coconut milk with a lot of organic cinnamon

rare 3 meal day...

so we went suit shopping at Ted Baker in the city... family went out for dinner... I didn't cheat - but per request had 1 tandoori lamb chop, assuming carb count is next to nil

was still hungry, so at night had a small prime ny steak

during suit testing I saw myself in the mirror, though I am not near my goal of a six pack, and still have love handles, I was shocked that my stomach fat almost seemed deflated... weird

good but weird

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

was freakin' starving...

so I had a lunch instead of a dinner, actually drove back home to eat...

was craving fat, so I threw down 2 raw organic egg yolks, a nice prime ny strip, and a big tablespoon of organic lard to go with it... I am doing pretty nice with my diet... will go without egg yolks tomorrow...

might be eating out on Friday night...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

sorry... I know it's been a while...

got back from Reno a few nights ago with the family...

back to eating clean

tonight was zero carbs

tablespoon of organic coconut oil
prime ny steak with organic lard

es todo!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


simple dinner, higher in saturated fat

2 eggs scrambled in lard
0.85 lb organic grassfed ribeye
1 cup coconut cream

10 grams carbs
1500 calories

just to post numbers, 188 on parent's scale

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

once again... Success!!!

albeit a little earlier today though... comida finished by noon

total calories today = approximately 700 calories

4 EFAs in the early evening with a bunch of vitamin D (slowly getting better I think) then 1/2 lb of marin sun beef with organic spices and 4 efas

189.6 @ 25.7%

that's it, just wanted to post the numbers this morning, today should be practically identical to yesterday

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

back to low calorie and raw zero carb...

total calories today = approximately 700 calories

touch of evoo in the early evening with a bunch of vitamin D (sick as a dog)

then 1/2 lb of marin sun beef with organic spices
6 efas

good deal, this will be my meal for the next few days before my dinner out on Friday...

peeling it off - 193.4 @ 24.6%

so man, nasty nasty cold

fasted all day, picked up my girl, and no dinner with her, so I just broke down and had dinner with my friends Brent and Loren

popped a 'magic' and had a toasted pita with tons of hummus, little feta, and evoo

then had some chinese food - yummers!
rice, salt/pepper fish, beef stew, pork with dried bean curd, potstickers...

then popped a 'ruby' at the end

here on out it gets tough - I will do good, just you watch!

Monday, March 16, 2009

My girl is 30! Happy Birthday!

that's it, I love her and am very happy for her today

Prague, and the price i paid...

oh boy, just got back from Prague, yes Praha for my little bro's bachelor party...

it was crazy, beer filled, super fun, and bloatage maximus!

gain of about 10 or 11 pounds, up to 197.5 lbs...


ok, got a month now to burn it off...

Sunday, March 8, 2009


a little raw organic ground beef with organic spices
slab of ribeye steak - seared
topped with organic lard

I should do a repeat of this tomorrow

oh my head...

so yesterday, was how shall we say... filling...

breakfast was scrambled eggs with potatoes, bacon/sausage on the side with a tbs of super plasma with organic cinnamon, a coconut ladoo, and a chocolate peanut cluster, organic apple

late lunch of a lot of dim sum

had a bite of cake before going vodka tasting at Hangar One... that was fun

then went to some german place where I had a lot of food, beer, pork shank, schnitzel, chocolate souffle, etc...

then to a tiki bar where we had tropical drinks (I didn't drive home)

today is just workout and beef, then repeat tomorrow

Friday, March 6, 2009

great workout and meal

morning - dips and shrugs (140 lbs per side)

simple dinner

3 raw organic egg yolks
1/4 grassfed organic beef - raw with organic spices
3 shortribs - lightly cooked in organic lard

and that's it!!!

magic and ruby in da' house

oh boy, did I need those

potato soup
prime rib
few fries
garlic mashed potatoes
1/2 brownie/ice cream

then a few narcol ladoos at home

Thursday, March 5, 2009

mixed bag...

had a high protein breakfast because I crashed at my folk's place night after my brother's Ashirbadh ceremony

2 organic raw egg yolks
1 scoop Grow! with 1 tsp organic raw cacao
2 tbs super plasma with organic cinnamon

dinner is at Outback tonight...

I think carbs (probably a good amount) will enter the system, so I am going to pop a 'magic' before and a 'ruby' afterwards... if I don't eat carbs (not too likely), just a 'magic' ahead of time

'ruby' is a USP supplement called p-slin

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I did it!

stomach wasn't doing too good... but I was able to stick with my eating plan, small small small, micro taste of mithai... not counting it...

but getting leaner!

ok, so maybe not...

fast I mean...

don't know why but I got a conscious of not eating... so I am just going to roll with whole foods and just have protein supplements tomorrow and off again on Friday before my weigh in Saturday morning

plan is to throw down 4 organic raw egg yolks and 1 lb of ribeye with a teaspoon of efas later in the morning for a late breakfast early brunch

tonight is my brother's Ashirbadh so I will be fasting at night... in case of disaster I will to a total fast on Friday (but that is not going to happen!!!)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

not the day I expected

so I spent the whole day at a biomedical device start-up company

came home starving!!!

popped a 'magic' at 642 pm

started dinner around 727 pm

touch of unheated honey (like 1/3 teaspoon)
45 grams of organic sprouted brown rice - about 30 gram carb, sauteed in lard along with 1 organic scrambled egg, 4 organic egg whites, 1 cut up pork sausage
1 stalk organic celery
1 oz organic brocolli sprouts
1/2 lb skirt steak - seared
1/4 Prather Ranch sirloin - raw with organic spices
1/4 red onion - sauteed in lard
2 tbs super plasma with 1/2 tsp organic cinnamon

total carb count about 40 grams
protein count = 130 grams

maybe I'll fast tomorrow

reflections and great workout

the 'magic' makes me nervous, but honestly last year I got some compliments on it, when I didn't abuse it... now this Saturday will be excessive, but I will just 0 carb it on Sunday and Monday

so I just got back from the gym, I took 2 scoops of Jacked

damn, I forgot how well that stuff works!

I did t-bar (healing shoulder yeah!) with 90 lbs and most reps with 100 lbs

a whole mess of dips

biceps - even 1 rep with a 70 lb barbell (ok, so that's good 4 me all right)

a little reverse forearm barbell raise with 40 lb barbell

very intense workout, best part was ending it with 10 dips!!!

now I feel Jacked!!!

did I mention I got into not one, but two size 34 pair pants over the last 48 hours?!?

not the best fit, but it sure beats not being able to even pull them up *lol*

Return of the 'magic' man...

so, day off from my client site today - actually got some errands done, got some singing practice in, and spent a little $ on vitamins...

I have decided to try the 'magic' again, except this time with discipline, meaning 30 to 40 g carb per day at my single meal time

also, in Prague, I want to minimize the damage

so my body felt worn out so I didn't work out on this day and had a tasty dinner

popped a 'magic' at 412 pm

started dinner around 455 pm

touch of unheated honey (like 1/3 teaspoon)
45 grams of organic sprouted brown rice - about 30 gram carb, sauteed in lard along with 2 organic scrambled eggs
1 stalk organic celery
1 oz organic brocolli sprouts
1/2 lb skirt steak - seared
1/4 Prather Ranch sirloin - raw with organic spices
1/4 red onion - sauteed in lard
couple tablespoons mexican sauce - 3 g carb
2 tbs super plasma with 1/2 tsp organic cinnamon

total carb count about 40 grams
protein count = 115 grams

Planning to have same dinner tomorrow, minus the mexican sauce

Wednesday, looking forward to a sprint session followed up with fasting

Monday, March 2, 2009

Rainy Sunday..

didn't get a great amount of sleep but I still managed a great workout

I popped 9 Morph and hit the gym

Shrugs (135 lbs/side), 7 sets x 5

I got those great stretch marks around the traps!

dinner was late, but varied and healthy:

4 organic raw egg yolks
organic greens salad with evoo/rw vinegar/touch unheated honey dressing
red onion
1/2 prime ribeye steak
8 mushrooms sauteed in lard
2 tbs super plasma with organic cinnamon

tomorrow will be a great eating day!!!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nice Saturday...

was up laaaaaaaaaaaaate last night, but I didn't eat anything at my buddy's house, just listened to Rush and enjoyed the soiree

woke up this morning, popped 9 Morph and hit the gym for dips, biceps, and shrugs

big meal afterwards, 0 carb

prime ribeye
2 tbs super plasma with organic cinnamon
1 tbs efas

hung out with the folks and came back hooooooooongry...

tried a little recipe cookin' action

1/2 prime ribeye - cut small with cumin, fried in lard
4 slices bacon
6 mushroom
1/3 small red onion
1 clove garlic

sauteed in groups, mixed in at the end for a little hash imitation, topped with 2 sunny side up organic eggs - pretty damn good

my estimation is about 10 net carbs

tomorrow will be a zero carb day, with ribeye steak and raw sirloin as my mainstays... looking forward to another workout - thinking dips, biceps, calves, shrugs, yeah... that sounds good

Friday, February 27, 2009

too damn hungry!

ok, let that GH train ride for 5 hours

1 organic raw egg yolk
1 lb prime ribeye steak
1 tbs super plasma with organic cinnamon
teaspoon efas

sprint tomorrow maybe?

Sprint 8 revisited

my my my

how do you almost throw up, cry, and get complimented by a nice looking blond jogging down a hill?

easy, sprint as hard as you can up that same hill, heave, hate yourself, walk back down the hill, and do it 7 more freakin' times!!!

oh my gosh, that was so painful and awesome and exhilarating!!!

scratch the evening meal plan, just going to ride this growth hormone train!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

whoops, Art's did me in!!!

so I went to Art's...

tons of food (no booze)

hush puppies, fried mushrooms, bread, oyster loaf, fries, touch of crab, fried snapper

ice cream at Fenton's

at home, yogurt, mango, and unheated honey

back to carb depletion tomorrow

at home just kickin' it...

well, not going to work today, just doing my thang, get some singing practice in...

having a big late lunch so I don't eat tonight off my diet

2 raw organic egg yolks (actually, 3, one of them had like a double yolk)
prime ribeye - seared (1 lb ish)
10 mushroom sauteed in lard
2 tbs super plasma with 1/2 tsp organic cinnamon


off to Art's Crab Shack tonight! wohoo! (no eating though!!!)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

great workout!

crushed it again today, those 9 Morph really help!

some metrics

dumbell squats 45 lbs - 5 sets of 5
return of the dip!!! was able to do dips again, took it easy, around 12 total, in sets of 3
shrugs - with 135 a side!!!
curls with 60 lb barbell
leg press

plan today is to go zero carb today with steak, 160 calories efas, and 2 tbs of super plasma with 1/2 tsp organic cinnamon

ok, it was actually a little higher in fat, 280 calories of efas, and also a sliver of organic lard on top of the steak, still 0 carb though


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

yummy n' healthy

nice dinner today, dairy free, which is a lot for me when I am cooking mushrooms or eggs

3 organic raw egg yolks
prime ribeye steak - seared rare
8 mushrooms sauteed in lard
2 tbs super plasma
1/2 tsp organic cinnamon
1 tsp efas

Chinups again!!!

well, my shoulder is slowly healing and I am still working out

I was able to do chinups today, 5 sets of 1... I am back, can't wait to flex tonight in front of mirror *lol*

wait a minute!

I went back later and knocked 3 more, well... 3 sets of 1

Monday, February 23, 2009

varied and tasty...

are those guns I see? *lol*

arms getting a touch more defined

rich dinner today, but filling, 0 carbs, and no dairy

1 organic raw egg yolk

1/2 marin sun beef (raw) with organic spices

2 eggs plus 1 white scrambled in lard with 2 sausages

0.4 lb pork chop with 2 slices bacon

1 tbs super plasma with organic cinnamon

1 tbs Udo's Choice

also threw down some creatine today based on a new protein book I read by Brad Pilon

I threw down 2 more tbs of Udo's Choice after my nap

Sunday, February 22, 2009

back on track!

little dietary indiscretion at a tapas place last night at Picaro, that's ok, I'm back on track

during the day:

1/2 lb prather ranch farm - raw
1 tbs super plasma with organic cinnamon


1 baked chicken leg

late dinner

2 organic raw egg yolks
0.57 ny steak
1 tbs super plasma with organic cinnamon

wow, what a day!

well to start off, there was a lot of calories, and yes carbs, and yes a killa' workout...

woke up in the morning and was hungry, I threw down:

1/4 raw marin sun beef with organic spices
0.61 lb organic pork chop fried in lard
1 tbs super plasma with organic cinnamon
1 tsp efas and 1 tbs udo's choice

popped 9 morph and had a long killer leg workout, with some abs, calves, and shrugs... that was a killer

in the evening before going out I had

1 tsp efas
1/2 prather beef burger - rare
anchovy butter
another shot of plasma and cinnamon

went to Picaro in the city and I just kind of caved... I just wanted to eat normal, that's all... honestly I don't feel that bad, I think it may even help my fat loss and resolve, we will see

paella and bread and anchovies and sausage, chocolate mousse and creme catalan and a large orange juice, no booze, that was key

later had a slice of pizza and at home had yogurt, raw honey, berries and then protein muffins and an organic apple with cinnamon...

today it is back to the old same zero carb with no dairy...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

just got home!

wow, it is 330 in the freaking morning!

my dinner, well considering, I was with friends, not perfect but not that bad either, honestly, I am kind of proud of myself

I got a few compliments too, makes me want to work even harder!

dinner was luxurious

sauteed organic celery in lard
few sauteed mushrooms
sauteed asparagus with almonds
prime ny steak -rare

this was sooo good, my friends really loved it

steak was with horseradish sauce and anchovy butter I made...

had a big glass of red wine to go with it...

after in a bar, the owner bought us a patron so one shot down the hatch, like I said, not perfect, but not bad either, very different from days past

Friday, February 20, 2009

a little different friday

i am going to the city tonight, so i wanted to have some supplements in the am

low calorie breakfast: 300 calories

3 raw organic egg yolks
1 tbs super plasma with organic cinnamon

Thursday, February 19, 2009

ouch, that sucked

tough tough day at work...

ok, but I didn't fold headfirst into a pizza

I actually started munching on food on my way home in the car *lol*

1/2 marin sun farms ground beef with organic spices (raw)
prime ribeye - seared rare, topped with organic lard
1 big tbs super plasma with 1/4 tsp organic cinnamon

feeling great!

feeling good and alive...

just wanted to toss that in, far far from goal... but I feel really good (and kinda leanish too!)

my tough day at work can't touch me!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

crushed legs... again!!!

well, with the shoulder still hurt no reason I can't build a butt...

I hit the gym early and warmed up with some thrusters

then 6 sets of dumbell squats, 5 reps each

35 lbs
40 lbs - 5 sets

little calves, then home when I popped a tablespoon of Udo's Choice

nice zero carb dinner at home

1/4 raw marin sun ground beef with organic spices
prime ribeye steak - rare topped with organic lard
1 big tbs super plasma with 1/4 tsp organic cinnamon

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"You had me at sashimi..."

so my buddy Colin bought me lunch, very nice of him

hamachi sashimi
tuna steak - seared
spicy tuna hand roll - no rice

I detected a hint of sweetness but I don't think it's a big deal

update, I think the sashimi/fish/sometin' wasn't ideal... tummy issues...

time to pop some probiotics

done - 3 probiotics tossed down

late dinner of prime ribeye steak with kerrygold butter
big tbs super plasma with 1/4 tsp organic cinnamon
little organic turmeric tossed in for some health benefits

Monday, February 16, 2009

boy, that was good...

so it is waaaaaay too cold for me to not have any food in my system

but I did have a nice zero carb meal

1 tbs Udo's Choice
2 organic raw egg yolks
prime ribeye steak seared topped with organic lard
1 big tbs super plasma protein with 1/4 tsp organic cinnamon

I have been stupid and not been taking the super plasma, I read some awesome testimonials on this on the proteinfactory site

no more stupidity!!!


man, I'm cold...

trying to fast the whole day through da evening but man that prime ribeye steak suuuuuuuuuure sounds good about now

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Rainy Sunday

gosh, the weather totally sucks outside

I hate this cold, so I am eating a little more chow today to stay warm and to have a lot of nutrients

started off my day with a scoop of Biotest Superfood and some efas

late breakfast had raw celery, Udo's Choice, 2 raw egg yolks, scrambled eggs with 9 sauteed mushrooms, kerrygold butter, 2 slices bacon, and some super plasma protein with organic raw cacao and organic cinnamon

this may be one of the worst days of my life - this way of eating is the only thing I can control

ok, so it went better than I had planned

I had a big dinner, ok, no starchy foods, and I am fasting tomorrow

organic celery
gruyere cheese
1/2 marin sun ground beef with sauteed onions/mushrooms
2 scoops Grow! with organic raw cacao and Biotest Superfood

Saturday, February 14, 2009

mix and match...

started off my day with a raw meal

1tbs Udo's Choice
0.46 lb raw organic sirloin with organic spices

hit the gym in the early afternoon for some chest, lats, leg press, calves, and tummy exercises...

not doing great as my beautiful left the house (and maybe me)... will know finality in a few hours...

so I threw down a prime NY steak with 2 tbs of Udo's Choice and 12 sauteed mushrooms and just let the chips fell where they fell...

Friday, February 13, 2009

still sick but getting leaner...

loads of Vitamin D and positive thinking, not to mention Magnesium is helping me improve...

simple dinner:

2 organic raw egg yolks
prime NY steak - rare
14 mushrooms in lard/browned butter
2 tbs Udo's Choice

will try and hit the gym tomorrow

hopefully my beautiful will like what I got her...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

sick today...

chose to fast

100 calories of essential fats and a lot of Vitamin D, Oreganomax, and Tulsi Pomegrenate tea

bro's 32nd birthday...

big breakie with a quart of raw milk, lunchie at Shalimar, and dinner at home...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

189.4 at 26.4% - Dipdawg's 32nd birthday...

not the best weight, but the fat percentage has gone down, and I am leaner...

last day of enjoying food until I hit outback next week

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

nice and simple

ny strip steak with 3 tbs Udo's Choice + efas

that's it...

Spin Fattie Spin!!!

boy, that was fun

no, really, it wasn't that bad...

I hit the spinning class from 6am to 7am

will do it again and again and again

Monday, February 9, 2009

Perfecto Part Deux!

same thang as yesterday plus an additional tbs of Udo's Choice

so 1000 calories

83% fat
17% fat

remember, my goal is to preserve lean and burn fat, that's it!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


single evening meal, 100% raw

1/2 prather ranch beef
3 tbs udo's choice
1 tsp efas

81 % fat
19 % protein

so yesterday...

well after that workout, it started out perfect, then ok, then huh?!?

big steak in the AM with a few raw yolks and Udo's Choice

at night went to the city and drank vodka and had a burger w/no bun, guacamole, bacon, and egg...

then a lot more vodka... finally at 3 in the morning, not 1 or 2, but 3 huge slices of pizza!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

crushed legs this morning..

did a 30 minute workout of leg press and Hindu Squats, with the cherry on top being calves...

going to try and sprint tomorrow while shoulder heals up

a little different...

so I wound up going to Happy Hour at the W nearby work w/ a friend and a colleague...

did pretty ok carbwise, 3 vodkas on the rocks, 3 lamb chops, and a bit of seared tuna (with some sort of a reduction)

came home and ribeyed it, with a few tbs of Udo's Choice

Thursday, February 5, 2009

she is going through a little bit...

well, my beautiful's mother is having surgery, so I am at home just laying low...

at least I didn't screw up my food...

just a 1.23 lb porterhouse cooked rare with 3 tbs of Udo's Choice DHA and some more efas...

maybe some intense cardio tomorrow morning...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

not a good day but not an exuse either...

last night was rough, woke up feeling a pretty bad and numb - personal crap

still, I am not going to fold...

well I did... and I pretty disgusted with myself...

despite a full meal of a ribeye steak and 4 slices of bacon...

I picked my two friends, I didn't have to eat and I certainly didn't have to eat that much

what the hell, I was full and I still ate light 10 shrimp rolls!!!

and then I had ice cream... crap crap crap

just 0 carb it and just keep on going...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

fish, yes fish...

simple dinner today of a 0.68 lb ribeye (cooked rare of course) followed by a nice filet of wild alaskan salmon baked in organic lard... primed with 3 raw organic egg yolks to make it go down nicely... :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

hopefully not so slow road back...

dinner was real simple today, just organic olive oil and ribeye steak marinated in salt/worshestire sauce

so, there was a lot of booze

can't even tell you much I gained in weight this weekend... actually I will once I get down to 187 lbs, I promise

I hit the gym this morning for a lame weak workout

let's hope to hit the gym manana for a some morning fasted cardio

Friday, January 30, 2009

188.2 at 27.2% - Baba's 67th Birthday

Hi Birthday Baba...

so my goal is/was to stay this range before the big February stretch, I am right where I want to be...

this weekend will be a good shot of food, but will be tempered by no alcohol and lots of exercise...

starting Monday, only foods will be beef, olive oil, and water (lots of water!)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

191.4 at 27.9% (Fasted)

I told you... back and forth until I get to a home stretch after Superbowl Sunday (go Cardinals!)

as tomorrow is my dad's 67th birthday, Saturday is the GSP - BJ Penn fight at my buddy Chuck's house, and Sunday is Superbowl... I am choosing to offset the damage by fasting today and working out hard... I may fast on Monday as well but let's see about that

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

193.6 at 28.0%

a few steps forward and back... I am just trying to stay in the low 190s, high 180s till this weekend... then plow through to the March bachelor party with only 1 birthday meal with my brother, so I am in a good shape, no matter what my beautiful says *lol*

dinner today, yummers!

2 organic raw egg yolks
1 lb+ ribeye - rare
4 slices of bacon
1 tbs of essential fats

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

road back...

so I had a simple dinner today, will give the shoulder few more days to heal

3 raw egg yolks
1 lb+ ribeye - rare

Yikes, gained 9.8 lbs!!!

well, a weekend of puffy tacos, brisket, shiner bock, and enchiladas will do that to you...

also nice that I watched slumdog millionaire... that was a good movie

back to the drawing board, weighed in after my flight at 198.2 lbs!

188.4 at 26.4% (before Texas)

had a big breakfast today and then flew off to Texas

at night ate on the riverwalk, whole mess of mexican food

Friday, January 23, 2009

189.2 at 27.0%

simple simple simple day... keeping the cals low as I am off to Texas tomorrow for a few days

4 raw egg yolks
4 slices bacon
1 lb ribeye - cooked rare
organic cinnamon

and my shoulder is still killing me!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

190.0 at 27.4%

quick workout this morning

2 sets of leg press to failure

lunch was Chipotle carnitas bowl with carnitas, hot salsa, and guacamole (that's it)

dinner was 1/2 lb raw organic grassfed beef with organic spices

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

190.4 at 27.4%

what a tough day at work...

12 raw organic egg yolks
1/2 lb marin sun farms beef mixed with organic scallion and 2 tbs vietnamese sauce
4 slices bacon

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

192.6 at 28.5% - Inauguration Day for Barak Obama

what a historic day, no matter how one voted in this country

in the morning I had 3 tbs of extra virgin olive oil

dinner was nice and tasty and filling

12 raw organic egg yolks
1/2 lb marin sun farms beef - seared

beef mixed with 1 organic scallion and 1 tbs almond meal

topped with 3 tbs of salsa heated in lard

Monday, January 19, 2009

195.2 at 28.3%

woke up super late yesterday, then watched football

dinner was simple

4 raw egg yolks and a 1 lb+ ribeye
washed down with 2 organic celery stalks

woke up this morning and did my weigh in then hit the gym and did legs
lots of leg press and a little elliptical machine

dinner was a little more rich today

3 raw egg yolks
3 slices bacon
1+ lb ribeye
sauce: 3 tbs red wine, evoo, horseradish, butter

plan is to drop to < 190 again for Saturday

of course I over did it!!!

well it was a weekend of excess

lots of booze and food

Friday had a healthy breakfast of raw honey and Warrior bars

lunch of pho and a bahn mi

dinner at T-Rex Barbecue

lots of beer
fire and ice cocktail
chicken fried bacon
chicken drumstick
fried oyster
brisket sandwich with tater salad, fries, baked beans
coconut cream pie

Saturday had a nice brunch at Brian's
omelette w/cream cheese, bacon, tomato
homefries and toast

dinner at Fu Lam Mum
lots of cantonese food - big party
some grey goose and lots of tsin tao beer

burned off some calories at St. Stephens bar in Mountain View

then proceeded to Renessaince in Sunnyvale to karaoke till 4 in the morning... noshed on booze, soju, and korean food while there...

boy, was that freakin' fun

Friday, January 16, 2009

188.2 at 27.0% and Happy Birthday Sade...

wait, I think I'm 35 today as well... aaaah!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

190.2 at 26.7%

Hockey game today, my first one ever!

unfortunately, it was the Sharks first loss of the season at home

incredibly simple dinner, no carbs, no dairy, etc...

4 organic raw egg yolks
1.1 lb ribeye medium rare - seared with organic lard

tomorrow I turn the big 35!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

190.4 at 27.3%

simple dinner, but pretty big and tasty:

4 organic egg yolks
1.09 ribeye steak - medium rare
2 slice bacon
1/4 lb brie
5 tbs salsa with organic scallion/garlic
1 tbs super plasma + 1/4 tsp organic cinnamon

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

191.0 at 27.6

simple simple simple...

just 500 calories of organic oil in the morning...

at night:

leftover skirt steak, snap peas, zuchinni
4 raw egg yolks
pork chop
4 tbs salsa with organic scallion/brie cheese
1 tbs super plasma + organic cinnamon

Monday, January 12, 2009

191.0 at 27.2%

was freakin' ravenous today... had a little higher calorie dinner, but will have a zero carb late breakfast tomorrow as my only meal

2 organic celery stalks with organic tahini
4 organic egg yolks - raw
5 slice bacon
3/4 lb + skirt steak with salt/organic cumin

topped with this kick butt sauce I made with steak drippings, lard, 7 tbs of salsa, garlic, scallion, celery leaves, and brie cheese - delicious!!!

total brie consumed was 0.22 lb (i know, a tad OCD on labels)
1 tbs super plasma with organic cinnamon

Sunday, January 11, 2009

195.4 at 26.2%

wow, must have sucked up a lot of water, fat, and salt that Friday!

hit the gym after popping some USP Labs Recreate and Jacked...

the did shrugs, chest, biceps, and lots of shoulder...

late lunch

2 organic celery stalks mixed with 1 tbs organic tahini
6 organic raw egg yolks
2 tbs organic evoo
1 pork chop sauteed in lard/organic coconut oil
1 tbs super plasma
1/4 tsp organic cinnamon

Saturday, January 10, 2009

no weigh in today but I behaved...

wow, a touch hung over from yesterday...

so I had a simple dinner, high in fat but satiating...

2 organic celery stalks with a touch of organic evoo
3 organic egg yolks
3 organic eggs scrambled w/3 egg whites in lard/organic butter
4 bacon slices

189.8 at 26.3%

so that's my Friday weigh in...

I had a plsin and a huge breakfast, then a sandwiches/cookie, croissant... then a ton of booze and food for the company party at sf-local

followed by osha thai where I had shrimp paste fried rice (with 2 fried eggs on top)


192.8 at 28.2%

fasted all day with just a teaspoon of efas

190.6 at 27.9%

oh boy... today was a tough day at work and was craving some carbs... so I popped a pslin and then:

organic hummus
organic celery
raw egg yolks
1/2 seared beef with vietnamese sauce
1/2 tortilla
milk sweet (home made)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

190.8 at 28.1%

little different day today, a little hungrier, still recovering from cold and the cold...

in the morning I threw down 3 raw organic egg yolks...

in the evening, had a nice size dinner

2 organic egg yolks
1/2 lb organic grassfed beef, mixed with organic cumin/salt - seared on 1 side
topped with a reduction of 3 tbs of salsa plus org celery leaves, org scallion, and org garlic
topped with 2 sunny side up org eggs with 3 more tbs of salsa
6 slices of bacon
1 tbs super plasma + 1/4 tsp org cinnamon

still recovering, next workout will be Thursday morning

Monday, January 5, 2009

193.8 at 28.3%

first day back at work

unfortunately, i got up super early as my beautiful was a touch sniffly to say the least...

I hit the gym early - did dips, legs, and biceps

dinner was simple, I had a hankering for some cooked beast so:

4 raw organic egg yolks
1 lb prime rib with horseradish (roast pieces warmed in lard)
1 organic celery stalk

195.6 at 27.3%

pretty slow day, took care of the little lady and watched football

got a workout in the evening - back and biceps

dinner was healthy and yummy:

2 organic celery stalks
6 raw egg yolks
0.77 lb skirt steak seared with lard
4 tbs salsa with organic scallion/garlic
1 tbs super plasma with organic cinnamon

Saturday, January 3, 2009

194.6 at 26.6%

hit the gym in the morning, did chest

key metric was 8 dips and dumbell press with 45 lbs

had a small meal a little while later of 3 egg raw yolks and 2 tbs super plasma

popped a pslin in the evening and had some sushi, then dinner at Koi Garden with my two buddies, then had a protein shake... tomorrow the goal is 700 calories for the next 5 days

Friday, January 2, 2009

A little puffier at 199.5

I was drinking beer and egg nog so what do you expect

spent the day taking care of the little lady, but ate clean

had a single meal of:

1 raw egg yolks
3 eggs scrambled with 1 extra egg white with spinach and garlic
4 slices bacon
1 tbs super plasma with organic cinnamon

tomorrow should be my first workout for the new year

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year - 195.4 at 26.6% BF

woke up hung over after a day of a lot of food, today had a late huge brunch and a then a desi dinner with beer... so tomorrow it officially starts