Friday, August 14, 2009

Week 1 Results, Discussion, Thoughts, and adjustments

well, with a mythical 'starting point' of last Friday, 07 Aug 09, I have some updates
first some stats

07 Aug 09

194.0 lbs
29.1% BF
10 (Visceral Fat)
130.6 LBM

14 Aug 09
193.8 lbs (-0.2 lbs)
28.7% BF (-0.4%) : -1.0 lb BF
131.4 LBM (+0.8 lbs)

I definitely did not lose as much "weight" as I wanted to. According to this quick snap shot, I lost just a pound of bodyfat and gained 0.8 lbs of muscle, so a tissue swap. However, this is just a snapshot. If the 0.8 lbs LBM is true, that is pretty cool. I do 'feel' more muscular

Things to improve on


Last Saturday was high in booze, specifically high in beer, that will be cut out

A lot of calories were consumed in the form of carbs on Saturday AND Tuesday

Saturdays will probably still contain a good deal of calories but must cut Tuesday carbs, although it is a vegetarian day I will need to fast instead or stick to protein shakes and chia seeds

one option is to consume a few tablespoons of coconut oil and turmeric for liver detox on those days

Consume less raw butter (perhaps cut all together on most diet days) and up coconut oil


Since I am on Progenex - go to 4 day split
Back and traps and biceps (forearms)
Legs - Dumbell Squats, Leg Extension, Calves
Chest and triceps (forearms and calves)
Shoulders (forearms)


As I not working, must cut out super late nights, lack of sleep is affecting me
As I am doing forex again, must throw in nap at least 5 days per week
throw out late night movie rentals after current 2 movies are done
mustminimize/eliminate late night TV

ok - shoot for better results next Friday

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