Sunday, August 30, 2009

last day o' fun for a while and no booze

well, I told you this day was going to have a bit of calories

I took 3 doses of 'magic' today


4 slices gluten free bread (fried in lard, slathered in raw butter)
2 organic eggs - sunny side up
2 scoops Goatein
1 scoop Naked Whey
1 scoop Warrior Millk


dim sum at Koi Garden
iced mocha with warrior milk and a little seven layer bar
Went out with my great friends Brent and Loren. It was Loren's birthday on the 18th

threw down a kombucha in the afternoon along with a scoop of Naked Whey

Ana Mandara with my family
good food
lobster ravioli, crab soup, vietnamese rolls, zuchini squash blossoms
rack of lamb - fantastic!
molten lava cake

Late night
2 scoops of Naked Whey

from tomorrow, photos each day, weigh ins, and no junk!

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