Thursday, August 27, 2009

Workout(s) today and dinner

hit the chest area, trying to buff it up and reduce the man boobs (moobs)

6 to failure
2 to failure


290 lbs x 3 (weak form)
280 lbs x 3
275 lbs x 3 (4 sets)


3 to failure

Incline Press-Dumbells
35 lbs x 9 to failure
35 lbs x 7 to failure
35 lbs x 8 to failure

Dumbell Pullover
42.5 lbs x 15 to failure
45 lbs x 10 to failure

Incline Press Machine
150 lbs x 3 to failure

Tricep Dumbell Overhead
30 lbs x 15 to failure
35 lbs x 6 to failure

then I went for a long walk

had a nice afternoon tea session, white tea at Peet's in San Ramon with my good friend Partha, we made plans to maybe workout later

great all raw dinner again

1.08 lb Prather Ranch Beef
organic spices
3 tbs special mayonaisse
3 scoops Naked Whey (I know, it justs tastes good)

another workout with my buddy Partha, we hit chest and biceps

did a few reps of bench with a 45 lb plate on each side

did pec deck with 120 lbs

then did a lot of bicep work

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