Saturday, September 26, 2009

28th Day - 27 Day Assessment, thoughts and apologies

ok, so the last week has been really tough, so I haven't been able to post, sorry, but I have records.

After a refeed day on Saturday, I ate clean all week, including a total fast day on Tuesday.

Weighed myself this morning, took photographs, and took a rough tape measure across the broadest part of my middle - 44"

So, I think a big factor over the last month has been my personal issues. Normally, I am not a great sleeper, but the last month, sleeping 3-5 hrs a night with broken sleep cannot be good for your health and fatloss, but that will pass.

So again, starting stats

August 30

202.0 lbs
28.2 % BF
11 Visceral Fat
137.8 LBM

September 26

189.4 lbs (-12.6 lbs)
26.8% BF (-1.4%)
9 Visceral Fat (-2)
131.8 LBM

I don't pay attention to the last one as all my lifts are up in the gym. The LBM one is not the best parameter, neither is the absolute BF percentage but obviously I have lost a decent amount of weight.

Out of 27 days, I stayed on my low carb diet 21 out of 27 days. Two out of those days were actually true zero carb days.

Out of the remaining 6 days:

3 days were a lot of off-diet food (included in those 3 days is an evening of junk food with Sudip and Partha at Taxi's, so actually not 3 full days)

2 of those days were 'fat fasts', only fat in the form of ghee/butter were consumed at 960 calories one day and 715 calories another day

1 of those days (Day 24) was a total fast, no food, zero calories

So, I actually did pretty good. I was lifting a lot over the last month, but I think it terms of 'weight loss' I could have done better. Or, better explanation is that the creatine I started taking added a few pounds, as probably did the supplement Prime

Going forward, I am trying a different approach based on what I am reading at the zerocarbage website, although they are a bit too militaristic and loony.

A lot of folks there, on zero carb diets started losing fat a lot faster once they STOP exercising. It doesn't make sense, Charles, the moderator, has some thoughts on it, as he is ripped now, but started getting ripped once he stopped doing anything. Basically they say, zero carb with no exercise to lose fat, then lift/workout once you lose all the fat.

It's not going to hurt to try. So from tomorrow, meat only except for 'cheat days', like next Friday with beer and let's see how this no workout thing works. My next weigh in will be on Friday morning.

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