Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 16 of 27

well, today I am ratcheting down the calories to burn off some good chub this week, body comp is improving though, going to take 3 days off from the gym, and go 4 days straight Thursday through Sunday

con-cret and 1/4 tsp VAT, then a NC Brocollive a little later

I got a touch hungry, so I mixed two tbs organic ghee with 1/4 tsp organic cinnamon and 1 scoop of Naked Whey - I went for a walk :)

3 Prime
4 EFAs
4 Vitamin D

a little later, my main meal

1.12 Holding Ranch Beef - raw, with organic spices
protein pudding again, double portion with a touch of organic heavy whipping cream

6 Prime
1 leucine
2 Longevinex Advantage

and at night I was still hungry! ok, for sure i am fasting tomorrow

spoon of organic ghee with organic cinnamon
3 hardboiled organic eggs with spoons of homemade mayo
2 sausage

4 Magnesium

estimate 2700 Calories
6 grams of carbs
181 grams of protein

another 1/2 tsp VAT before bed

not looking forward to fast/fat fast tomorrow


194.4 lbs
26.6 %BF
10 Visceral Fat
135.6 LBM

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