Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 3 of 27

well today is my vegetarian Hanuman Chalisa day

so I am opting for a fat fast as yesterday's calorie bomb seemed to have a nice effect

so my only meal for the day was mid morning

1 tbs raw organic coconut oil
1 tsp efas
1 stick melted organic butter

960 calories

Supplements: 2 Longevinex Advantage and 4 Vitamin D

VAT Attack came in, I took 1/2 tsp in the evening and another 1/4 tsp before bed (around 130am)

I hit the gym at night, went to the SR 24 and did 15 dips (3 sets of 5)
then went to the Pleasanton 24 and did 10 dips (2 sets of 5)

Stats This Morning

196.4 lbs
30.3 % BF
11 Visceral Fat
130.2 lbs LBM

right now, I am just focusing on the weight, the other stuff usually shakes out, I had a whopping 19 grams of carbs max yesterday, so I don't have any concern that my fat inside went up, in fact I look leaner today

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