Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 8 of 27

Morning after that much food is always tough on the old GI track

Woke up, threw down a 1/4 tsp of VAT

then a little later, con-cret and 3 PowerFull and hit the gym, did legs today, first time in a long time

I wanted to the leg press first but it was being used, so I did some bodyweight single leg calf raises on the stairs

Hoist Leg Press
180 lbs x 8 - 5 sets

eventually, I should shift to single leg training as this is a touch late for long term use, but my knee hurts with too much weight, so I should proceed cautiously

Hoist Leg Extension
100 lbs x 12
110 lbs to failure (7, 6, 6)

Some more bodyweight calf raises then I went upstairs for the seated calf machine

160 lbs x 8
190 lbs x 8
210 lbs x 8 - 3 sets, last one to failure

Came home and had 1/4 tsp VAT, then a little later a NC Brocollive and a probiotic, stomach is killing me

Tomorrow, going to work on back, traps, biceps, and forearms.


2 organic egg yolks - raw
1.04 lb Holding Ranch Beef - raw
organic spices including 1/4 tsp organic cinnamon
3 tbs Wilderness Family Naturals WNF Mayo
1 tsp efas

about 1100 calories

6 Prime
2 Longevinex Advantage

800 pm: 1/4 tsp VAT

going to see my friends Brent and Loren, I miss em'

night - 1/4 tsp VAT before bed


200.0 lbs
28.7 %BF
11 Visceral Fat
135.6 LBM

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