Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Rainy Sunday

gosh, the weather totally sucks outside

I hate this cold, so I am eating a little more chow today to stay warm and to have a lot of nutrients

started off my day with a scoop of Biotest Superfood and some efas

late breakfast had raw celery, Udo's Choice, 2 raw egg yolks, scrambled eggs with 9 sauteed mushrooms, kerrygold butter, 2 slices bacon, and some super plasma protein with organic raw cacao and organic cinnamon

this may be one of the worst days of my life - this way of eating is the only thing I can control

ok, so it went better than I had planned

I had a big dinner, ok, no starchy foods, and I am fasting tomorrow

organic celery
gruyere cheese
1/2 marin sun ground beef with sauteed onions/mushrooms
2 scoops Grow! with organic raw cacao and Biotest Superfood

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