Wednesday, April 28, 2010

really happy, even with these low calories

so I love my girl

there I said it (about a million times to her though)

I am learning that I won't wither away with low calories, and that I can afford to it

actually we all can, we have tons of stored bodyfat on us - important thing is to access it and let your body go to town

I'll be going back to my progenex tomorrow morning after my workouts, on days I don't workout, I will just fast or keep calories to around 400 to 900 calories

it's amazing, fasting the whole day is really hard, but a small vlc to zero carb meal is fantastic at blunting the effects of hunger

really testing this Adonis Effect thing - if I don't need a calorie surplus, then I workout a lot to build up my chest and shoulders, and still lose fast super super fast...

so workout planned for tomorrow
let's see - perhaps some incline dumbell press, dips, T-bar, and some squats to finish stuff up

and then again on Saturday

do a pure military press and squats workout shall we?

will take Sunday off - will see how I feel on Monday

even if I workout on Tuesday (assuming I don't fly out to Minnesota) - I can go with no beef by just eating some extra protein powder and a dozen egg yolks

so single meal today of about 500 calories, all raw

2 organic pastured egg yolks
0.53 lb Prather Ranch sirloin tips with organic cumin and turmeric

had this pretty early in the morning to fight off cravings and to get my food done for the day

tomorrow hopefully will be a progenex in the AM, and then egg yolks/steak for dinner

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