Monday, July 19, 2010

just another Manic Monday

so after a wonderul weekend, I started off my Monday right with a great workout

I dropped 3 RPM before my workout

I hit back and biceps
key metrics

T-bar: 100 lbs x 3 (the one at the Fremont gym is a little different)

Dumbell Row: 55 lbs x 4 + X rep

did the ol' Chained Out and Humapro before and after

after a while jumproped for 8 minutes

Chained Out and Humapro before lunch


2 organic raw egg yolks - 1 of them pastured
1/4 lb kabob mix, made of Marin Sun Farms beef and Prather lamb with spices, seared in tallow
a little bit of roasted tomatoes

Chained Out: 3 scoops
Humapro: 30

low calorie - let's blast some fat off!

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