Tuesday, July 13, 2010

interviewish Tuesday

so I went in for a chat for a possibly new consulting gig I may get

I did a workout first thing in the morning

my first time I used RPM, I used 3 of them

my strength is still going up

key metric

105 lbs x 3: 10 sets

10 Chinups - 1 at a time still, but still!

before my interview I had an organic raw egg yolk and 3 organic eggs sunny side up in lard

late dinner

0.72 lb Marin Sun Farms beef - a touch raw, but the rest seared, mixed with minced onion
2 spoons of WFN mayo
8 oz mushrooms sauteed in tallow and lard

tomorrow I am looking forward to a great chest workout and then a meal of eggs, cottage cheese, and potatoes

Chained Out: 4 scoops
Humapro: 25 total

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