Tuesday, July 6, 2010

trying a little something...

so I found some p-slin in my room

I popped one of those before my daily meal

but before that I hit the gym after a weekend of decadence

I did back

key metric

T bar: 100 lbs x 3: 10 sets

Also, 3 chinups (not in a row though)

Barbell Curl: 55 lbs x 11 + x rep

Chained out and Humapro before and after my workout
5 Humapro before bed

(2 scoops, 30 Humapro total)


2 scrambled pastured eggs in leaf lard
0.4 marin sun farms beef - raw
1.15 organic yukon gold potatoes in lard/tallow
20 grams super plasma protein with organic cinnamon

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