Monday, January 3, 2011

First Workout of 2011

man I was really sick during the night but popped a lot of vitamins and my girl took care of me really well

hit the gym when I woke up and felt decent

Modern BCAAs
1 Jack3D
10 Humapro

hit the gym at the Marina

despite being sick, did 30 Neutral Grip Pullups - 10 sets of 3

Progenex MM+Recovery+organic egg yolk

later in the day thew down

Progenex MM+Super Plasma+2 organic raw egg yolks

before dinner, 3N2S

Chow with my girl, bro, sisnlaw

tortilla soup
devilled egg/toast
thai chicken salad
fish and chips
spiced chai tea

(proud of myself - no dessert)

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