Monday, January 31, 2011

great workouts but toooooooooo many calories

last three days were bad, really bad
I knew they would be - but I have this week to pull em' back out

over the weekend had dim sum twice and ate at Elite Cafe in the city (meh) - as well as a little pizza and ice cream on Sunday night

had a little too much booze and went to a placed called California Cafe at the Stanford Barn on Saturday night - quite good

let's get to the workouts, you know the pre and post drills by now

Saturday - Chest (and Shoulders)

5, 5

Hammer Strength Machine (lbs per side)
70 lbs x 8, 7
75 lbs x 5
80 lbs x 5
85 lbs x 5 + Static Hold

2 Dips

Middle Chest Press: 40 lbs x 3

Sunday - fun workout with my little brother

Chins alternated with Close Grip Neutral Grip Chins

3, 3
3, 3
5, 3
3, 3
3, 3


70 lbs x 8, 6, 8

lots of biceps and hammer curls

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