Monday, January 3, 2011

getting off to a good start: 184.4 lbs @ 25.0% BF

woke up after a lot of sleep

9 Morph
Chained Out
10 Humapro

10 sets of 5: 50 total

Close Grip Chinups - you know, the gun show :)

5 sets of 3: 15

1 set of Neutral Close Grip Chinup: 3

Progenex MM+Recovery+organic raw egg yolk

before we went to Santana Row I popped 5 Humapro

new supplement came in
Phytoserm-347 by Ruthless supplements
popped 1 in the afternoon

came home and had another serving of Progenex More Muscle

3N2S before dinner

2 organic raw egg yolks
4 organic russet potatoes in tallow
8 oz uncured Trader Joes Pastrami
organic brocolli with tons of organic garlic
1 scoop super plasma protein with organic cinnamon
5 Humapro
1 Phytoserm-347

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