Sunday, June 13, 2010

Minnesota: Ironman 2 and NBA Finals and Trueblood

so today, woke up still feeling the cold

still worked out though, no Jack3D though as I need to sleep maybe week after next when I get the beef thing back

Perfect Pushup

Did 130 in 1 hour 3 minutes

downed a Progenex MM + Recovery

then went to the Mall of America to watch Ironman 2, didn't like it that much

came home and felt really sore, so I popped another More Muscle mixed with a half a scoop of ON Whey

dinner was 5 organic raw egg yolks, 2 scoops of ON whey mixed with Biotest superfood, 4 oz of smoked wild salmon, finished off with a pint of organic cream mixed with 1.5 scoop Jay Robb protein

Calories: 3100
Protein: 230 grams

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ME said...

Oh man having a cold sucks! Hope you get better soon!