Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend in Sacramento - 1 clean, 1 not

so I knew today wasn't going to be 'clean'

at 7am I had 4 Yok3D

before working out: Chain'd Reaction + 10 Humapro

2 scoops of Chained Out mid workout

Chain'd Reaction + 10 Humapro afterwards

Workout at the Marina 24 Hour Fitness

Neutral Grip Pullups
5, 5
7 sets of 3: 31 total

Close Grip Neutral Chinups
3, 3,

1 close grip neutral chinup

then a big breakfast at Bechel's - eggs florentine and bacon
afterwards a nice cup of coffee and cookie and coffee cake from Chestnut Bakery

big day for Prime and Super Cissus Rx: 12 each

in the afternoon I had a bunch of wine, chocolate, tangerines, pastries, etc...

at night went to Fat's in Roseville

booze and Chinese food
it was great

next day I started clean with 2 oxyelite pro

in the afternoon after I got back I had Chained Out and 10 Humapro with 3 Prime and creatine

before dinner I had 2 need2slin and 5 Humapro

4 organic egg yolks
1.35 lb kobe beef burgers - cooked rare
1 medium onion caramelized in tallow
5 Humapro

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