Sunday, November 6, 2011

down 6.8 lbs - hey not eating junk works!

so that was nice to shed another 2.8 pounds overnight... damn sniffles though

I just through down my breakfast: 5 oz of raw beef with organic turmeric, a raw pastured egg yolk and 2 gelatin packets

I am thinking I'm a little short on cholesterol and fat, and thought a little extra gelatin would help mellow me out and help my healing process

looking forward to the Niners game today

had a nice workout

did back and biceps today at the Berkeley 24 Hour Fitness

pre workout I had 2 scoops of Anaconda and 10 Humapro

5 minute rest between sets

Dinner was going to be simple but I was so sick I just couldn't do any cold food

so I made sure I had 12 Indigo 3 before a dinner that had about 140 grams of carbs

shortrib soup - most veggies and stock, not much meat
Trader Joes organic rice pack
2 pastured egg yolks
6 oz Marin Sun Farms beef - a little raw
siracha and fish sauce
4 tbs dextrose mixed into water
1 tbs organic brown rice syrup

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