Saturday, November 5, 2011

4 lbs gone - so far so good (blandness rules!!!)

so that was nice to shed 4 pounds overnight... the magic of low food reward, zero carb, and raw, and leptin reset magic all combined into one cool system

I just through down my breakfast: 5 oz of raw beef and a gelatin

I am actually a touch hungry writing this about 40 minutes later, so perhaps I'll have a bigger dinner

later in the day, I'm watching the LSU vs Alabama game - Game of the Century

had a nice workout

did chest today at the Berkeley 24 Hour Fitness

pre workout I had a scoop of Anaconda and 10 Humapro

5 minute rest between sets

Dumbell Press

60 lbs x 7
55 lbs x 8, 5

Dips - 8, 8, 8

Dinner was simple as I planned

7 oz Marin Sun Farms raw ground chuck

about 1000 calories today

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