Tuesday, April 5, 2011

different workout, but same

so I still did the 50 thing
I didn't use the same scale, so what's the point of posting the weight, right?

2 oxyelite pro
2 Status
2 scoops Chained Out + 10 Humapro


Close Grip Chins: 25
Pullups: 9
Chinups: 16

50 movements in 35 minutes

Chained Out + 10 Humapro
2 Recreate

3 N2S

2 raw pastured egg yolks
1/3 lb raw organic grassfed beef
10 oz organic jasmine rice
2 tbs siracha
5 Humapro - 30 total for the day

I'm trying this Colpo thing with carbs - let's see what happens

Calories for the day: 872 calories

before bed

2 Status
Biotest Minerals

1 comment:

Dave said...

Hey Buddy, nice place you have here. I thought I would drop in and say Hi. It looks like you have a structured life. I need more of that. Battle On my Friend!!!