Friday, September 3, 2010

good update

so I finished a two day Chained Out and Humapro fast

yesterday, I even got up to 40 Humapro

I worked out, a scoop of WTF before I hit the pullup bar at my old client site

40 Chinups!!!

4 sets of 3
10 sets of 2
then 8 singles

took me 47 minutes

woke up at 177.0 lbs @ 25.0% BF, back is looking real nice

thinking about bringing the Chained Out down, don't like that many artificial sweeteners

hit the gym this morning after taking some con-cret

did the Bodymaster Incline Press - 30 reps, mostly in sets of 3 of 220 lbs, 1 warm up set at 210 lbs

really excited for next two months - I thinking I am going to do 2x CO/Humapro fasts a week - that is basically zero calories for two days, a great balancer... next weighin after tomorrow is in about 2 weeks

other than eating out - going to focus on eating goods, fasting, and working out really really hard

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