Tuesday, November 30, 2010

back to eating clean

so woke up Saturday and popped an Ultrathione

it was poooouring rain

in the early afternoon, took 2 scoops of Jack3D
3 scoops of Modern BCAAs + 20 Humapro around workout

As I put on weight over the last few days and didn't sleep great, I did just bodyweight chinups

4, then 17 sets of 3 - 55 in all

Barbell Curl: 60 lbs x 6
Cybex 9 Bicep Curl: 90 lbs x 3

I ran outa the gym due to some overbearing dude interrupting people's workouts

took another Ultrathione

nice simple dinner

2 organic raw egg yolks
1.22 porterhouse - rare
small bites of ground beef/chorizo/cheese fry up

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