Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Back in Minnesota: Sunday to Wednesday

caught a 330 am shuttle to fly back!

good thing is that I got a rental car and drove to Whole Foods straight from the airport, bought some steaks and eggs and salt and horseradish, except for butter and progenex, all raw 4 days in a row

progenex shake

dozen organic egg yolks
organic grassfed butter (lots)
organic cinnamon
1/2 lb ribeye
kenzoil (olive oil/basil/garlic)

first day back at Wuxi

progenex + SRG

11 organic egg yolks
0.65 lb ribeye
1 organic garlic clove

next day's dinner

progenex + srg
organic cinnamon

6 organic egg yolks
0.74 lb ribeye with horseradish
2 organic garlic cloves
lots of butter


breakfast of 6 organic egg yolks


dozen organic egg yolks
3/4 lb ribeye with horseradish

rings are getting loose and adjusted my belt to the last hole

pretty excited...

haven't worked out yet, planning on Friday morning

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